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Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Popular Module

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition - Free Joomla! popup for local images. It contains the basic functionality of extremely popular Art Sexy Lightbox extension.


* Free
* Simply indicate the folder to show images from - and you are all set!
* Can display local photos, photo groups with fancy lightbox effect
* 6 themes: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
* User-friendly - comes as highly-configurable module
* Supports multiple galleries on the page - demo
* Several customizable properties
* Can be modal or not
* Can use folder path to build gallery from images in the folder/can use use path to thumbnails
* Supports sorting of images in ascending/descending order
* Thumbnails can be taken from specific folder or generated by changing image dimensions with saving aspect ratio. Thumbnails can be resized, cropped, cropped & resized to fit your needs. Thumbnails can be rotated - demo
* Can show single thumbnail which when clicked will show full gallery
* Can show link which when clicked will show full gallery in a lightbox
* Can show specified number of images from local folder
* w3c compliant
* alt tags are automatically generated
* Can show download link in a lightbox
* This is lite version of Art Sexy Lightbox extension:

To set up minimum configuration just do the following:
- Install the module
- Go to Extensions -> Module Manager -> Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition

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Reviews: 1
I wanna recoment this extension to others who looking for photo gallery . good thing is you will get best support.
Reviews: 3
The lite version only comes with the module not the plugin?
Cant make it work :(

Writing the text shown in documentation, and frontend only show the code text not the content...
Reviews: 1
What can I say? a beautiful form is easy to use and great aesthetic impact, the support group artetics is total, I had a little problem and I solved it in under 20 minutes!! I never had a support so fast and efficient even with an extension to pay, thank artetics for their professionalism and for their great courtesy.
Reviews: 3
The module didn't work initially, but within minutes of submitting my question on the makers forum I had the answer I need to make it go. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Installation and configuration is fast and easy. Different layouts to choose from. Takes couple of minutes and the result is very professional with a great look...
Reviews: 2
I needed a way to display numerous pictures from different directories. I found the Art Sexy Lightbox Lite to do exactly what I needed. It was easy to install and configure and gave my web site a very professional appearance. I did have one problem with the lightbox displaying behind my menu. I sent an email to the developers and within an hour I had a resolution to my problem. The product is excellent, the service and support received were excellent.
Reviews: 1
I was blown away by the level of support that I received. The team worked with me to resolve a few js problems to get the modal working. I did not expect it and was a pleasant surprise by how dedicate this group is to making sure their product works.

The module itself was a simple and elegant solution for the website I was working on. I recommend it, especially if you are running on 1.6 or 1.7. My issue was I was running an older version of 1.5.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use, highly recommended
Reviews: 9
I used on many projects and still its the best, very easy, no browser issues, and best for every environment.
Reviews: 1
Its just what I was looking for. Had a little problem with my template and they sold it really fast and nice.

Excellent, I can't put it in any other way!

Great job!!
Reviews: 2
Title says it all.

Very CLEAN looking, not completely minimalistic, customizable enough, fast, etc.

The light version is really easy to embed into a Joomla article; just assign the plugin a unigue position, and then put this in the article: {loadposition unique_position} - that's it!

I have been using FlippingBook for the photos section on my website previously, but I like this better.

And even for the non-commercial - Lite version - I received VERY FAST and VERY HELPFUL answers when I started a thread on their forum; big ups!!!
Reviews: 1
i have seen the demo of this.
this is what i was looking for and it is the best ever image box i have ever seen.
thanks guys. great work.
Reviews: 4
Great extension, easy to work with and works like a charm. Something did not work for me out of the box and the support was there to help me within minutes. A must-have to keep your visitors on your site for external pages!
Reviews: 7
This lightbox module is just perfect! Looks very nice. Easy to set up and documented well. After having some trouble with a slideshow I thought I'd give this a try since I had a very very good experience with other work by this developer (Art Calendar). I was pleasantly surprised!!!
Reviews: 1
I'm testing the lite version before bying and ran into some problems, support solved this perfectly. Now playing with the module and love it.
Reviews: 2
Very nice extension, also very easy to set up.
Looks great when the pictures show up bouncy or any other way. (lots of choices)
Reviews: 1
First it worked as stated and its slimbox is very sexy. I asked them for help regarding IE8 not working properly with their module as well as SIGE plugin, etc.. so it was not clearly their fault... but even that, they answered quickly and found the nasty reason...IE8 does not support all kind of jpg image versions...changed them to png and presto!! All in 24 hours all is up and running.
Thanks you guys
Reviews: 1
I'm a brand new user, and I had difficulties with this extension. The download and installation were easy enough, but I didn't want it in a module, and even when I tried, it wouldn't locate any photos. After fighting with it, I gave in and uninstalled it.

Could be my fault, could be the extension's fault, but either way it works, I didn't care for it.
Owner's reply

Simply indicate the path and you should be all set.
Example: images/stories/fruit

Rather simple.

You can always contact us by email for support, we will be happy to assist:

Reviews: 2
This is a great product. Flexible and easy to use. The customer service is quick and helpful. Many thanks to the team at Artetics
Reviews: 1
This Plugin(Gallery) is very gud.The main thing is the support from them .I never seen such an excellent support ever..

Thanks a lot
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