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The "CSS Gallery" Plugin for Joomla!2.5 and 3.1 is an easy to configure plugin, that enables you to display a gallery with thumbnails in a content item. Unlike other gallery-plugins the CSS Gallery works with pure X-HTML and CSS without JavaScript, Flash or any other script/player.

- supports .jpg, .png und .gif
- can be aligned in your content item left, right, centered, float left or float right
- as many galleries per content item as you want
- every gallery can be configured individually (Parameter Overrides)
- optional show title and/or text with every single picture (Captions)
- optional show default title/text for the whole gallery
- optional link every single thumbnail to a different target (Links)
- optional use a default link for the whole gallery
- works without Flash and JavaScript

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Reviews: 6
This is extension is simply awesome. I tried all the others available, but this one is simple, fast, looks good with any template and does the job flawlessly. Browsing images with this plugin becomes a very pleasant experience. Thanks for creating such a nice extension!
Reviews: 4
Easy to install!! Easy to configure!!! Does what it says!! Great job!!!
Reviews: 1
Amazing,it's wonderful,slim and powerful.
Reviews: 6
great job guys!
Reviews: 5
This is a very simple gallery that works as advertised. I was looking for something very simple for a particular site and this worked perfectly. The author's website had great documentation so the install and implementation went smoothly. Support for specific inquiries is a little sketchy on the author's site. I submitted a question but I don't know if it went through. I thank Mr. Berger for his nice little gallery.
Owner's reply


Hi Luciano!

No, there is neither a comment nore did I receive an email from you. Probably you tried to send an email via the contact form in english, which has been out of order (fixed it this moment).
Anyway, this contact form starts with:
"For questions about and problems with Scripts or Plugins
please add your comment to the respective page because
this way other visitors may benefit from our conversation."

And the comment-extension has been working fine all the time so - there is no problem with the support.

Best regards
Andreas Berger

Reviews: 1
I´m new to joomla, but this plugin was very easy to get going, especially with the nice instructions.

thanks a lot for your work
Reviews: 5
Love this product.
People are time-poor and this delivers the most efficient way to display your images - fast. Simply mouse-over to change image.

We are using it for portfolio images.

Excellent illustrated instructions too - if only all plug-ins had that.

Big thank you to these guys.
Reviews: 1
It works like a charm and was up and running in errors, no issues. The only thing I'd love to see added (a lot of my clients are photographers and they sometimes have a lot of images) would be a way to limit the thumbnails below the main (selected) image to one row and have it be scrollable...then this would be the perfect gallery.
Owner's reply

Hi ThePapaBear!

The plugin comes with a self-restriction to X-HTML and CSS. Therefore any kind of navigation would mean to reload the page. A possibility but not really an elegant one. I'm not sure if I will do this.
If you need this feature for your project, maybe you want to have a look at my other gallery plugin, the "Very Simple Image Gallery" (usually to be found one or two above or below this extension in the same category), it offers the feature to split galleries to sets of arbitrary size and navigate between them. Should solve your problem. :)

Best regards

Reviews: 1
CSS Gallery is exactly what I was after for our village website. It was so simple to install and get a live gallery up and running. From reading the details to having something live in under an hour was superb.

Well done and thatnks for your work.
Reviews: 1
I was browsing for something simple and easy to use, and it looks like I found it! I had this up and running in under 10 minutes with no issues, which I am extremely grateful for. Thanks!
Reviews: 30
Great Plugin, and the support of Andreas is fantastic, thanks.
Reviews: 2
I am using both the 'Simple Picture Slideshow' and 'CSS Gallery' Joomla Extentions and have found them to be the most stable, straight-forward plugins for image display available (I have tested many recently). The demos & specs on the providers site are complete accurate and easily understood. The documentation provided for the installation / configuration / implementation of these plugins is the best I've used. The plugins produced by this developer are carefully considered and cleanly coded - thus easy to customize - though are elegant in their simplicity which for me means minimal re-design is necissary. My sincere thanks to the developer for providing such great tools to the community.
Reviews: 3
GREAT Plugin! Clean, simple, user friendly, functional.
Easy to install, easy to follow install guide, excellent and easily understood instructions for adding images (although should include a note about time to upload individual files via Media Manager, and that more time efficient method is to FTP images into the indicated folder via a FTP client). Simple plugin configuration which is quiet self-explanatory. Can not fault this plugin. (Make sure you follow the folder configuration detailed in the install documentation)
I wish all plugins were to reliable, so well documented, and SO painless! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent plugin. Thank you very much Andreas Berger.

I was able to install it and apply it to my article content very easily, and it's great for those with minimal website experience, especially his install instructions.

My only suggestion would be:

I noticed on my clients website that if the gallery had many images then it wasn't possible to have my mouse hover over the image and be able to see the image without scrolling up (which would result in a different image being displayed now. So if there would be some way to select an image and then scroll up to view that it would be greater.
Reviews: 1
I'm fairly new to Joomla but I managed to get this gallery to work very quickly and easily.

Andreas, Thanks for building this excellent plugin.
Reviews: 7
I have installed it easily, it works well, I have even been able to publish it in a module position (caching disabled) and the developer was very kind to answer one question I had. The developer has another similar plugin and I like this one, as it has a nice roll over effect.
Best regards,
Reviews: 1
Very good looking photogallery
Easy to install and use
Excellent Installation and Usage guide

And above all a great support from Andreas!

I had an issue with my template wich resulted in a bad posiotioning of the thumbnails.
The respons from Andreas was swift and accurate
Reviews: 1
it's a super gallery for joomla. keep your best work
Reviews: 15
I tried it on my new website and this plugin works very nice. You use it in your article and ... there are your own foto's in a very nice display.

Well done! Thank you,
Anne M
Reviews: 2
I am using the CSS Gallery to display my screen shots, because they are tabbed pages it looks very cool. I needed a small modification, and the author replied very quick with a custom PHP file, it worked out great.

So great plugin, does what it should, very good and detailed documentation (compliments!) and the service is better than you would get from MAC-Donalds!!
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