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Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Popular Module

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition - Free Joomla! popup for local images. It contains the basic functionality of extremely popular Art Sexy Lightbox extension.


* Free
* Simply indicate the folder to show images from - and you are all set!
* Can display local photos, photo groups with fancy lightbox effect
* 6 themes: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
* User-friendly - comes as highly-configurable module
* Supports multiple galleries on the page - demo
* Several customizable properties
* Can be modal or not
* Can use folder path to build gallery from images in the folder/can use use path to thumbnails
* Supports sorting of images in ascending/descending order
* Thumbnails can be taken from specific folder or generated by changing image dimensions with saving aspect ratio. Thumbnails can be resized, cropped, cropped & resized to fit your needs. Thumbnails can be rotated - demo
* Can show single thumbnail which when clicked will show full gallery
* Can show link which when clicked will show full gallery in a lightbox
* Can show specified number of images from local folder
* w3c compliant
* alt tags are automatically generated
* Can show download link in a lightbox
* This is lite version of Art Sexy Lightbox extension:

To set up minimum configuration just do the following:
- Install the module
- Go to Extensions -> Module Manager -> Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition

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Reviews: 1
Lightbox lite don't working on Chrome
I have had Art Sexy Lightbox Lite on my website for more than 2 years and it has worked just fine. Before three months I noticed the lightbox would pop up, but there was no image in it. I have tested the site in IE and Firefox and it works in both of those...just not in Chrome.

I haven't changed anything on my site or anything with the lightbox.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use but popups don't work in Chrome browser.
Owner's reply

Hi, we are so sorry that our timing is so bad that is has caused you to result into posting this review. We have fixed this issue numerous times for customers, as website styles over ride component styles causing this issue. I am personally looking into your ticket now to fix this :)

Reviews: 5
This is exactly the modul what I found, thanks for your work!
It works perfecty.
Reviews: 1
I have installed art sexy lightbox lite plugin but lightbox plugin is not working on click of image.Images is getting open in new window rather than lightbox.
Owner's reply

Please just disable jQuery load in module settings if the page already uses jQuery javascript library. Or simply contact us by email and we will assist:

Reviews: 9
I was looking for a free solution for a image gallery and when I found it after I saw it does exactly what I needed for my new website. The module didnt show correctly due to my templates CSS initially, but within minutes of submitting my question on the developers forum I had the solution that worked out of the box. They were quick to respond and provided a method to achieve what I needed withou me having to contact the template developers forum. This is what I call 5 star customer service !!!
Reviews: 1
This module is perfect, easy to install and use, Many thanks for the SERVICES TEAM, their quick responses makes me a fan of .
Thanks again
Eastrock Design
Reviews: 1
Even though i have used many extensions before (admitedly mostly free ones) i have never come across such good service for a free module.... and still after all they've done they still ask if there is anything else.... Great service great module...
Reviews: 1
I compared many different extensions to display an image gallery for a modern designed site and chose this one.

Setting it up and getting it working was easy, but I ran into a small problem with jQuery. Support was very fast to respond and got it working right away.

I highly recommend Art Sexy Lightbox for the functionality and look - but the support blew me away.
Reviews: 2
This is Excellent module for displaying the images. I just install and work like magic.
Thank them for such a good extention.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension to display an image gallery on a site and after looking at the similar extensions, this was the one that was perfect for the job. Not necessarily because it's free (that's a bonus!), but because it does exactly what I need.
Installation was quick and easy, got it up and running quite fast but got stuck with the modal part. I've sent an email to Artetics and I had the helpful answer within a minute or two. This is what I call excellent customer service. Thank you - you made my day.

Whoever is thinking of downloading this extension, I can only recommend it. I would also suggest to read the description to the end, because this is where you find out how to use it, otherwise you'll do like I did - "OK, I installed it. Now what?!"
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple yet attractive solution for a photo gallery and Art Sexy Lightbox is both. On top of that, it's a free extension! And when I needed help to set up alt tags for the photos, they were quick to respond and provided a method to achieve what I needed.
Reviews: 1
I wanted to create a page of multiple galleries. Using Art Sexy Lightbox Lite multiple times within a module it did exactly what I was after.

I had a couple queries on areas i was getting stuck with but had an immediate response and all issues were resolved.

I would highly recommend this module.
Reviews: 1
I wanted a module that displayed thumbnails which, when pressed, displayed the full photograph. You can then page through other photos or close the window. This free lightbox does exactly that. I am not very technical but I found it very easy to set up (just tell it where your images are) and I had it working in just a few minutes. There was one slight problem (no one's fault really) but the support team suggested an easy fix and now the product works perfectly. There may well be lots of other features in the lightbox but I have not tried them. What I can say is that if you need a facility to display images nicely then I would recommend this one.
Reviews: 7
The extention can be used as module and as plagin in article. It is very usefull.
Reviews: 3
As a newbe to web creation I have tried many, many other gallery presentations to create a nice non-flash based site that would show my images in a professional, yet simple to use format. Found it here. Great job and thank you. Tom
Reviews: 2
Installed it after reading all other reviews.
I had a tiny issue due to user error, but support helped me out in just a few hours !
It works as advertised.
Setting up can be tricky, but for sure it's doable.

Recommended developer.
Reviews: 1
As a Beginner i had some Problems with the lightbox. The Support was able to solve the Problems.
Many Thanks
Reviews: 2
Not compatible with XHTML 1.0 Transitional, the ALT attribute is not specified. In both cases, leave it blank and write it manually, the alt attribute is missing.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent free light box extension ever found...
Reviews: 1
Got a question with this extension. And got a email back with good explaination.
Greaat support!!
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