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sigplus Image Gallery Plus is a straightforward way to add image or photo galleries to a Joomla article with a simple syntax. It takes a matter of minutes to set up a gallery but those who are looking for a powerful gallery solution will not be disappointed either: sigplus is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

Even while simple to use, sigplus offers an impressive set of features. Images suitable for gallery preview are automatically generated with cropping and/or centering, and clicking on a preview image brings up a pop-up window overlay (so-called lightbox) showing the original full-size image without navigating away from the current page. Images in a gallery can be displayed in fixed or flow layout, they can be shown on a slider or carousel/rotator, or an image can blend into another using a fancy transition effect. Appearance and behavior are highly configurable including image margin, border, padding, slider/rotator orientation (horizontal or vertical), animation speed, slideshow delay, image sort order, etc.

Despite its versatility, sigplus is completely free. It is a full-fledged product with all features included, there is no need to buy a commercial professional version with extra features or purchase club membership that grants you additional privileges.

Translations included: English, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew*, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish* (asterisk indicates front-end only). Joomla 1.5 users should install plg_sigplus-1.3.x (and optionally mod_sigplus-1.3.x), users of Joomla 2.5 and later should use the package installer pkg_sigplus-1.4.x (click "Download" for the latest version released in the series to date for maximum compatibility).

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Reviews: 6
Simple yet very robust with it's features. Documentation is very good. Doesn't require anything more than installation and associating plugin with the location of images.

Only snag I ran into was with thumbs folder and cache. Re-read the docs, adjusted permissions and was good to go.

Very well done!
Reviews: 12
I have used several plugins for this kind of result; but this was the most 'complete'. It is not easy at the start; but after trying a few times and referring to the documentation, I was well satisfied. I even bought support for $12 and got immediate responses to my questions. I fully recommend this plugin.
Reviews: 5
Sigplus is described as "simple" and it is. But don't let that suggest is isn't full featured. This plugin/module is so simple to setup. The back end parameters are clearly documented via tooltips that make sense.

As I set it up for the first time I found a couple things lacking. I checked into the documentation, which is extensive and easy to understand, and found that additional "advanced" parameters are available and can be easily added to the placement code used in your articles.

I'm very please with the ability to fine tune just about everything including function and visual look. The documentation is about the best I've found. Hard to believe it's free.
Reviews: 3
Fantastic plugin! Still under my testing, but first impress is really great. Nice work!
Reviews: 1
Finally found this high quality extension, after so long fighting against other photo gallery plugins.
It suits all my needs and more.
Congratulations to the developer!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to configure. Was looking for a module like this. Thanks for the developers.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best free image gallery for Joomla in my opinion. Very pretty, extremely versatile whilst being so simple to install and use. 5 stars and a big thumbs up to the developer.
Reviews: 4
Excellent very functional extension. Plugin and module are nice and very easy to use :)

Reviews: 4
I don't give it a full 5 star as i still miss 1 important feauture..

i use this plugin for my website also and i have many photo's in many album's but the order of the photo's isn't as how i want to see them..

i would like to set a specific image order like not as order.. (hope you get the idea what i'm trying to say).

if this feauture was already inplanted then i would give it for sure a 5 star rating
Owner's reply

I am not sure I get the point. In general, it is best to read the extensive documentation sigplus comes with or contact the developer directly with questions not discussed in the documentation, rather than using the review system for this purpose. There is substantial delay before your review gets published and we are unable to read it before this happens, and there is absolutely no way for us to request further information should it be necessary, as is the case.

There are four factors that influence the relative ordering of images. First, galleries with fixed layout may have a horizontal or vertical orientation (i.e. in which direction the images slide), which gives a natural ordering of images. Second, you can use the "labels.txt" file mechanism to set an explicit order. Third, sort criterion (e.g. file name or last modified date) tells sigplus which image comes after the other. Fourth, sort order lets you have the images in increasing or decreasing order.

Reviews: 1
so simple, however, and very complete

It is one of the best extensions in the image gallery management, easy handling, with touches of professional qualities.

It is certainly a very good extension, adaptable to different situations of customizations in the distribution and presentation of image galleries.

Very good job
Reviews: 8
I am using this extension for almost a year and finally found some time to do it justice here: It is definitely one of the best gallery extensions around.

I have played with other extensions in the past year, but I always came back to this one.

It works in all browsers (including Safari on iOS), and is highly configurable. So I found a way to do everything I wanted to do with this extension. Other gallery extensions always seem to have one or two restrictions which finally made me kick them out again.

It is very simple to first set up and get going. But if you start fine tuning everything and exploring the possibilities, it will take you some time to understand everything and make use of its full potential. But the time spent with that is absolutely worthwhile.
Reviews: 1
I resolve all my problems with this plugin :D I am very happy now, tnx for this good plugin
Reviews: 21
I trawled the Joomla Extensions Directory trying to find a half-decent article gallery and I tried almost every one. Some had difficulty finding the image folder when I know for certain all settings were 100% working. This extension stands head and shoulders above the rest, it has numerous options; is easy to configure; IT JUST WORKS; it's free and it looks GOOD!! Hats off to the developer. Much appreciated.
Reviews: 2
I use it and enjoy it. I like the features and the cool options. Great work!
Reviews: 3
Use the module and the plugin on multiple sites in excelents results. Very easy to configured and the developer was very helpful and took all my doubts. I recommend with honors. Thanks Runyadi
Reviews: 8
Does what it says, no complicated setup. I went through at least 1/2 dozen extensions looking for a simple gallery. One even broke the entire site (backend/frontend) when I un-installed it! This one worked "out of the box" and was very easy to setup and get going. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
Sigplus is free and worth $100 or more. It allows you to tweak to your galleries to your hearts content. That the developer offers this for free, is of great benefit in advancing Joomla as a top level cms. The amount of care and accuracy put into it's creation, makes it a joy to use. Works well on the ipad. Once you see what it can do, you'll wonder why you messed around for so long with galleries that limit your creativity. Eternal kudos to Levente Hunyadi for all the work that went into this excellent extension.
Reviews: 1
I love this module. Thank you to share! I was searching for a photo gallery module and I found this one is far the best between many others. It's really easy to use and very well done. Nice job, Levente!
Reviews: 5
First of all this has to be one of the easiest extensions to get up and running. It makes the creation of light box style pop up image galleries within Joomla! a breeze. Secondly the support is second to none. I am an intermediate level web designer/developer and Joomla! user. In developing a website for a photographer I contacted Levente regarding a modification to sigplus. His responses and guidance in developing the mod helped me attain an outcome that was above and beyond what I had expected. 5 stars for the extension and 5 stars for support. Thank you!
Reviews: 8
Finally, a plugin that gives you detailed instructions on how to use it! Not only that, it's filled with great features, but simple enough for a Joomla novice such as myself to use. I love it!
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