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*** New version 3 released, now compatible with Joomla! 1.5 to 3.x ***

Adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles is now super-easy and simple, using the magical "Simple Image Gallery" plugin for Joomla!.

The plugin can turn any folder of images located inside your Joomla! website into a grid-style image gallery with cool lightbox previews. And all that using a simple plugin tag like .

So for example, if we have a folder called "my_trip_to_Paris" located in images/stories/my_trip_to_Paris, then we can create our gallery by simply entering the tag into some Joomla! article.

The galleries created are presented as a grid of image thumbnails. When your visitors click on a thumbnail, they see the original image in a lightbox popup. The thumbnails are generated and cached using PHP for better results.

So let's briefly see what are the main advantages of using Simple Image Gallery: a) You don't need to have an additional gallery component to display a few images, b) you don't need to tell your visitors "to see our photos from Paris click here" and c) you focus more on content writing and less on administering the images!

The plugin is ideal for news portals wanting to display some product images, for example, inside their articles. Or for people who quickly wanna show their summer vacation pictures. With Simple Image Gallery, you can have as many galleries as you want inside each article.

Please note that if you want to create a gallery from a subfolder located inside your "image gallery root folder", simply adjust the plugin syntax to reflect the remaining path (after your set "root folder"),. Make sure you write the path to your target folder without any slashes at the beginning or the end of your path.

You can see a demo of the plugin here:

Simple Image Gallery is a Joomla! plugin developed by JoomlaWorks, released under the GNU General Public License.

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Reviews: 10
After years of using SIG, SIG2, now SIG3 is a great improvment of this extension, i like the new admin interface and the responsive templates work like a charm!
Reviews: 5
this extension was really so easy to setup on my web. It works exactly their support team said. Also, support team's peoples were really gentle with me while i was asking so many questions. i like it anyway and every way!
Reviews: 1
I had v2.x installed which worked fine and did what I wanted, so when v3 came out I decided to upgrade to the PRO version for the extra options. Now instead of 2 rows of 'Polaroids' as I had in v2, I get only 1 row. 'Reduce the size of the thumbnails' was the answer of Joomlaworks Support and that indeed gives me 2 rows but a lot of white space. I'm going back to the old version, the upgrade to v3 was not worth it.
Reviews: 2
Easy set up... really didn't even need to read the documentation. It was that simple. I guess it's in the name. No frills, does what it says. Obviously the PRO version has more features, but for a free extension, can't complain. Recommended.
Reviews: 2
The extension is not using Mootools and/or jQuery with noConflict function and is therefore likely to conflict with other parts of your site. I experienced a lack of submenu functionality on pages where SIG was shown and is directed to the PRO version for a solution. Also, only one sample image size is possible for your entire site and it is not possible to change the layout of how sample images are shown. I will look elsewhere...
Reviews: 1
So amazingly mind wanted to make it more complex. It was really easy. I just wanted a basic, free image gallery.

The folks at JoomlaWorks always deliver. I have paid for other extensions from them. There stuff just works! Always a pleasure.
Reviews: 2
The only way to change captions is to download caption files via ftp, edit them and upload them back again.

When uploading galleries the images have to be in a zip file and you cant upload another picture into the gallery later on without rezipping the images with the new one and upload them all together again. Neither can you remove just one of the images.

This plugin, as well as the Pro version, is very poor.
Owner's reply

The Free version of the plugin really does what it says in its name. You just upload a bunch of images and it displays them in a nice grid. Not to be confused with the Pro version which provides a lot more features.

Reviews: 8
Looking for an easy plugin which could also be managed easily by others after setting up. And that it is.

As I needed some changes in the UK text I had contact with the helpdesk andd they are very fast in responding and helping me out on some issues.

So if looking for an easy to configure gallery tis is certainly a very good option.

I bought the pro version as it gave me more possibilities.
Reviews: 11
This is the best gallery if you need fast and reliable gallery solution.

Very useful with K2.

