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SlideshowFX Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
SlideshowFx will provide all what you need and probably all what you can imagine to display your Picasa, Google+, Flickr (including support of collections), Facebook or Instagram web albums into your Joomla! web site.

Easy to install and easy to configure, you just need to activate the plugin and create an article with following content: {sfx}. Then insert your article in your website site and SlideshowFx will display your Picasa, Google+, Flickr, Facebook or Instagram Gallery depending on plugin configuration!!!

There are many options allowing you to display only one or a set of albums or photos. Additional information, like date, album name, photo caption, access right can be displayed along with thumbnail or photo slideshow.

Albums and photos can be sorted by published/created date or name.

SlideshowFx allows visitors (all or only registered visitors) to vote for your photos or albums. Then photos and albums can be sorted by rating (Important: Joomla! cache mut be disabled).

SlideshowFx is provided with a nice slideshow script displaying photos (Picasa, Google+, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) and videos (Picasa and Google+ only).
Except a list of small buttons on top of your screen (photo next/previous, first/last, maximize/minimize, download, close, slideshow play/pause, timer) the rest of the screen is dedicated to your photos and videos!!!

Whatever the size of your screen, and whatever the size of your photo, SlideshowFx will automatically adapt photo dimension in order to provide the better quality (compatibility with responsive templates). This will improve user experience.

You need to increase performances? No problem, an internal cache mechanism reduce drastically the access to Google+, Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram API, reducing processing time by several seconds!!! You don't believe me? Then activate the profiling option. This will insert profiling information in HTML page (not visible by visitors).

You want to display albums coming from several Picasa, Google+, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram user account?
You can activate the 'merge' option and insert several {sfx ...} tags in your article.
SlideshowFx will get all albums information and will merge all together to provide an unique gallery on your web site. This feature is typically used by associations and clubs where each one can contribute to the photo gallery!!!

You have to manage big albums (tested with more than 500 photos)?
No, problem, a parameter in SlideshowFx allows you to increase the PHP PCRE limit. An optional scrollbar can be activated to facilitate album browsing. Instagram is limited to 30 photos (constraint the Instagram API Terms of use).

You can propose visitors (all or only registered users) to download your pictures in a limited or in a full resolution format meanining original file resolution uploaded in Picasa (not applicable with Instagram).

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Reviews: 1
I purchased the plugin to display Picasa gallery on my site, configured in 5 minutes, I had a query regards the mobile view, support came back to me with the solution in an hour, couldn't recommend it more!
Reviews: 3
I have just upgraded to the latest SlideshowFX and ... again - fantastic and quick support to help me deal with the change from Picasa to Google+ account. Many album slideshows in articles on my website and working a treat now!! Thank you Joel at Oopstouch - recommend this as the best of its kind.
Reviews: 3
I use SlideshowFX for several years now and its the ONE add-on to manage private albums on google+ (or former picasa). Help is fast. I always got 24hr responses, even when the developer was on holiday.
Reviews: 3
I have tried quite a few (payed and free) Slideshow extensions that get the photo material from Google Plus albums. I cannot say I have tried them all, but this one is the best I came across. For a lot of reasons, one is the ease of installation (within minutes) up and running). A second reason is the wealth of configuration options, although I have to say the default options are very well chosen. So after trying quite a few, I found myself back to the default again.
Last but not least, I did not have one single problem installing and configuring it. Still I ran into a big issue with a complete blank website, caused by the deinstallation of the previous slideshow component. I wrote to the developper and within a few hours, he had pointed me into the right direction and I was able to solve the serious problem myself.
So I can say out of experience that the developper is very responsive.
Certainly recommended and certainly worth the money.
Reviews: 1
This extension worked perfectly!! It has a really nice appearence and at first I had some trouble displaying more than 500 pictures from the same album from Flickr but I contacted the developper and he even changed the extension's code for me!! After that I can display as many pictures as I want in each album.
Thank you very much for the extension. It is really worth it paying for it
Reviews: 6
This product worked very well with my Joomla 2.5.6 install. I had little trouble embedding Picasa/Google+ and Flickr slides into my art gallery site. Right up there with the best slideshow/gallery extensions. ( I have a few things on my wish list, which I hope they will implement in the future)
Reviews: 8
After installation didn't have the place to add Picasa Token (token field not shown), it took me a short while in the forum to drop it and change the album to public and test it.

The Public album was shown instantly, thus, each picture that's shown has the "Copywrite" and "Trial version" so it didn't get my attention to continue and search how to add the privet album token.

Bottom line,
looks pretty good plugin - I'm not using it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your vote and review. Your review is related to the free Trial version.
The display of private albums is not part of the free Trial version, that why there is no possibility to configure the Token.
The aim of the Trial version is mainly to check compatibility with your website (PHP version, configuration, compatibility with your Joomla! template and extensions…).
If the Trial version is working fine you can be confident during your order that the Pro version will work and will provide you all features described on my website.
I hope this clarify else please contact support.

Reviews: 1
The slideshow, album, gallery plugins and modules for Google's Picaga work as described, plus I found the documentation much better than average (easy to read and accurate). The feature to show private albums in especially good.

I did have one small problem; however,I got useful info from the support forums and rapid personal assistance. I certainly think it is rational to pay for something that works this well and has timely support to back it up.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this great plugin. I store my photos on picasa web service and for several reasons i dont't want to use a gallery which stores the photos on my own webspace. SlideshowFX is a nice solution to show your pictures on your own page. Thanks!
Reviews: 6
Best way to embed picasaweb in to your Joomla site!

You can even merge multiple picasa accounts in to one big gallery!

And really-really fast support or suggestions responses!

I am amazed!
Reviews: 2
Thank you oppstouch! This answered all of my Picasa + Joomla needs.

If You have been looking for a component/plugin that will allow you to embed Picasa photos, albums and galleries into your Joomla Site look no further. I've tried multiple plugins and components which stated that they would meet my needs but failed to deliver.
Reviews: 6
I tried different extensions to display Picasa galleries and albums. This one is the best.
1) It has a a multilingual support!
2) I use the module (widget) to display a list of my albums in a slideshow (or "news display") manner. So the user can click it and get directly to the album which is a link to a menu in my site.
3) It's possible to have a mulitpage layout.
4) The voting system is nice and functional.
5) The support is excellent! The author is eager to accept all the ideas and requests for the improvement of this product and does a great job to release new versions of the product quite quickly in a short period of time!

Only one. The plugin & module always embed code in your site that shows invisible copyright info and links to the auhtor's website.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.
Since more than one year, users satisfaction is my priority.
As of version SlideshowFx Pro 3.06, and SlideshowFx Picasa Widget Pro 1.03, you have the possibility to remove copyright and back link.
Please contact support for details.

Reviews: 1
I had been using a free picasa display component and had some issues that never seemed to be resolved. I checked out what was available and decided on SFX. I am happy I did. The plugin installed flawlessly, and was easy to configure and use. I did have an issue the first tie I tried to use it, the album thumbnail displayed but when clicking it the actual contents was blank. The developer is active on his forums and within 24 hours I had a new version emailed to me for me to try which worked flawlessly. Kudos to the developer on a slick looking and easy to use product, and double kudos for his efficient and helpfull after purchase support.
Reviews: 2
Previously I used Phoca Gallery to implement my Picasa webalbums into my Joomla site, but picture loading has been very slow. SlideshowFX works perfect for me: easy to configure, well documented and fast-loading pictures displayed in a nice looking way. Thank you for this great extension!