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Lightbox Image Gallery ModulePlugin

Lightbox Image gallery is a wonderful extension that can be used as image gallery in your website.

You can just enter the folder and set the height and width of thumbnail and large images

The lightbox image gallery extension can be used to view your images in fancy lightbox .


Very very handy and easy to setup lightbox module. Works out of the box!


~~~ Key Features ~~~~

★ Option to enable/disable jQuery Library
★ Option to add js files to the head/body to avoid conflicts
★ Option to define the width of the plugin or module
★ Option to define the number of thumbs to display from the gallery
★ Option to set the dock position : Bottom/Top
★ Opacity color of the lightbox background can be controlled
★ Overlay opacity can be controlled.
★ Overlay speed, scroll speed and zoom speed can be controlled
★ Option to show single image from a gallery.
★ Opening , Closing and dock scrolling Effect can be controlled (32 effects to choose).
★ Option to fetch image from folder or individual path
★ Option to have images to show randomly or in a sequence.
★ Option to order the images alphabetically (ascending/descending)
★ Two different type of auto resize tool to resize the thumb and large images automatically
★ Option to resize image by height,width or both
★ Border color for thumb can be added
★ Title for each image can be added separated by comma.
★ Title position can be set to bottom or top
★ Color, font , size and weight for the font can be defined.
★ 25 inbuilt google fonts and user defined can be assigned.
★ Works on iPad, iPhone and Android
★ Tested on all modern browsers IE7+, Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari



To use this Light Box Image Gallery plug-in first of all you have to check whether this plug-in is enabled or not. If not enable it.
Then to use it in your article add the following code within your article.

Syntax:{lgallery} image folder path {end-lgallery}

Example :
Your text goes here {lgallery}images/folder/{end-lgallery}

If you have any problems with Lightbox Image Gallery module or any questions, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System

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Reviews: 1
We just upgraded from 1.5 to 2.5 for a customer and had issues getting it up and running. The support was very fast, and good: the tool works again as we are used. very happy with this! Thanks!
Reviews: 1
this module is not suitable for non web designers or someone who hasn't got time to waste... it requires hand editing of paths to images... clumsy and not up to the general standard expected for a commercial module...
Reviews: 1
About the best I can say is, it works. It's pretty limited though, and for US$39 I think you are entitled to expect something that has a great deal more functionality than this lightbox extension. Without a good deal of code knowledge (and you shouldn't need that when paying this kind of money) it does not sit comfortably in any design. You can't, for example, get it to sit in line with other graphic buttons in an article. Two questions always come to mind when I buy something like this. Would I recommend it to a friend? Would I buy it again? The answer in both cases is definitely "No".
Owner's reply

We are not sure if you have purchased the extension as the price is US$35 not 39.

We have both modules and plugins and you can have it inside an article or a module position like our demo.It fits comfortably to any design and layout as we have parameters to control the dimension of the image as well as the gallery.

You can open a support ticket so that we can help with aligning the image gallery and a graphic using the Joomla Editor .

Reviews: 2
I had a bit of an issue sorting the images into the order I wanted. I contacted the developer and gave him access to the backend of the site. He logged in and made the fix immediately, no charge.

I have worked with Abilash on a couple small projects now. I added him to Skype and he is availble during my working hours (MST) even though he is offshore. Very easy to get ahold of and very helpful. He seems to be honest about time frames and his prices unlike some of the other offshore developers we have worked with.
Reviews: 1
I encountered some problems in the beginning to get this working but everything was solved within an hour. Great support!! And this module looks really great.
Reviews: 2
I use this program on a site I have written for a RV Rental Company. Client needs to be able to list each RV rig in a separate article with photos for customers to view. I'm trying to keep the client out of the backend as much as possible and give them front end access to as many features as I can. With the plug-in portion of this program the user is able to create the lightbox feature on his website while creating the article on the front end. Simple codes to add to the article allows this. Initially, when I installed the application the photos were showing up in random order. It was important for me to have the photos displayed in a logical order showing the outside of the RV rig first followed by the interior photos. I contacted the programmer about being able to display the photos in alphanumeric order and they quickly updated the program to allow sorting in ascending or descending order. Very friendly and fast service. Quick responses to support ticket. My client is very pleased with his ability to create the lightbox without a lot of backend configuration.
Reviews: 4
Very Nice extension and really good after sale service.
Reviews: 4
Very nice and easy to use extension. Great and good looking! Easy to install. Support is also great. Within a day a response and the problem was solved!
Reviews: 1
This module is very very good, helpful and you can change easily a big number of parameters, even for newbies in Joomla! development ! The help desk representative - also - was VERY HELPFUL and gave me a quick response in some problems I faced up during download and installation. Very nice job guys and AGAIN A GREAT THANKS !
Reviews: 2
Great module - making it very easy to add photos! Support is excellent, all questions were answered straight away!
Would recommend this for anyone looking to add pics to their site!