Recommend it!
Reviews: 1
If you going to provide a free version there is a better way of doing it. Downloaded and installed, at first it looked ok. Then after wasting time, I realised that certain elements can't be changed and the galleries don't look like the websites examples. It's been set up to push sales for the Pro version. Fair enough, but do the right thing and tell people. Very annoying as nothing is mentioned in all the reading provided! No thanks
Owner's reply

This plugin was created with one simple task in mind. The name "Simple Image Gallery" is literal, obviously...

And by the way, we don't force anyone to purchase the Pro version as you mention, nor do we advertise features in the Free version that are simply not existent.

Reviews: 5
Does what it says, but that doesn't mean not much. I bought the pro version, confusing it with another plugin with a similiar name, wrongly assuming PRO would get me an even better version of PLUS (my fault). In other words, the PRO version of this plugin is indeed slightly better than the free version of this plugin, but I don't feel like I invested my money well.

The support I bought with my subscription was fast and polite.

The plugin says it integrates with K2. That integration is not as useful for me as I hoped. The only thing it does is let the author of an item upload an archive from which a gallery is created. It's not possible to point to a previously uploaded folder on the server. For that, the author would have to use the shortcode, like in the free version. Also, the shortcode and the upload function will use different image directories on the server. If I change the shortcode's image root path, I'll have to move my imags away from my central image folder into media/k2/something, a path that will also show up in my source code. If I don't, I'll end up with a fragmented image collection.

The value:key pairing to write into the shortcode is laughable. I'm supposed to write "image-folder:::::2::" to achieve a certain effect - sorry but no.

The thumbnails can be displayed in a few different modes, all very eye-candy-like. Needs a lot of CSS overwrites to get it to look decent.

Again, it does what it says and appears professional, it's just not a very good plugin, in my opinion.

I reverted back to the tool I wrongly thought I was buying, which works much better overall, has more features, looks better.
Reviews: 10
Good plugin, but lacks an option to display the ALT in the bottom of the images, and one to limit the size of the shadowbox.
Reviews: 1

First,thanks for this plugin.I was need to add a gallery for each pages separately. many galleries did not match with my requirement.but this one can use with in the articles in anyplace.So my issue solved.
Highly Recommended to everyone.
Reviews: 1
Hi, I am a newcomer to doing this and I eventually got it uploaded and it looks ok. However, If the cursor hangs on the Click to Enlarge box you get an ugly JW_SIG_NAV.....mesaage, you a CLICK_TO_ENLARGE message when the cursor hangs over the image and a message like JW_SIG_NAVTIP Pic Test underneath a picture when it opens up.

Fair play it is free, I'm not knocking that, but have I got an incorrect setting not ticked as the wording looks really ugly and surely I am doing something wrong
Reviews: 2
This extension is soooo good, free and works exactly like the description said.
Reviews: 2
At least this plugin does what it says and works, have upgraded to the payed version for additional features, but the free version gives the general idea already, the payed version has some nice additions.

As said in one of the other reviews it is mainly english based so if you need it in another language you will need to adjust it all in the code which can be annoying, point for improvement to the developer ;) keep up the good work.
Reviews: 9
Doesn't get much easier than this - thanks for a great extension easy to install configure and use.
Reviews: 2
its one of the best free modules in jed. Easy to install with lots of features. I like this module!
Reviews: 4
Installed easily. Including an image gallery is very easy by using the tags. The layout is very limited but it does the job.
There is one bug in the language label. The only front end label "Click to enlarge" is put in the admin language file (/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_content_jw_simpleImageGallery.ini). It is not found so the hard-coded string is used.
This label should be in /languages/en-GB.
Also the extension should provide translations.
Reviews: 1
a black box highlights the bottom of the image the pointer hovers over and I cannot figure out how to turn that off. Did not see this effect in the demo and cannot find the information in the documentation.
Owner's reply

It's most likely a CSS conflict with your template (rare, but can happen). If you use a stock template, consult your hosting company.

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