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sigplus Image Gallery Plus is a straightforward way to add image or photo galleries to a Joomla article with a simple syntax. It takes a matter of minutes to set up a gallery but those who are looking for a powerful gallery solution will not be disappointed either: sigplus is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

Even while simple to use, sigplus offers an impressive set of features. Images suitable for gallery preview are automatically generated with cropping and/or centering, and clicking on a preview image brings up a pop-up window overlay (so-called lightbox) showing the original full-size image without navigating away from the current page. Images in a gallery can be displayed in fixed or flow layout, they can be shown on a slider or carousel/rotator, or an image can blend into another using a fancy transition effect. Appearance and behavior are highly configurable including image margin, border, padding, slider/rotator orientation (horizontal or vertical), animation speed, slideshow delay, image sort order, etc.

Despite its versatility, sigplus is completely free. It is a full-fledged product with all features included, there is no need to buy a commercial professional version with extra features or purchase club membership that grants you additional privileges.

Translations included: English, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew*, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish* (asterisk indicates front-end only). Joomla 1.5 users should install plg_sigplus-1.3.x (and optionally mod_sigplus-1.3.x), users of Joomla 2.5 and later should use the package installer pkg_sigplus-1.4.x (click "Download" for the latest version released in the series to date for maximum compatibility).

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Reviews: 8
I want to thank the developer for this wonderfull plugin. Its simply the best solution for image gallery in joomla. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 9
After wasting days trying to get Phocagallery configured to work the way I needed it to, I decided to try sigplus. What a breath of fresh air! I needed a simple, but flexible solution for placing galleries in content. Sigplus more that met the challenge. I had it working exactly as I needed within minutes. (BTW: Not to disparage Phocagallery; it just has too many cumbersome, difficult to configure, and unneeded features for my purposes.)
Reviews: 4
you are doing great job! thanks a lot
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Very easy to configure, and include in articles, and as a module in menu items.
Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Nice, easy to config photo gallery plugin.
Reviews: 3
With such a wide choice of Joomla image galleries to choose from it can be a bit of a minefield but look no further than sigplus,I can`t imagine what more you could want from it,quite simply fantastic ;)
Reviews: 1
A quick download, a quick Joomla install, followed the step-by-step EASY instructions and WHAM! I had a photo gallery!

Thanks for making my life easier. :-)

Reviews: 3
Thanks for the excellent gallery plugin!!!!
I use Joomla 1.6.3 and it installs and works fine,
the options en layouts are very good!
Reviews: 2
I've couldn't it done better by myself. So thanks a lot. After trying out several photo albums on a test server with J1.6 this has become my favorite because it fulfils all my needs. I use it for a online magazine with lot of pictures (+10000 and still growing) illustrated with comments (yes, it's possible to add text with the pictures, even on a slide show). SIGPLUS is easy to implement, and straightforward. I re-use one article, so they all look the same. One thing several readers of my website discovered is that they could not see the pictures using Internet Explorer 9. Something to do with mootools or JQuery I suppose, but that will be fixed soon I hope. Any advice for fixing it is welcome. Thanks a lot for the good work! I use also another variant of a photo album software on another website, but this is my clear choice.
Reviews: 8
Wow - this is the most rocking gallery i ever saw!

i am absolutly overwhelmed and totally convinced! this is so outstanding coool!!!!

The developer helps out - if you shot him a Email he comes back to you in a very very
short time! HE is very very gentil and has got a superb service! I love the Gallery: it is truely fully customizable and the site ships with a whole documentation, simple usage nice output.
The best - the gallery is very very simple and straigth out of the box to use,
yet it's a damned powerful image gallery! i really love this non-commercial extension.
To be true: I'm so happy and glad to have found this gallery extension!
It's perfect "out of the box" and then you have plenty of configuration options + useful customization options.

This one is highly recommended :-)
Reviews: 1
Great job and very easy to use.

A good documentation is found on the developer's site.

Only one thing more styles could be offered atogether with more options for positioning of gallery's navigation.

A big thank you to developers, nice stuff.
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin. welldone.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a clean, modern looking image gallery for my graphic design/art site, that's easy to use and customise. Sigplus is the one! It looks neat and modern on the site, was quick and easy to install, and there's no link or advertising on the galleries. It's free, and Levente Hunyadi is very helpful. I wish him and his future the best!
Reviews: 2
The extension does everything it says it does. But honestly I was most impress with the documentation on website. So many extensions have the minimum. This one explains everything from the most basic installation to the advance customization. Thanks for the amazing work!
Reviews: 10
I've used many gallery addons for websites, but this ranks as one of the best! has a great deal of options and styles, auto generated thumbnails and gallery specific overrides. I had an issue with cached images (my fault not the plugin) and the support from developer was fast and very helpful.

Reviews: 8
I started using sigplus for one project and was very happy with it's easy use and very nice looks. But sigplus has developed, a lot more options, and I'm finding uses fot those nice options too!

The best and most easy gallery out there, when you just want to have a folder of pictures to show in a pretty way, and than some!
Reviews: 2
Superb addition to any website even if you just want to show your holiday snaps.
Currently using it when creating a website for a friend who is a photographer and as it is very flexible it means that we can display his images in various styles
Would certainly recommend to others and something I will use in other websites
Reviews: 1
...working very well! Thank you and waiting for you coming back here with another great extension.
Reviews: 12
It works well. It was easy to install. It looks nice. Has a lot of nice customizations.

Wish there was an option to create permanent thumbnails instead of caching them temporarily, as well as a "rebuild" function for changes. And a auto watermark.

Easy enough to implement on pages/articles but not for those unfamiliar with joomla module call tags and or the extremely "artsy types".

None the less I like this extension heavily, may cause me a little extra support time but for the look and feel I think it's worth it, AND I didn't have to code it myself. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Sigplus is an excellent, easy to use plugin whether displaying a full gallery or a single photo. Like most Joomla plugins it's easy to install, setup, and use. I like the fact I can also use titles and captions.

I had a problem with IE not being able to use the navigation controls and so emailed Levente Hunyadi with my concern. The author gave me an immediate response that far exceeded my expectations. He even used the link I provided to the site I'm building so he could see for himself.

It was discovered that for whatever reason, I had to double click to get the controls to work. This seems to be peculiar to IE 8, not other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or Chrome.
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