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ImageFlow for Joomla Module

ImageFlow is a picture gallery, which allows an intuitive image handling. The basic idea is to digitally animate the thumbing through a physical image stack. That intuitive handling is automatically caused by the metaphorical use of the well known process of thumbing through.
ImageFlow for Joomla was derived from ImageFlow 0.9 by Finn Rudolph.


HTML output of the images is controlled by an output template file that you can create. This means that ImageFlow can be adapted to any one of several image display scripts (Shadowbox, Lightbox, Highslide JS, etc.). Currently, output templates are provided for Shadowbox and Highslide JS. By default, Highslide JS is used to display the popup image. Note: Highslide JS must be installed seperately. It is not installed by this module.

Thumbnails, with reflections, are automatically created from the source image and cached on the server for quick retrieval.

Thumbnail size is specified as a percentage of the source image size.

Images are loaded via an image list text file, all images in a single
directory or both. JPG, PNG and GIF image types are supported.

Thumbnails can be created with or without transparency.

An upper limit can be set on the number of images loaded from a directory.

Optionally hide or show the image slider and caption line.

Scales 100% dynamically.

The look and size of the imageflow container can easily be modified via CSS.

Mouse wheel support

Arrow key support

Loading bar

Changelog from 1.0.8:

* Added auto-step option
* IE6 compatibility
* Improved scrollbar handling.
* Added thumbnail effects (darken, blur, sharpen, grayscale) options
* Simplified thumbnail border option.
* Improved thumbnail script to temporarily alter PHP memory settings when necessary/possible to allow thumbnail image creation.
* Added strip extension from filename module parameter.
* Added {username} and {id} variable substitution in directory and image list file parameters
* Added Active link on focused parameter
* Added multiple imageflow instances per webpage capability
* Added Shadowbox2template and Shadowbox3template.
* Captions enhanced to allow inclusion of EXIF info for jpg images
* Added metadatatemplate to allow definition of IPTC/EXIF based captions for directory load function

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Reviews: 1
I am very happy for this ultra-flexible brilliant extention.

I successfully did everything I wanted. The result looks stunning.

For many beginners could be quite difficult to edit css, js and extention' template files to achieve the desirable result, but advanced users can customize it easy.

However I highly recommend author to do Top margin parameter, cause when you enlarge module, large empty space consists above the photos.

Thanks many for this wonderful work!
Reviews: 1

It's cool module, but i want to one option to circular galley not to end of last images it should be rotated.

Reviews: 3
Even if I fing that conjuction with shadowbox and lightbox do not work (under my command ;), since I make it work with slideshow I give five stars. For me this is one of the best looking gallery presenter. with a little hack (I remove background color and frame) it look like it's born on my site.
Thanks guys, and best with your work!!
Reviews: 2
Excellent image gallery...

Only a tiny problem I am having in here, when i click either of the thumbnails, I want the image to open in the same window (somehow re-size and enlarge) but no matter how I try it still opens in a new window... any thoughts? Is there a plug in I need to install or..

thanks again
Owner's reply

Imageflow works in conjunction with many other extensions that produce image popups. Highslide, lightbox, shadowbox, etc. just to name a few. So, yes, you must install an additional extension to produce the popup image. More information is available at the website.

Reviews: 9
Hey, great product, succeeded where others were lacking.

Personally I liked this product because of all the extra features that it provides, I found it very easy to set up and use, and, when I did have a problem (I didn't like the border), I found the answer in the FAQ page on his website, so solved it near immediately. I also had another problem where my menu started appearing beneath the gallery, but I simply added a z-index: 1 to the css file and it resolved it immediately! Such a simple solution that even I could do it :)

I would have given this a 5 star rating but I really wanted the images to open in a new window, I think this is probably a really easy fix, so contacted the developer, and have high hopes that it will be resolved.

