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InstaGallery Module

InstaGallery for Joomla helps you display your images from Instagram in a clean and simple gallery. Showcase your latest Instagram images on your Joomla website, or share the Instagram images you like. Easy to set up and configure, and fully customizable using templates.

* your latest images shared on Instagram
* the last images you liked on Instagram
* the latest images in your feed from the users you follow
* the most popular images on Instagram
* your followers on Instagram
* the users you follow on Instagram
* Latest images from a location based on longitude and latitude
* Latest images with a tag name
* Latest images from any public user

* Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 native
* Many options and customizations
* Languages included:
- English

* Joomla 2.5 or 3.0+
* PHP 5.3

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Reviews: 7
As the title says, it's a nice simple to setup module that does as advertised. The documentation is clear and you simply need to follow it to get it working.

For the small fee charged I can highly recommend it, wish I'd found it first rather than the rubbish ones (yes plural) our clients have been using.
Reviews: 2
I found an Instagram module that not only works.. but is clear enough in what needs to be setup w Instagram (module UI) that I could get it working, (and I'm not a newbie to Joomla - so if the other Instagram modules are difficult for me to setup... then they must be impossible for newbies). Well done!
Reviews: 3
Very easy to install. Setting up takes a bit of work on the Instagram account but once that's done, it works like a charm. The hashtag feature is really great and handy to get a client to promote a contest, etc. on their site. It would be nice to see the comments on the slideshow in future releases.
Reviews: 1
thank you for this module, its easy to use because of the documentation.

Great value for the price, recommended.
Reviews: 5
Using this extensions is super easy in order to integrate your Instagram photos (or someone else's) into your Joomla website. The instructions are easy to follow and it has lots of great features/options for setting it up.

Great value for the price! very recommended.

Comment: The developer's website does have a video that shows you how it works, but I wish he had a nicer webpage with the features written out and explained more visually on a page (not just a video). Great job though!
Reviews: 1
Absolutely love this module, it really does exactly what I want it to do and the the support is tremendous. Thanks guys :-)
Reviews: 1
Really the pick of the litter. There are some dodgy extensions out there and this is not one of them. Up and running in a minute or two. Thanks for producing this great little module.
Reviews: 2
This module is awesome and does exactly what it is supposed to: pull images from Instagram and display them on your own website. It is super easy to set up, comes with a number of easily configurable options and displays picutres in a good looking thumbnail gallery.
Reviews: 1
This module is something you just have to love in the end. It works great ant the support is also very good. Recomends this module!
Reviews: 2
Took me all of about 5 minutes to get this setup and working. Extension does exactly what it promises with no errors or conflicts. Well worth the investment for displaying instagrams on your site!
Reviews: 4
Great work for developers, no conflict and I found the perfect extension!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your great review. I'm glad you like my InstaGallery. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, just send me a mail and I'll see what I can do.