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Hover Box Gallery Module

Hover Box V2.1 - A simple CSS gallery combined with some optional mootools sugar coated bliss.

A simple gallery using pure css to display images using css hover and mootools slimbox, Zoom Box and tooltip effects. This module is based on the work by Stu Nicholls at cssplay.

Please take the time to read the faq on the Joomla Bamboo website for more details regarding configuring the gallery.


* Pure CSS gallery now coupled with Slimbox Extended, Thumbnoo (Zoom Box effect) and Mootips.
* Mouse hover triggers display of image.
* Different image for thumbnail and displayed image in Slimbox popup now possible.
* Mouse click triggers the lightbox display.
* Assign images to a unique gallery to display the slimbox slideshow and navigation controls.
* Up to 18 images per module.
* Just set your image folder and enter your images to display.
* Automatic setting of css layout.
* Set the gallery width and height to clear space for the full image to be displayed when choosing the hover option.
* Enter your image title and alt tags for greater accessibility, SEO and gallery function.

Changelog: v2.1 Added Zoom Box Effect, ability to add script references automatically (not an xhtml valid method), ability to choose layout type from drop down list, added mootips to display the title of the image in a tooltip, cleaned up some of the code and made a few bug fixes.

Changelog: v2.01 Minor bug fixes

Changelog: v2.0 added slimbox extended, separate thumbnail image, choice about what happens when the thumbnail is clicked, cleaned up the output code.

Changelog: v1.01 added the ability to attach a link to the thumbnail.

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Reviews: 2
thats perfect and simple to use :) good work thank you !!!
Reviews: 1
This is a very good module and works VERY well for beginners. I like this because I can actually insert the pics into the modlue and not have to add any code to anything. Would love to be notified whenever this could be expanded to more pics. But this is definitely a gem. Love it
Reviews: 1
With the help of the developer we got this up and running in my site. He was excellent. The module works beautifully!

Reviews: 7
This looks really nice, but I am looking at it in IE7/win and when I move my cursor over the thumbnails it flickers really bad... If this could be fixed it would be great.