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Art Universal Lightbox Popular Module

Art Universal Lightbox - Free Joomla! popup for local images with several lightbox effects.

* Free Joomla! gallery with several lightbox effects
* It contains the basic functionality of 3 popular lightbox extensions:
- Art Sexy Lightbox:
- Art Colorbox:
- Art Pretty Photo:
* Easy to configure
* Ability to display descriptions for images
* Captions can be shown over thumbnails
*Can show full size image or thumbnails from specified path
* Thumbnails can be auto-generated from full-size images using various image transformations
* Supports major browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

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Reviews: 2
Not only is this the best lightbox extension that I've found for Joomla but the support is beyond great. I was having an issue with the lightbox displaying correctly and their support emailed me back right away, offering to login to my site and fix the problem for me... which is exactly what they did. Great Support!
Reviews: 1
We were having an issue with the module on several pages of our website, and not only was the support staff prompt in their email reply to me inquiry, but they also got the issue resolved for us on the back-end within minutes. For a free module, they went above and beyond what I would have anticipated, and I appreciate their help. I would recommend this module to anyone looking for a sleek way to display a gallery of photos in a user-friendly manner for your website's visitors. Thank you Artetics!
Reviews: 6
Thanks for a great extension, very simple to use and looks great on the site.
Reviews: 4
This extension is free, full of options and if you have any problem they will reply quickly and provide a great support, a must have!
Reviews: 2
I have tried many other image gallery/lightbox extensions and none of them come close to the simplicity of this module.

The lighbox features in this product are fantastic, it is simple to use (just point it at a folder of images) and has all the control you need for thumbnails (gallery or single, size etc.). Plus, because it is file-based, you can use FTP or Joomla's built-in media manager to manipulate your files - a big advantage over all the other galleries in my opinion.

I have taken to using this module in conjunction with the 'load module into article' plugin. Thus, my workflow becomes: upload images -> create AUL module for gallery and point it to images -> create article to house module. Could not be easier.
Reviews: 7
Not only is the extension incredible, but the support is out of this world. I downloaded the version for an old 1.5 site and they even went above and beyond to help me get it working properly even though many developers won't even support joomla 1.5 paid extensions....let alone a free one!! They even looked into my joomla admin to help and ended up emailing me the modified extension!!! I can't say enough about the support. I'll definitely use this in my 2.5 and 3.0 sites as well as look into other extensions they provide.

Reviews: 8
I use this extension whenever I have an image to display. Being able to click and enlarge the image adds a new dimension to any site. I use the colorbox and it works great! I also like how you can size the thumbnails and real image separately.

Great extension! I feel sorry for anybody who's displaying their images any other way!
Reviews: 8
The beauty of this component is in its simplicity. The support is second to none and I received their professional support within seconds. The issue was placing the (=) sign after the actual image jpg. I did not understand that one has to create a txt file within the stories/image directory with formula:
image1.jpg=your description.
Then if you want to disable the text beneath the image just select 'show caption' no

Thank you for this free component!
Reviews: 2
Really love the look this gives my site! Module extension was quick to configure and I had a lovely lightbox within minutes. A quick search of the forum to sort a minor issue and was 100% running without further ado!
Reviews: 1
The non-commercial module installed easily and with a few pointers from the developers, this was up and running very quickly. Support responses were extremely quick and gave me exactly the assistance I needed. Thanks!
Reviews: 15
This is working, simple and FREE lightbox module. Its easy to use and in fact better than "Art Sexy Lightbox" in terms of stability and ease of use. Extensions like this makes the Joomla CMS more powerful and user friendly.

Amit Patekar
Reviews: 1
Love this module and love the team who created it! It was super quick and easy to install, works perfectly and the developers are amazing. I contacted the developers because I was having trouble implementing the captions (user error) and they responded immediately with a response that answered my question and solved the problem! I won't be using another lightbox again because this one can do it all! Thank you!!!
Reviews: 4
I used this extension on many site and today I decide to write review for it. If you want to have lightbox on your website, this is 1st recommend.
Reviews: 1
I needed a module for displaying several (20 albums on one page). I wanted something that would show one thumbnail from each gallery and then show the rest of the pictures in a lightbox when clicked. I searched high and low before finding this one, and am very glad i found it. I also got lots of support from them on their forum with the questions that I needed (a couple of which didn't even pertain to the extension). I started out with their 'Art Sexy Lightbox Lite" but switched over to this as I much prefer how it looks. Great job!
Reviews: 2
Excellent photo gallery module - in fact one of the best. The only major weakness I see, is the way ACL is implemented - it somehow uses it's own way of access control that is not compatible with Joomla's ACL mechanism. Nowadays, to reduce administrative overhead, people don't want to separately manage different ACLs for each modules. Hope this got fixed soon.
Reviews: 1
very flexibel gallery, easy to install, great variety of content and layout!
and a very helpful support team - thanks to all of you :-)
Reviews: 2
This is a great Module. Though does not come with a dummy's manual the help was amazing, response time as if you were online chatting
Reviews: 1
Very nice extension! Awesome customer support!
Reviews: 5
I am so pleased with the outcome of the module and the support was excellent when I needed it!

Thanks Guys!
Reviews: 8
I love this extension. The effects and configuration options are excellent. I had some issues with browser compatibility but the great guys at Artectics soon sorted it out. Really great work!
kia kaha
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