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Core Design Web Gallery Plugin

Smart and cuddle solution how create your own image gallery inside article within a few minutes.

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Reviews: 1
It is a very nice plugin, extremely easy to handle, and it looks really nice! The same holds for the MagicTabs plugin of the same source.
I had some issues due to another plugin which was somehow interfering with this one, but Daniel helped extremely quickly and friendly.
Reviews: 5
Simple, easy to configure.
As the previous poster wrote "Make sure to install the CD Scriptgenerator plugin as well."
Reviews: 2
Very good free plugin.
Make sure to install the CD Scriptgenerator plugin as well.
Reviews: 10
Good plugin, need some attention to get it running. But on forum my question was answered within 1 hour and it all worked good!

Don't forget to install the scriptegrator as well. If you don't load jQuery to your site (is 1 of the options in the scriptegrator plugin) most enginges won't work. Same for Highslide (also an option)

Thumbs up for the creator!
Reviews: 7
This is an excellent plugin once you get it to work. For most poeple i am sure it works fine straight out of the box but for me it didn't. I emailed Daniel at Core Design and he was more than helpful. All i had to do was change one line of code from
Reviews: 2
I am delighted with this plugin! Nice styling, works out of the box with 1.5.11 - congratulations!

Don't forget to install the Core Design Scriptegrator plugin which makes this one work. Check out the good tutorials too.

Reviews: 4
All of your extensions, not just this one, are completely professional and work with no problems at all.

This gallery is just what we've all been looking for: simple to integrate into content, visually and functionally brilliant, and free on top of all!

Thank you very much for this one.
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