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Core Design Web Gallery Plugin

Smart and cuddle solution how create your own image gallery inside article within a few minutes.

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Reviews: 3
It's a great application, easy to work with, friendly interface, highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
Yes recommended, this is what I am looking for. Thank you very much. Works great & nice! :)
Reviews: 6
A lovely extension. I faffed around for ages trying to get other galleries to work with poor levels of sucess. This one is so easy - you don't even have to mess around putting images into folders. I am very happy!
Reviews: 8
A neat gallery. There are a number of great display options and pictures can be added by the frontend user. A user friendly gallery. Well done and thanks so much.
Reviews: 3
I had some problems installing in on my site (Joomla 1.6, which makes it even more tricky) but did it in the end.
The developer was very helpful and answered to all of my questions really fast and help me resolve the issue.
Once it's up it does its job nicely, especially plays nice with Highslide...
Thanks for the great plugin!
Reviews: 2
I spent two days trying to get this to work on my website. I followed the directions, double checked, tripled checked, and quadruple checked before having two other people check to make sure I was doing it right. I did it right but still gallery.
Reviews: 5
I came across this plugin as I was looking for a picture gallery in Joomla 1.6. Everything works just fine - you got the most sylish gallery themes and can adapt the thumbnails within seconds - not like in other galleries. Check their website for documentation and samples - perfect thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
A++ to the dudes at core design! awesome product and free too! worked the first time.
Reviews: 1
While I do not use any of the galleries that are integrable with Core Design Web Gallery plugin it is a very nice Gallery all on it's own.

When I had a small Problem and posted on the forum not even 5 minutes later I got answered and the Problem was solved very fast (no absolute paths in the image src allowed, and don't use Internet explorer it puts the absolute paths back in even after you delete them manually in the html).

Thank you for this lovely plugin and the awesome support!

Reviews: 106
At first I thought this was going to be another casual gallery extension, but then tried it out, not only is it good for images, but works great for joomgallery, now convienience is well on its way for my site. Thanks for sharing this!

Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 2
This is a great plugin, but the demo site is not working and it's hard to learn how to set up all the gallery features with no instructions from the author, can you please fix the demo site of the gallery with the configuration instruction.

Reviews: 1
i've installed and done everything written in the documentation but still doesn't working.
Reviews: 2
I have tried many, this does not solve all my design needs, but that's to be consecrated as the best of the best. Now, for the visual was made, with all the visual and practical alternatives they have, they are also many, is undoubtedly the BEST!
Reviews: 36
what a nice extension! This has a lot of settings, makes web sites beautiful!
it would be great to find a way for inserting a lot of photos in the article in the same time
Reviews: 3
Took me, a Joomla rookie, 5 minutes to figure out how to use it and within minutes was adding pictures to articles like I had been doing this all my life.

The themes and engine choices are really good, though I have to admit that I did not select the 'highslide' engine, but the rest were just what anyone would be looking for.

Many thanks for this excellent extension!
10 out of 10 to the developer.
Reviews: 2
I've used this for a few projects, so am well placed to recommend this to others.

I've never had an issue with the install or setup of the module, and it's so simple anyone can use it.

Well done, keep up the good work - some more theme choices would be great ;)
Reviews: 3
Well Done. I'm new to Joomla but I have to say this is the gallery.

First it didn't showed the pictures, but a short look in the forum, explained why. The solution:

Please use HTML code between {webgallery} marks, not the path:


Thanks for that and the plugin.

Reviews: 4
I was using another gallery plugins or components that use zend and i need to host the pictures on picasa or flickr, but with this plugin i dont need that, is Really Cool!
Reviews: 5
1. I wish that the developer's web site was clearer about what is offered for free and what is not.

2. This plugin works well and offers a clean image presentation. However, the free option does not allow us to point the plugin to an image directory. Instead, we have to add images to an article one at a time. Furthermore, I found that errors will come up if you try adding multiple images at a time.

Other truly free plugins exist that allow us to point to an image directory -- requiring only a few lines of code. So, the limitation for this plugin is a disappointment.

3. The site is full of other neat plugins, as well. Worth checking out. I would even consider a subscription if support wasn't restricted to 6 months or less.
Reviews: 6
The pluguin works extremely good, and it's really simple to make it work. However, found myself in trouble because my server didn't allow to modify pngs images. Not knowing what my problem was, and why it didn't work, I wrote the people at, and they found my problem and fixed it in just a couple of emails. The support was outstanding.

Totally recommended to everyone!
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