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Responsive Gallery Plugin

Responsive photo gallery done right!
Loved by Joomla users globally for its beauty and graceful adaptation!

Responsive designs are the demand of the modern age where a single website must be equally beautiful on usable on platforms as varied as a small mobile screen to a HD monitor. The AddonStreet Responsive Gallery is the only Joomla photo gallery plugin in the market that's truly responsive and scales well over all resolutions and device screens.

Responsive Gallery is the simplest and easiest way to incorporate photo gallery on your Joomla website. It is built responsively to handle anything that comes over. It works on any version of joomla, works on any desktops, mobiles and tablets too. It will handle any browser that you throw to it (ofcourse we are not talking IE6 and below here).

Easy to install: Setting up your first gallery can't be easier:
1) Install and publish the Responsive Gallery plugin.
2) Select the base folder you upload your images in.
3) Just type the text {responsivegallery}gallery1{ /responsivegallery} in your article or HTML Module.
Done, thats all needed. Your gallery is ready.

Many Themes Included
Responsive Gallery comes with 5 different responsible photo gallery themes that can be switched from the plugin manager on a click of a button.

Unlimited customization
Yes, you can publish many galleries on the same page. You can even use different themes on different galleries. It is quickly achieved through setting custom overrides over your base settings to get any look that you need.

Image caching and resizing
Your images will be automatically resized and cached for fast load and minimise burden on your user and server.

Built with optimised jQuery
The gallery uses jQuery in a no-Conflict mode. This means that it will not have problems with Mootools or other javascript libraries.

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Reviews: 1
Great extension! I had some problems with the configuration of my site. Problem solved in minutes by the very kind Cecil, many many thanks.
Reviews: 2
This company has great products and support. I've been purchased a few of there products and have been 100% satisfied.
Reviews: 2
Works very well, very complete module. Service is excelent!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is great and very useful to publish pictures from directories. The online support was the best to solve my requirement.