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SIGE Popular Plugin

SIGE (Simple Image Gallery Extended) is a powerful gallery content plugin for Joomla! 2.5 and 3!

New feature: Turbo mode. Load huge galleries within seconds!

It offers numerous opportunities to present pictures quickly and easily in articles. The special feature of the plugin is that you can control any parameter on the syntax call.

Highligts are: parameter call, watermark function, read IPTC data, read text files (support for multilingual files), thumbnail storage, crop function, sort by modification date, output as a list, CSS Image Tooltip, Editor Button SIGE Parameter and much more!


* Thumbnail generation and storage: Preview images are created and stored - faster loading, better quality
* Valid XHTML 1.1 / HTML 5 - CSS and JS files are included in the head section, eliminates syntax errors
* Turbo Mode - whole gallery is loaded from a text file
* Parameter call - individual galleries possible
* Integration of Slimbox, Lytebox, Shadowbox, Milkbox and Mootools
* Lytebox installed to display a slide show and avoidance of JS conflicts
* Number of images displayed adjustable
* Pictures can be displayed without a link -> web 1.0 gallery
* Random order of the images
* Sort by modification date possible
* Captions
* Read IPTC data (title and description)
* Read text file (title and description) - support for multilingual files
* Print option - print image easily in the JS view
* Download Option - download image with one click
* Show single image (no gallery and with gallery)
* List view - image output as a list
* Crop function
* Watermark function
* CSS Image Tooltip
* Editor Button - SIGE Parameter
* Link words with gallery
* Original image can be resized
* An index.html is automatically generated in each image folder, to protect against the reading of the content by the browser
* Backend German / English and some more languages


Joomla! 2.5 -

Joomla! 3.x -


Editor Button - SIGE Parameters. With the button you can set the parameters very easy on-the-fly in an article. It is a great addition to the SIGE plugin.

Joomla! 2.5 -

Joomla! 3.x -


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

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Reviews: 6
~110 Kb of quality!
Owner's reply

Nice! :-)

Reviews: 11
For all to read, this is a wonderfull plugin. I even replaced other thumbnails solutions with this one because you can switch off javascript to let JCE mediabox emulate Lightbox. Also, as thumbnail solution I had an increase of speed of my website. So this plugin is Excelent, and when you have a question or a remark, you get a quik answer from Victor Vogel. So download this one, it's for your own good.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the pleasant review!

Reviews: 1
This is an excellent gallery plugin for joomla.
I'm building a new website for my photographs. I don't have a lot of experience with webdesign, but this plugin is very easy to use and offers a lot of features!
The result is stunning and exactly what I have been looking for.
Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 4
I have tried and used many different gallery plugins on many websites, but having just discovered SIGE was a lifesaver! What a wonderful plugin!!! Keep up the good work, SIGE is awesome :-)
Owner's reply

I will do it for sure! Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 3
What else to say, this plugin rulez

THANK YOU for having a chance to experience it

The plugin is G R E A T
but the support, in my case Vitja

Even G R E A T E R

Owner's reply


You are welcome! Thank you for your review.

Reviews: 2
Install - setup - use - be happy!
Owner's reply

Yes, it can be so easy! :-)

Reviews: 2
After trying out several photo albums on a test server with J1.6 this has become my favorite because it fulfils all my needs. I've couldn't it done better by myself. So thanks a lot. I use it for a hiking magazine with lot of pictures (+15000) to illustrate my walkings with comments (yes, it's possible to add text with the pictures, even on a slide show).
SIGE is easy to implement, and straightforward. I re-use one article, so they all look the same.
One thing several readers of my website discovered is that they could not see the pictures using Internet Explorer 9. Something to do with mootools I suppose, but that will be fixed soon I hope. Any advice for fixing it is welcome. Thanks a lot for the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 1
Wonderful plugin! Extremely easy to install, configure and use.
And also have a LOT of customization and personalization options.
Just what i was looking for!
Many many thanks to the autor(s)!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you too for your time to write this review!

Reviews: 27
I have tried a good few image gallery extensions for Joomla over the last few years, and found that the "Simple Image Gallery" concept worked well for me as I could have several dynamic galleries on a site without any problems. I specially like the way I can simply drop a new image into a folder and the gallery is updated without me having to do any more.

One problem I found with most of these extensions was that they did not validate the XHTML properly and therefore created a vast number of errors on the site.

Because of this I was looking for a replacement. I then came across SIGE, and viola, I finally got galleries that validated 100% without errors.

In addition I like the fact that this extensions have a huge amount of configuration options that enables me to further tailor my sites.

