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2J Content Gallery ComponentModulePlugin

2J Content Gallery - easy and very useful gallery component. All interface is highly customizable. We do not use images in our content gallery interface elements, namely all borders shadows and panels are generated based on CSS. You can easily customize it to fit content gallery to the style and colors of your website or some particular page block.
You can insert this gallery to any joomla content article. You can insert as much galleries to the content article as you wish. Every gallery can be configured with individual parameters. In 2J Content Gallery you can use plugin tags wizard for creation tags.
In our content gallery all front end interface elements are float able and customizable. You can change size, colors and positions using configuration options.
2J Content Gallery it's more gallery for content articles, but also in addition you can use it in module or as direct link to component in menu. All front end interface elements are highly customizable. For installation and configuration you don't need any special skills everything build in Joomla! native style.
- AJAX Gallery (No Flash here!);
- Batch images upload;
- Upload gallery images from server directory (scan directory option);
- Auto-resizing for gallery thumbnails and images ;
- Resizing crop function;
- Possible to show multiply gallery instances of the gallery on page;
- All gallery CSS styles implemented in component settings: colors, sizes, margins, rounding of every interface element;
- Gallery implemented with no AJAX libs conflicts;
- Advanced gallery cache options;
- Implemented gallery lightbox;
- All gallery demos styles pre-defined in admin section;
- Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome;
- All gallery themes are CSS3 based;
- Ability to insert gallery to the article with plugin tag;
- Floatable gallery front end interface elements;
- Gallery support file formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF;
- Gallery implemented in native Joomla way using native classes, structures, models, controllers;
- AJAX color selector for color options in admin section;

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Reviews: 4
This is exactly what I wanted. After being completely satisfied with another extension of this developer I decided to give this one a try. And I was not disappointed. It has added beauty to my website and, more importantly, it saves me a lot of time.
Reviews: 1
Guys! Many thanks for your product! It's really what I want. The whole package offers more than
I need, I couldn't be happier with this component, it's module and plugin. I'd recommend it to anyone
who wants to set up content gallery on their Joomla website.
Reviews: 2
It's an easy way to embed gallerys into the content of your website. It has many options and is easy to install and to use. The support is very fast, effective and friendly.
Reviews: 5
I've been looking for a clever way to embed a gallery into a page and this fits the bill perfectly.
A really nice way to use space without cluttering the page with grids.
Great work!
Reviews: 12
Great extension. Have used many other "galleries" extensions the past year and this is my favorite - well worth the
money. I have had very positive experiences with other extensions by 2Joomla as well. Support is great!
Reviews: 1
This is the best gallery component that I found.
It's simple and quick to set up and has lots of configuration options.