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Responsive Photo Gallery Module

UPGRADE: V2.8.2 to support the newest Flickr API requirements. please upgrade!

Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Create stunning eye catching photo galleries in a simple and easy 'responsive' way. Responsive Photo Gallery will self adjust to whatever browser or screen size your viewing from. When viewing from a smartphone or a touch pad, you'll love it's finger swipe navigation ability on both the carousel and the main photo. There are only a few module options to set because the power is in the code! Responsive Photo Gallery uses the power of the jQuery Library Script (version 1.7.x or newer), a few supporting jQuery scripts and some basic code as its backbone.

PLEASE NOTE: The jQuery Library script version 1.7.x MUST be used for the Joomla 2.5 version with this extension or it will not work!

Responsive Photo Gallery has been tested to be compatible with IE8+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Smartphone and Touch Pad browsers.

Change Log:
Upgrade: v2.8.2 to the newest Flickr API requirements.
Feature Upgrade: v2.8.0 Added a custom 'Build your Own' gallery that supports up to 30 photos. Also added the ability to render photos from Picasa Albums (Google+). Version 2.8.0 is a major upgrade release... please upgrade!
Feature Upgrade: v2.7.0 Added Fancybox2 lightbox effect for the main photo. Added a max-width/max-height main photo feature. All new and greatly improved 'Auto Play' code. Added a 'Play' & 'Pause' icon when using the 'Auto Play' feature.
Upgrade Release: v2.6.0 for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x Added an auto photo scroll and timer option along with a Joomla/Flickr show/hide photo title option. Fixed a bug in the Joomla 3.x folder selector when installed on a localserve.
Housekeeping & minor bug fix release: v2.4.0b for Joomla 3.x Only!
Upgrade Release: v2.4.0a for Joomla 3.x Only!
Upgrade Release: v2.3.0 Ability to render Flickr Private Photosets.
Upgrade Release: v2.2.0 Fixed loadposition tag issue and added a new drop-down option for showing different Flickr main photo cations.
Upgrade Release: v2.1.0 Now supporting Flickr Photosets.
Initial Release: v2.0.0

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Reviews: 7
I really liked the layout and simplicity of this app. Very nice and responsive as well.

One drawback is that it was not compatible with the video gallery app I was using (VideoBox). The photos would not show up in the galleries, just the skin would when I had both the video and photo galleries active. I had to keep the video gallery and find another compatible photo gallery. But i will use this for another site for sure.
Reviews: 3
Here several months I use responsive gallery. The most important point for me is this extension manages very well the pictures in landscape and portrait. However there is no response from the support. I had solicited the support there several months and a few days ago, that's a shame because I have a code error. Anyway, I recommend this great extension
Reviews: 1
I have tried tones of gallery extensions already. I have to say that this is simply the best and I'm definitely picking this one. First of all, it's responsive, second - it perfectly matches my needs. It's very simple to use and also powerful - on the right way. Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 2
A very pratic module.

I personally don't like those two styles with rounded corners, but it is personal choice.

I test displaying gallery from joomla image folder and it worked like a charm.

Also, it is ready to support multiple galleries within a page, so you don't have to worry.

Thumbnails are resampled, and it is responsive.

Reviews: 13
Really easy to use, responsive, gratis! The perfect solution for images gallery show in a responsive site.
Reviews: 4
Installed it, followed the instructions, gallery added, published it and it looks great. Thank you and keep up the good work. Me very happy.
Reviews: 8
A beautiful, excellent photo module that works exceptional well and is so easy to install. Works first time. Simply follow the easy instructions. Don't forget to pick a module position that is quite wide or you will limit the size of the photo show to the module width.

Well done developers. Thank you.
Reviews: 9
Very nice and works well ... would be great if Ed could react on some questions i have send him.

Besides of this ... just download, install and it works right out of the box ;-)

Reviews: 2
I'm running Protostar because I want responsiveness. This photo gallery was easy to install and works very well. I look forward to watching it mature.
Reviews: 1
This module is awesome :) For my client I just had to modificate it a little (only full view without any buttons). Thank you once again :)
Reviews: 9
This is a great product. Easy to use and works like a dream. It is the best responsive gallery module by far.
Support is also fantastic. I was recently having problems with javascript and jquery. It was solved for me. I am very happy with this module. I recommend it wholeheartedly.
Reviews: 3
Extremely simple to install and load pics with great results from browser to tablet to phone!

