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Responsive eXtro jQuery Gallery Module

Responsive eXtro jQuery Gallery - THE responsive gallery for Joomla! Simple to operate, beautiful frontend output.

The Responsive eXtro jQuery Gallery module creates a fully responsive gallery. All you have to do is to select the directory where you stored your images, the responsive gallery module does the rest of the work, like dynamically creating thumbnails for the gallery.

Since the gallery output is completely responsive, you'll always get a optimal gallery display on every output device, no matter if smartphone with low resolution or desktop computer with full HD, provided your template is also responsive.

In the backend, you can control how the gallery should look in the frontend, for this, there are many self explanatory settings, from defining width and height of the thumbnail to duration of the fade effect.

The responsive gallery module is completely styleable by CSS, the output has been separated from design. This allows even better adjustment possibilities to your template, if you want to adapt the gallery theme to the template.

New in gallery Version 1.1.0:
The picture folder can now be overridden, ie you can use any folder from your joomla installation for your gallery.

NEW in gallery versions 1.2.0 to 1.6.0:
Thumbnail picture generation is now better, no more black bars on top and bottom, plus Joomla 3.0.x compatibility, improves compatibility when using bootstrap framework in your template.
moved to jQuery 1.8.3, adapted the gallery. Additionally, some minor bugs were fixed.
V1.4.0 adds video support for some popular video platforms like youtube, vimeo etc. See the gallery documentation for more info.
Added localization for french language
Better solution for sorting images, it uses natural sorting (like a human would sort). Greek, polish, chinese traditional, slovenian, czech, dutch, bosnian, hungarian, swedish, russian and serbian (latin) language translations has been added. Add your image descriptions more easily in a single file per gallery instead of a single file per image. The gallery now uses the Joomla updater to notify of updates! It also corrects a small issue in IE and corrects improper thumbnail generation that could happen in some cases. Fixes a issue with width/height in some cases and improves transparent GIF/PNG handling and compatibility.

***** NEW in gallery V1.6.0
This maintenance release adds portuguese language files.

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Reviews: 5
I had an issue of the gallery not playing nice with a slideshow on my home page. Their support got right on the problem and fixed. Its great to find responsive support. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
an extension as simple to use as beautiful in displaying gallerys!
i needed in maximum 3 minutes to understand the functionallity and the extension worked fine from the first second. advanced users will also find a lot of options to set for pictures, thumbnails and displaying properties...
when another module came across and caused a fault, the programmers didn't hesitate to invest hours and finally solve my problem!
that's actually a service you'll have to look for at other places - and therefore really worth mentionning!!
thanks to extro for the competent support i recieved!
Reviews: 1
In search of a responsive gallery i came across this solution and it met all my ideas of how a gallery should look like.

After little trying and searching - the hint with adding "loadposition" to your article should definitely been mentioned in the documentation -, it was all set up and ready.

Little trouble with IE11 was solved instantly by the support-team and now it works perfectly with every browser I tested.
Reviews: 1
I came across this responsive gallery in my desperate search for the right gallery module for a recent project that needed to be a. fully responsive, b. feature a fully customizable grid display of thumbnails c. allow mixed media e.g photo and video in the same gallery. It is perfect. The great plus is that the tech support, which I contacted for help with some aspects which I needed to modify, specific to my project, is fast, efficient and friendly. I recommend it highly!! Regards, creativae/bbblue
Reviews: 1
This is a beautiful gallery. It was easy to install and configure. I'm super happy with the way the gallery looks and functions. The support staff is also very helpful and professional. This is the first review I've submitted for any of the many extensions that I've used over the years. This one is well worth it and I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
Very clean look and easy to handle. One thing should be added in the documentation for less pro users like me: Placement of the gallery in articles works with "loadposition" or "modules anywhere" module. If you have questions, Steffen replies faster than you can ask. Kind of a Lucky Luke acting ;-)
Reviews: 6
This gallery just does what it says - after the installation, I selected my image directory, saved the module and published it on my site.
Though 3 clicks are enough to configure the gallery, you have a lot of advanced settings if you need them, so this gallery is suitable for beginners as well as for pros.
It's also fully responsive, I tested it on different devices, and it always displayed correctly. Well done!
Reviews: 4
I have tested different "Responsive galleries" and this is by far the best. I use it on different projects and it works great. It is really easy to use and simple to configure.

Btw. fast and very good Support.

Thank you for this responsive eXtension.
Reviews: 3
Very flexible gallery, easy to install and a very helpful support team!
This Responsive Module is very cool - and give me a nice feature for my site.
Reviews: 5
I've tested many gallery extensions, but finally used this since it offers great features, easy usability and nice style. Your gallery can not only consist of 'simple' images, you can also add video files or videos from different platforms (youtube, vimeo, etc.) without making the process of creating your gallery extremely complex.

This gallery module is truly powerful and easy to use at the same time.

Support is fast and friendly, they'll solve your problem very fast.

Thank you for this great gallery module.
Reviews: 11
During a other search on the developer site, I came across to this amazing Gallery.
It is very simple, I load my pictures in a folder and the Module creates thumbnails of it.
The best part at the gallery, it works with videos between normal photos and
also with video streams like YouTube. By the way thanks to Maike from the support, cool stuff :-)