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JRPhotoBox ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Module to display pictures with PhotoBox JQuery plugin based.

Use directory with picture or Public pictures of jomsocial

You can set :

-With of the module in percent


-Transition effect

-Buttons colors

-Display Thumb in fullscreen

-Display counter image in fullscreen

-Display picture's name in fullscreen



-And more...


-Add toggle bouton
-Add Wheel options
-Fix parameter bugs
-Update photobox.js script
-Add background color


-Fix blank page bug in J3.x
-Fix CSS padding
-Fix Jquery conflict

1.2.0 :

-Fix Params in J!3.x
-Fix thumb size
-Hover effect for thumbs
-Add thumb size parameters

1.1.0 :

-Fix J!3.x compatibilities

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Reviews: 5
Good idea to develop another Photobox module which I was working with earlier.
But this one is not compatible to Joomla 3 as falsely promised.

It produces errors as the standard known "Use of undefined constant DS" and does not correctly include the JFolder system which is, as used at the plugin, deprecated since Joomla 3.0

More code has to change for working on Joomla 3 and platform 12.1.
So finally the script does not work on Joomla 3 at this early point of development - maybe it works on Joomla2.5 (I do not want to test this any more).

For all the peops liking the very impressive Photobox gallery plugin better wait for ImageonX Module for Joomla 3, already announced at the developers site - this one is clean developed and supported.

PS. The registration form at the developers site also does not work for making a bug report... And I of course will edit this post when the developer will react on it.
Owner's reply


Joomrebirth is just born so the site isn't full... We had or fix registration as soon as possible.

We have test module on J3, you're right, we check that and fix it.

Thanks again for your review...

Reviews: 7
I must say, this is best image gallery module, nice, easy of use and effective zoomable slides.
Good job