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Responsive Photo Gallery Module

UPGRADE: V2.8.2 to support the newest Flickr API requirements. please upgrade!

Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Create stunning eye catching photo galleries in a simple and easy 'responsive' way. Responsive Photo Gallery will self adjust to whatever browser or screen size your viewing from. When viewing from a smartphone or a touch pad, you'll love it's finger swipe navigation ability on both the carousel and the main photo. There are only a few module options to set because the power is in the code! Responsive Photo Gallery uses the power of the jQuery Library Script (version 1.7.x or newer), a few supporting jQuery scripts and some basic code as its backbone.

PLEASE NOTE: The jQuery Library script version 1.7.x MUST be used for the Joomla 2.5 version with this extension or it will not work!

Responsive Photo Gallery has been tested to be compatible with IE8+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Smartphone and Touch Pad browsers.

Change Log:
Upgrade: v2.8.2 to the newest Flickr API requirements.
Feature Upgrade: v2.8.0 Added a custom 'Build your Own' gallery that supports up to 30 photos. Also added the ability to render photos from Picasa Albums (Google+). Version 2.8.0 is a major upgrade release... please upgrade!
Feature Upgrade: v2.7.0 Added Fancybox2 lightbox effect for the main photo. Added a max-width/max-height main photo feature. All new and greatly improved 'Auto Play' code. Added a 'Play' & 'Pause' icon when using the 'Auto Play' feature.
Upgrade Release: v2.6.0 for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x Added an auto photo scroll and timer option along with a Joomla/Flickr show/hide photo title option. Fixed a bug in the Joomla 3.x folder selector when installed on a localserve.
Housekeeping & minor bug fix release: v2.4.0b for Joomla 3.x Only!
Upgrade Release: v2.4.0a for Joomla 3.x Only!
Upgrade Release: v2.3.0 Ability to render Flickr Private Photosets.
Upgrade Release: v2.2.0 Fixed loadposition tag issue and added a new drop-down option for showing different Flickr main photo cations.
Upgrade Release: v2.1.0 Now supporting Flickr Photosets.
Initial Release: v2.0.0

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Reviews: 2
Great job, you ve done a module that is good looking and so easy to use. I ve used many photo gallery modules but this is my solution!I like it very much! I ve to say that is really non Commercial, without watermarks.
Owner's reply, thank you for your kind rating and review. Oh, I hate watermarks and backlinks as well but understand why some use them.

Reviews: 6
Had trouble with localy loading images. With email support got a revised xml and php file. Now it Works Great :-)
Owner's reply

Remco2, glad everything is working with the patch I sent. Thank you for allowing me the time to fix the problem.

Reviews: 1
-The extension is simple to install
-looks great on mobile sites
-The support from GraphicAholic is fast and very good
Thank you!
Owner's reply

Salto, thank you! Please let me know if I can assist moving forward.

Reviews: 1
Adding the gallery to my site was very simple.
Works very good.

Because there was limited space on my page, I contacted GraphicAholic. They gave me good and fast support !
Owner's reply

JeroenHiddink, thanks for your kind comments and rating on Responsive Photo Gallery. Also, thank you for giving me the time to come up with a work-around to solve your issue.

Reviews: 1
The thumbnails of my Flickr photoset are only filling one column all the way down my page and not creating rows. Looks ridiculous. Also, the module has changed the background colour of my template.
Owner's reply

kaelisan, the only way for this to happen is from a script conflict or miss-management of the jQuery Library from another extension. Responsive Photo Gallery follows all the jQuery rules to the letter and your issue is a new one after some 15,000+ downloads.

Reviews: 13
Thanks for this nice module, really useful.

An autoplay option should be great :)
Owner's reply

kawagunax, Thanks for your review and comments. I like your suggestion for and auto-play option... I'll look into it for sure!

Reviews: 10
The only way this great gallery could be any better would be to have the jQuery bit built in.

Really gorgeous mod and had to give props where they are due and they are definitely due here!
Owner's reply

AlisonM, believe me, the positeve reviews I have received for Responsive Photo Gallery would be far fewer if jQuery was active on installation. There are thousands of extensions and templates that also use jQuery and the general rule is... 'only one jQuery Library script should be active per page.' I'm sorry if this caused you some issues but I always try to play by the rules with all of my extensions! Thank you for your most kind review and comments. Both are most welcomed.

Reviews: 3
This is extension is the powerful extension i have seen and use in all my website designs. God bless and enlarge you in knowlege to do more. from Ghana
Owner's reply

Akuffo, thank you for your very kind review and comments. Both were quite touching and well received!

Reviews: 4
Works great!

No option for disabling thumbnails or other controls.

I would appreciate a less css-heavy template option, although the design is nice - not for my project.

I very much appreciate the 1 click download and easy config.

You might want to enable jQuery by default to avoid support requests from novice joomla developers.

Thanks for this module!
Owner's reply

allsite, thanks for your kind comments and suggestions. Having jQuery pre-loaded with this extension would generate far more support requests based on all of the other jQuery extensions and templates currently available for Joomla...

Reviews: 2
When looking for a responsive gallery to use in my Responsive template, I came across this gallery. It really is responsive but I had a problem with a jquery conflict with other modules on the same page. I asked for help and Ed Hathaway walked the extra mile to help me solve the problem. Thanx Ed and thank you for a superb responsive gallery
Owner's reply

JakuJoomla, thanks for your very kind review and it was my pleasure being able to assist. If you encounter any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reviews: 1
A nice looking gallery which works fine after installing.

Great responsive layout.

Easy in use!

And good support on questions.
Owner's reply

HajoB, thanks for your kind comments and it was my pleasure working with you on your questions. Yell back if I can be of any further assistance.

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