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The "Very Simple Image Gallery" Plugin for Joomla!1.5, 2.5 and 3.x is a downgrade of the ingenious plugin "Simple Image Gallery" from Fotis Evangelou und George Chouliaras back to a "Web 1.0" gallery. The modified version comes without a lightbox, the plugin shows one large image, followed by thumbnails.

- supports .jpg, .png und .gif
- can be aligned in your content item left, right, centered, float left or float right
- thumbnails optional below, left or right of the main image
- optional split galleries into multiple sets
- as many galleries per content item as you want
- every gallery can be configured individually (Parameter Overrides)
- optional show title and/or text with every single picture (Captions)
- optional show default title/text for the whole gallery
- optional link every single image to a different target (Links)
- optional use a default link for the whole gallery
- optional link the image to the original image file
- scale thumbnails optional proportionally or cropped
- works with and without JavaScript
- does not require a JavaScript Framework (Mootools, JQery)!
- change main image onClick or onHover

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Reviews: 6
I needed a clean and simple gallery for my own portfolio, i didn't need an eye candy gallery with lots of effects and long load times, drawing the attention and time from my work,i needed a gallery so my work it's more important than the gallery itself. And that's why it's perfect this little and "very simple" gallery. Great!
Reviews: 4
Great extension, very easy to use and the results are fantastic. Also, the parameters works properly and the time of loading the images are very fast.

One of the best extension I´ve found for galleries.

Good work!!
Reviews: 6
I've tried several galleries but none worked well immediately. The Very Simple Image Gallery works immediately. But on my website the browser jumps to the top of the page when selecting a new image. I’m using the ja_purity template.

I solved the problem by selecting temporarily another template and then return to ja_purity. Then the problem was solved. Maybe it's a Joomla bug.
Reviews: 8
Simple indeed, but powerful and if you have good content results will be amazing. Many configuration options allowing to suit your needs. I was able to embed it inside my articles and create eye-catching content. Certainly worth recommending!
Reviews: 2
As everyone says, very simple and looks great! Only issue I had was at first some of my photos were showing up black, but then I realised I had to change the suffix from JPG to jpg and is all working fine now!! Great extension.
Reviews: 3
I have used this for a community web-site.
Easy to install and easy for the web authors to use. Also nice that it is already available for Joomla 1.6. If you use this, play around with the settings a bit - the default settings were not good for me.
Reviews: 2
I used this extension for a school site, nice and usefull. Thank's
Reviews: 1

Thank you for your great extension for joomla. I like it a lot, but I have a question.

Could I combine "sample1" gallery and "sample5" gallery. I want gallery to look like this at "sample1", but I want to navigate true pictures with clicking "back" and "next" - "sample5 gallery". It would be even better if navigation would be inside picture with arrows.
Is it possible?
Reviews: 2
nothing much to say, this plug in is nice and easy.
thank you.
Reviews: 1
It's really simple. I'm new on Joomla, but with understandable pop up help inside a plugin I've configured my 200 pics gallery in minutes. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 2
Working on my first Joomla! site and just installed this great gallery and it is working great, nice and easy!
Reviews: 40
What can I say? Watching everything move forward into Web2.0 and beyong, and all the added complexity and conflict, it is refreshing to see an extension that just provides what is needed. Nothing fancy and nothing more than needed. Just a simple, small plugin that works flawlessly and correctly. Love it!
Reviews: 2
Great, easy and flexible image gallery. Fast support answers.

Ideas for the next release:
CSS classes could be easier and customizable from the back end. A clear cache button could be also useful.
Reviews: 3
As the name says, this is a "very simple image gallery"
- I installed this plugin in seconds and without errors on Joomla 1.6
- Step by step documentation is excellent
- I highly recommend this gallery
Reviews: 2
It is a nice extension but could only get it to appear in one section of my website page layout. I need something more flexible.
Reviews: 5
I think my review title says it all. I have been using this extention for quite a while. The developer is always on the ball with updates and the documentation is perfect.

Pros: Simple to use, easy to install, easy to customise. Joomla 1.6 compatiable.

Cons: erm.... there isn't any.

This should have been called "The simplest and easiest image gallery you will ever use". But that would have been a bit long. If the developer was to charge for this extention I would still use it! Its is outstanding. Its a must for any site that wants a photo gallery.
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much for VSIG, it is exactly what I needed. A huge thank you for your super fast support. SmartLoad feature in my template caused conflicts with many similar extensions I tried before. You are the only developer who was able to catch it and provide a solution.
Your help is greatly appreciated!
Reviews: 1
I would like to thank the team for making this gallery and supplying it. As a novice I had very little problems getting this product up and running.The only problems I had were caused by me in the excitement of getting it up and running.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, really helpful and has many control function. Love it very much. Excellent!
Reviews: 2
When I had error reporting when using the plugin, I wrote to Andreas and got help the day after and it works just fine now after a new update came up.

Usefull and nice plugin with a very fast and effective support, thanks Andreas !!!
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