All I can say is thanks to the developer, top product, when I had tested so many others which I didn't like, or couldn't quite do what I wanted. I figured it would be easy to find a simple image gallery component, but I tried loads, and was thinking I might have to use a commercial one, when it was not a core feature of the website I was making (hence I was being a skinflint). This product solved my problem, with ease, and most importantly put a huge smile on my face.
Reviews: 13
The fluidity of image loading and display, combined with clean customizable graphics and great integration with highslide, with the added benefit of low level customization make this a fantastic application with tremendous flexibility and potential. Easy to set up, lots of information on the joomlanook forums, and Ken's presence there and dedication to supporting these applications is exceptional.
Reviews: 1
First of all I just want to thank Ken of joomlanook for all the help with this extension. The support on their forum is excellent.

This was exactly what I was looking for!!
Reviews: 1
The latest version allows multiple galleries per page, exactly what I needed. Easy to install, use, configure ... a perfect extension. Thanks so much.
Reviews: 7
I received prompt reply. Peoples are genius. Initially I struggled a lot due to documents which cannot be understood (which can be reloaded, reviewed for change) when I contacted the admin, they helped at their farthest possible extent. Very co-operative. Best Module I have seen so far in accordion, and that too free ! Great Looks ! I don't have any words to describe it further. They just rock !
Reviews: 13
Thanks Ken for the excellent extension and awesome support. Kudos!
Reviews: 1
A superb gallery module and fantastic support. Easy to understand and set up. Many thanks Ken!!
Reviews: 2
One of the sexiest slickest component/modules to be presented as free software this year throughout the JED, in my opinion.
Works well and first time, with few teething problems it will take around 40 mins to set up but this is more a case of going through the excellent documentation and working out what you need to do (it might take longer if you are less experienced; that being said the documentation really is quite detailed without the diving into unfathomable or badly translated confusing statements).
First time I’ve ever given full marks in the JED.

Well done.
Reviews: 1
It took me about 2 hours to figure out where everything was located, and how to configure the CSS files to my liking and things like that (I'm new to Joomla, though). But what a great extension! I am lucky I get to use code that this for free. A great way to display photos
Reviews: 6
This module is great, it is a very slick way of displaying a gallery.

It takes a bit of time to get it working, and requires the use of a couple of other extensions to get it working.

But it offers complete customisation and the support is amazing.

Thanks for the great module
Reviews: 1
I had to post a review about this excellent plugin, and the Support I have gotten from Ken. In a matter of hours, he helped me resolve two issues I had getting this solution working (because I'm brain-dead...).

Highly recommended - looks great!

Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
I love this product, almost as much as I admire the kindness of the developer. My story is simple. I an exceptionally familiar with Joomla, but I'm also a Photographer.

I wanted to showcase my photography and wanted something special. I came across Finn Rudolf's exception imageflow Java Script and was looking at how I could use that to present lead images to underlying photo galleries - a visual menu if you will. Imagine how happy I was to find ImageFlow for Joomla!

In short, I have several imageflows modules associated with a main nav I called ImageflowMenu. Each imageflow module links out to an image list, and each image in the list links to a particular content item which in turn loads a mod_ssp via the {loadposition} call in an article. Each mod_ssp module is linked to a hidden GalleryMenu item so I only have to {loadposition ssp} and the menu provides the context.

What's even more fabulous than the module is Ken Lowther. His craft is only surpassed by his supportive attitude toward all. Just visit his forums and you will find a tireless, responsive and kind answer to all who have asked. I couldn't recommend this module more highly.
Reviews: 3
This is a cool looking app............. but, if you aren't up to speed with css, html, etc. It is not very intuitive to configure. It seems that most have little trouble getting it to work, but these guys must be "real" webmasters and old hands with the programing languages involved. If you are new at this stuff, good luck. I have had a very frustrating time with it, but that's my problem I guess.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear you had so much trouble. If you go to the forums and tell me what problems you are having I'd be more than happy to help. - Ken

Reviews: 9
Yes, it's slick and easy to set up for newbies, with lots of tweaks and customization available for techies. And every extension developer should be required to take a look at the online documentation -- line-by-line pictorial instructions on installation and parameter setting.
Reviews: 3
Ken is extremely responsive. He back-ported this to Joomla 1.0.X for me--within a very short time period. He also helped me troubleshoot initial installation problems. The tool is excellent and the support is even better.
Reviews: 5
This is a really slick little app. for gallery and photo presentation. Worked right out of the box in Joomla 1.5.4. with no problems encountered at all.
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