Finally the "watermark" feature is just great, and is definitely one I will use to protect the images better.

As i said in the title, this is by far the best image gallery plugin I have come across and will therefore recommend this highly.

Keep up the great work!!
Owner's reply

I will do! :-)

Thank you very much for your detailed review.

Reviews: 1
I have used Joomla on various web sites for many years, starting from the old Mambo days. This has to be the simplest, easiest and best looking gallery plugin I have ever used! Whilst many galleries are getting very complicated, overly slick and bloated this fills my needs perfectly has a few configuration options and is fast! Thanks for a great product using the KISS principle works for me!!!
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 3
Best plugin I have come across so far for Joomla (and it works with 1.6 too).

Still pinching myself as it installed without any problems and worked first time! Oh, and the syntax to embed into an article couldn't be much simpler.

Just enable the plugin and you're away. Would have taken hours to program this manually.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 14
Excellent extension! Had no problems!

I wonder wether you plan to integrate images form Flickr and Picasa? Would make the extensions in my eyes unbeatable.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your suggestion. I think about it!

Reviews: 5
I was searching for this for a long time! This is an excellent plugin - easy to set up and does what it says.

I was trying to add coupons to one of my sites, and this plugin works amazing, as the images acn be downloaded and printed.

Thank you very much!
Owner's reply

Thank you too for the review!

Reviews: 14
The extension is great, lots of possibilities, many features.
I've found two problems (at least for me):
- Forum, Documentation and sample pages in German - very tough to understand, even making translation to English with google (I'm from Brazil).
- The instructions line {} has strange behaviors, adding one space it simply stop working (I'm using JCE and Google Chrome, is it the problem?)

Despite that, it's a great extension.
Cheers from Brazil
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

The translation is in progress! In the meantime you can use the forum for questions.

The syntax must be entered correctly (without spaces).

Reviews: 1
I have searching a week for a plugin gallery. It's great.
I'm new in joomla. Help me plz. How delete white boxes from preview images, or\and how make them to the different color, and make the bigger or smaller?
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

Use the support forum for support requests!

Reviews: 4
Hi, I met with SIGE after a conflict of JA Tabs and Simple Image Gallery Plugin. While I was looking for a good one, I found this great plugin. It is not in conflict with JA Tabs extension.
Thank you very much for this free plugin. You're a Star :)
Owner's reply


You are welcome!

Reviews: 1
Good day!
Very nice plug-in, but where English documentation? Not Germany, but English is international language. Thank you very much for developer
Owner's reply

You are right. A documentation in english is in work.

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 1
When I started to work with my first Joomla based project I need a gallery which can show both single pictures in my articles and the whole gallery easy without superfluous features. My friend who helped me to start with Joomla advised me Simple Image Gallery Extended (SIGE) as a variant. So I started to discover SIGE's features to understand are they correspond to my project needs.
Also I wanted to know more about SIGE's alternatives but finally all my investigations on this question had shown SIGE as a best solution for me.
The setup of SIGE was easy for me as a Joomla's newbie. I'd understood its work principles very fast. During configuration and applying SIGE with my images I found it as a very easy-to-use gallery with possibility of setup main features thru Joomla's backend and using a couple of overriding keys for each case in my articles. All I need is just prepare set of my photos, put them to a folder and write the gallery code to the material. I don't need think about generating thumbnails - SIGE does it itself well. Showing pictures in different modes (for ex. Light Box) is great.
I've encountered some problems with reading CP1251 Cyrillic characters from IPTC tag. I just had tags encoded only that way 'cause writing IPTC on Wintel in UTF8 is not so easy. Support was very fast and good - problem had been solved quickly.
SIGE is used on a travel agency site for the moment. And I suppose I will use it in my further projects too.
Many thanks to SIGE's developer!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 1
I have looked everywhere for a simplified Joomla plugin for creating galleries, and finally landed on this awesome plugin!

Thanks again!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 2
Very useful gallery. What's important for me - it works under IE 6,7 and is fully valid XHTML 1.1!

2 moments it'll be great to add in future releases:
- option to disable warning message when no image found in dirrectory
- remove hardcoded Deitshe labels from JS. Seeing "Bid 1 von 2" instead of "Image 1 from 2" isn't what I want. I can change this messages in files but it's not user friendly way.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Please contact me for feature requests on the project page.

1. I inserted the warning on purpose, because many users had problems to specify the folder correctly. Why deactivate this useful feature?

2. Yes, that is hardcoded. It depends on the JS file. You are right, I have to change it.

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