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ARI Slick Gallery Module

The module has been updated. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Slick Gallery module provides possibility to create awesome photo gallery based on images from specific folder(s).

Main features:

* Shows photos in fancy way;
* No flash. Pure javascript and CSS;
* Can sort images by file name, modified date or in random order;
* Provides ability to create your own themes;
* Supports possibility to show images titles, description and define redirect links which you can define in INI file;
* Provides possibility to define rotation degrees;
* Can be integrated with the following Joomla! lightbox extensions:

    ARI Sexy Lightbox -
    ARI Colorbox -
    ARI Pretty Photo -
    ARI Fancybox -
    RokBox plugin
    Ninja Shadowbox plugin
    Core Joomla! lightbox

* Works in all modern browsers. All features is available in FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

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Reviews: 2
The demonstration linked to from this page looked brilliant. It was exactly what I wanted. However, what I got was very different. The fancy lightbox display of the images costs $12. All the thumbnails show up in a horrible looking stack. I dug through the forum and finally found a suggestion to increase the module size. I tried this and had no success. The only other suggestion was to spend the $12 on another product. This seems like a shakedown to me. This is a couple hours of my life that I want back. The product, as it is now, is completely useless to me.
Owner's reply

The extension is absolutely free. It can be integrated with lightbox extensions if necessary to show original images into a lightbox. "ARI Fancybox" is a commercial extension, but "ARI Slick Gallery" can also be integrated with free lightbox extensions. A lot of customers find the extension useful and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or via our forum and we will be glad to help.

Reviews: 3
Installed and worked first time and it looks great!
This is why we love Joomla.
Thanks to the developer, 5 Stars.
Reviews: 1
Again another brilliant plugin for Joomla. Easy to load, usability is so simple and the most important and best part is that if you do encounter problems then the support is amazingly fast.

I’ve stopped looking through pages of plugins and always check out ARI Soft first.
Reviews: 9
This is one of my favorite extensions....but then...everything I have used from Ari-soft has been easy to use and highly configurable. They have great support on their forum and their extensions are always highest quality.

Thanks for the great work...You guys are the ones I go to first for my Joomla extensions.
Reviews: 1
This extension is totally hassle free : install, configure, publish and it's ready !
It allow a very nice and original touch to your website by allowing an unusual way to show some photos. I love especially the random feature : each visit, photos are different preventing visitor to get bored by seeing always the same thing. It's perfect for website mainly focused in photography activities.

Moreover developer is exceptional, had some problems with a feature, I submitted it in official forum, next day : an answer and new extensions version solving my problem !
I'm really impressed by this developer.

To sum up : Stop reading me and download it, it worth it, you get what's promised ! :-)
Reviews: 6
This extension can be an excellent choice for a wide range of sites and fits almost every template. It can boost up sites that have "rectangular, grey" feeling, and also fits "bohemian" sites too. I'm glad to find this module! Looks so good so I'm wondering if a component with category function (like Phoca) can be developed with the same effect...

A reflection: the nice box-shadow of the images doesn't work in IE's. Maybe this little shortage could be fixed by using the trick that can be found at (I didn't try that yet with ARI Slick Gallery, but I think it can be implemented.)
Reviews: 1
I love this extension because of its different approach to the conventional image gallery. Most image galleries order things specifically (from a specified folder) and force the user to go from the first picture to the last picture. This to me seems stuffy and bland.

ARI Slick Gallery has changed this to be a fun and interactive way to showcase photos to your users. It allows the user to arrange the photos as they wish and go through them in any order.

The only thing I would like to see added would be the ability to make custom skins for the photos and the ability to display the descriptions in the lightbox feature.

I would also like to mention that the developer was very helpful in troubleshooting the one issue I had. It may have been that I was sleep deprived at the time, but I didn't catch the instruction that the INI file had to be inside the images folder within the module. I assumed the INI file that was stand alone in the module would be targeted. Once this was changed, the extension worked 100%.

Thanks ARI Soft!