Minimal options for those who just want something that works and looks great!
Reviews: 1
This is probably the easiest Joomla gallery I have ever installed and it worked without any adjustments. I love the fact the responsiveness aspect actually works!

My only recommendation is to improve upon the image description potential for the gallery. As it stands it uses the name of the file. Though this may be fine for many uses it does present limitations for many. The use of an external file (txt or csv) has proven very effective with other galleries.

Great work!
Reviews: 1
Since my client wanted something very specific, after hours of searching I came up with Responsive Photo Gallery. Because of my template's settings and coding though nothing was showing, so I sent a message to their support team. No longer than 24 hours I got a reply asking my permission to work on some files as they found right away the issue.
Ed handled my issue from the first time and within 1 day he recoded my slideshow to be 100% no-conflict with jQuery and Responsive Photo Gallery.
NO issues on the site found and everything works properly with this great extension shown on my website.

It is a very easy to use module with a great support behind it. Even if its FREE.

I appreciate your help, your time and your kind replies.

Thank you Ed :-)
Reviews: 1
Great looking module, easy to publish. And when You dont read as i dont any documentation, developer was patient and replied in minutes :)and point me where i was mistaking.
And not to forget, it is free :)

Owner's reply

tomox, thanks for your kind rating and review of Responsive Photo Gallery. Glad everything is now working for you and no worries about not reading the documentations... neither do I ;) Oh, it's FREE because that's the way it should be!

Reviews: 1
Well, for what is worth, i've been looking for something like this for a loooong time! after numerous days and nights of searching for something remotely close to this, and also 2 complete reinstalls of joomla thanks to galleries misfiring, i came across this wonderful module. Believe it or not, i disregarded it at first, not knowing what responsive is (Yes! I am that big of a noob!). But with some fear in my heart i installed it. And what came after it was amazing! I started to tinkle with it, made small changes here and there (THE CSS IS SO SIMPLE EVEN I UNDERSTOOD IT! IF YOU READ A SINGLE CSS FILE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND IT!) and in little time i had it completely set up! PERFECT! JUST PERFECT! And did i mention the support? Being the noob that i am, i got stuck in a few places. And i decided to contact support. Well guess what? It came right away! Some other galleries guaranty a 24h response! Well this was not the case. I sent about 5 emails only today and every single one of them got answered! It was like i was chatting! GREAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE, GREAT SUPPORT, GREAT CUSTOMIZATION POSSIBILITIES! I would give it 7 stars but since i can't i will settle for 5!
Owner's reply

Adytzu... I am humbled by your very kind comments and rating. They make all the development hours worth every sleepless night. Thank you again and please let me know how else I can assist moving forward.

Reviews: 3
Great work! Looks great and easy to use thanks to jQuery and css. The only thing I couldn't find is where the thumbnails width was generated? Thanks You!!
Owner's reply

mjason, yes... the power of jQuery and CSS is amazing and thank you for your kind rating and review! The thumbs are generated by... magic! Checkout the helper.php file ;)

Reviews: 1
Simple install. Ran into a small glitch using a brand new responsive 3.0 template. Developer responded immediately with a few code tweaks over a weekend. Got everything working super. Site owner loves the new look of their site - with extension playing a major role.
Owner's reply

caponz, no... thank you for allowing me the time to work through your issue. I'm delighted all is well and that the site owner is happy. That is what it's all about!

Reviews: 6
If you are looking for a basic photo gallery module, look no further, this one does what it says 'on the tin' and is easy to install and get going.

To be effective all photos have to be resized to fit nicely into the monitor aspect ratio you are designing for. I found that for sensible display all the photos had to be resized to 400 px in height, but this would depend on yor template. Also if you want descriptive titles you have to rewrite the file names to be the title you want.

Overall really useful if, like me, you just want a basic gallery module. I especially like the ability to just upload more photos, which are then automatically incorporated in the gallery.

The author seems to be very happy to promptly answer any questions, which is excellent considering this is a free extension


Owner's reply

Colin, thank you for your helpful suggestions to improve upon RPG. I hope the pre-release I sent you meets your approval and then some? Please let me know how I can assist further moving forward.

Reviews: 1
Amazing gallery that works well on all devices. Can have multiple galleries on a page. Submitted a question and was answered within hours. Very Happy!!!
Owner's reply

Benjiw, happy to hear all is well with your install now and thank you for your kind rating & review. Both are most welcomed!

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