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*** New version 3 released, now compatible with Joomla! 1.5 to 3.x ***

Adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles is now super-easy and simple, using the magical "Simple Image Gallery" plugin for Joomla!.

The plugin can turn any folder of images located inside your Joomla! website into a grid-style image gallery with cool lightbox previews. And all that using a simple plugin tag like .

So for example, if we have a folder called "my_trip_to_Paris" located in images/stories/my_trip_to_Paris, then we can create our gallery by simply entering the tag into some Joomla! article.

The galleries created are presented as a grid of image thumbnails. When your visitors click on a thumbnail, they see the original image in a lightbox popup. The thumbnails are generated and cached using PHP for better results.

So let's briefly see what are the main advantages of using Simple Image Gallery: a) You don't need to have an additional gallery component to display a few images, b) you don't need to tell your visitors "to see our photos from Paris click here" and c) you focus more on content writing and less on administering the images!

The plugin is ideal for news portals wanting to display some product images, for example, inside their articles. Or for people who quickly wanna show their summer vacation pictures. With Simple Image Gallery, you can have as many galleries as you want inside each article.

Please note that if you want to create a gallery from a subfolder located inside your "image gallery root folder", simply adjust the plugin syntax to reflect the remaining path (after your set "root folder"),. Make sure you write the path to your target folder without any slashes at the beginning or the end of your path.

You can see a demo of the plugin here:

Simple Image Gallery is a Joomla! plugin developed by JoomlaWorks, released under the GNU General Public License.

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Reviews: 1
This plugin is indeed extremely simple and easy to use. At first glance I liked it very much.

Later on I encoutered Mootools errors that seemed to origin from the old (or modified?) mootools.js that is included with this plugin. Including a library that comes default with Joomla seems not reasonable to me.
Reviews: 1
I'm trying since morning, I installed everything working fine! but unable to get thumbnails preview :) and parameter are limited you need to edit jwsig.php
Reviews: 13
I love this extension!
I looking for something simple and here recently I found Simple Image Gallery.
Reviews: 1
Very simple to install and even easier to use but the lack of captions for each photo is what makes this an average product. If captions can be added, it is an excellent extension. I have had quite a few users on my site commenting about the lack of captions and I think I will be switching out of SIG for this reason.

Reviews: 1
If you install a certificate on your server and have a user login all pages with SIG or SIG Pro content will display a message stating some of the content is not secure. If you select to not accept the unsecure content the gallery does not work. If you accept it you are reprompted with the message each time you load a page with SIG or SIG Pro content. I attempted to get support for this for SIG Pro and I was told my site didn't appear to need SSL. ( There was no support provided or even and admission that the tool doesn't support SSL. If you have uses logging into your website then you need SSL to protect passwords. If you use SSL then you can't use this tool and you can't get support even with the Pro version.
Reviews: 1
I used to make static website as an AD brochure for my corporate, so you can imagine how much time I spent in making tables for pictures. But as I found Simple Image Gallery, all those clumsy work has become history. I need to do nothing than just putting the photos in a folder and type {gallery}photofolder{/gallery} where I wish to see them. It's just g g g great. Thanks for the developer of "Simple Image Gallery" and thanks for the developer fo "Joomla". I will keep telling my friends about this marvellous website. Regards, Amityfirm
Reviews: 3
Easy to to install and to configure, but (if you care about web standards - XHTML and CSS) your site will not be valid with this extensions because it inserts its CSS file link directly into the page body code.
Reviews: 4
This plug in shows a lot of promise but the lack of captions for each photo is a deal breaker for me. I suppose the "PRO" version has that feature. For now I'll stick to good ol' html.
Reviews: 4
I really like the simplicity and pricing ;)

Only problem I have is that sometimes the lightbox effect works and sometimes it doesn't. Un-installed etc, but can't figure this one out. IE 7, 8, Safari and FF.

Checking out the forums at but not able to find solution yet. Hope this one gets solved since the support seems to be very active.
Reviews: 16
Like always ... Joomla Works does beautiful work....Love this extension and its just Powerfull and at the same time just simple to use and install
Reviews: 4
I've used this on a couple of sites to good effect, but it causes all kinds of conflicts with other js based modules. Had to uninstal on one site due to the accordion menu simply not working on pages where the gallery was used. Shame really as it was exactly what I needed on the site
Reviews: 1
Just perfect. Installation smooth as silk. Allows me to have multiple galleries in multiple places on my site. Picks up the images via a simple tag in the article.

Why didn't I have this idea?
Reviews: 1
This is a great image gallery plugin. Simple and easy to install and use and the lightbox effect is nice. Only thing i think this gallery would be missing is the possibility to set max-width and max-height of the image to the browser window size, some of the bigger images (ex: wallpapers) are too big for the user to see the next, previous and close buttons. Other than that one of my favorite plugins so far!
Reviews: 3
I have used this plug-in on one or two sites which were mainly Joomla 1.0. without any problems. I have now tried it and cannot get it to work in 1.5.11. I have checked the forums and the question has been raised but no answer is forthcoming.

Based on past experience a good product which is simple to use, hopefully the apparent issue in 1.5.11 etc can be addressed/answered fully on the forum.
Reviews: 2
Great, handy extension.

However current version ( uses Slimbox v1.22 which is already a bit outdated.

If you encounter an 'IE empty div problem' = empty space at the bottom of the page in IE, add #lbOverlay {height: 0px} to your css (issue was supposedly fixed in Slimbox v1.5). It doesn't seem to work with IE6

Another problem comes up when using with googlemaps plugin ( in the same page, most probably because of conflict with Modalbox.

Author states that in the PRO version you may choose from 10 popup engines, so I guess that should in most cases and at the same time make your gallery look neater then when using slimbox v1.x.
Reviews: 1
I had a flash image module installed on my site and it caused a lot of problems. This made my pages have a simple yet intersting display and it worked with all my other components. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
The first ever plugin that I installed in my Joomla site .
No problems at all to install and configure , even for a newbee.
Realy simple to use , realy owesome results .
Reviews: 2
I was so impressed.

Top stufff this - well worth the money.
Reviews: 9
Great extenstion! This was the first extension since I updated my site to Joomla!, ant it's still the best extension! I really like the very easy way to add a gallery to the content.

No manual thumnail creating, no changing of permissions to let the extension create thumbnails, just easily upload the pictures and use them in a gallery.
A really good way for making galleries.
Reviews: 3
The application itself works as advertised so much so that I bought the Pro version. The developers however have not implemented the java as well as they could and it conflicts with other java apps. In my case Eventlist calendar popups and Venue select. It has also conflicted with other apps as well... A great shame as I love the functionality and wished it played better with others ;-)
Owner's reply

The PRO version was updated in April 2009 featuring new popup engines (10 in total) to offer more possibilities in the case of a conflict. You are advised to upgrade to v2. The free version will also be updated very soon, so we can add support for the K2 component as well.

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