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ImageFlow for Joomla Module

ImageFlow is a picture gallery, which allows an intuitive image handling. The basic idea is to digitally animate the thumbing through a physical image stack. That intuitive handling is automatically caused by the metaphorical use of the well known process of thumbing through.
ImageFlow for Joomla was derived from ImageFlow 0.9 by Finn Rudolph.


HTML output of the images is controlled by an output template file that you can create. This means that ImageFlow can be adapted to any one of several image display scripts (Shadowbox, Lightbox, Highslide JS, etc.). Currently, output templates are provided for Shadowbox and Highslide JS. By default, Highslide JS is used to display the popup image. Note: Highslide JS must be installed seperately. It is not installed by this module.

Thumbnails, with reflections, are automatically created from the source image and cached on the server for quick retrieval.

Thumbnail size is specified as a percentage of the source image size.

Images are loaded via an image list text file, all images in a single
directory or both. JPG, PNG and GIF image types are supported.

Thumbnails can be created with or without transparency.

An upper limit can be set on the number of images loaded from a directory.

Optionally hide or show the image slider and caption line.

Scales 100% dynamically.

The look and size of the imageflow container can easily be modified via CSS.

Mouse wheel support

Arrow key support

Loading bar

Changelog from 1.0.8:

* Added auto-step option
* IE6 compatibility
* Improved scrollbar handling.
* Added thumbnail effects (darken, blur, sharpen, grayscale) options
* Simplified thumbnail border option.
* Improved thumbnail script to temporarily alter PHP memory settings when necessary/possible to allow thumbnail image creation.
* Added strip extension from filename module parameter.
* Added {username} and {id} variable substitution in directory and image list file parameters
* Added Active link on focused parameter
* Added multiple imageflow instances per webpage capability
* Added Shadowbox2template and Shadowbox3template.
* Captions enhanced to allow inclusion of EXIF info for jpg images
* Added metadatatemplate to allow definition of IPTC/EXIF based captions for directory load function

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Reviews: 3
Outstanding module - both in presentation and use. And EXCELLENT documentation. Flexible yet simple.
Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
I inquired on the developer's forum about customizing this module so I can use it as a catalog for a book publisher. We needed a "Cover Flow" module where the user could click on the image and go to a webpage, rather than a larger copy of the image. The developer responded a few hours later with a new version of the module that does exactly what we want. Furthermore, the module has been well-designed, with many features, and it is easy to customize via css. We crafted a good match for our template within a few minutes. This is a great module.
Reviews: 1
Smashing module for displaying images in a very slick fashion.

Do read the installation instructions closely though to understand how to set up and configure everything. For some reason the Imageflow documentation is kept under 'miscellaneous' so keep that in mind if you go straight to the joomlanook site.

Very pleased indeed to have found this extension.
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