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Photo Wall FX ModulePlugin

You can integrate it in any website for free without any Flash knowledge. You can specify the width and height of the application, the text is HTML/CSS formatted, the skin of the drag bar is customizable. There are multiple roll over/out effects, various options for image expanding along with many background and shade properties. The position can be vertical or horizontal and there are also different properties for images. Other features are present in the Live Demo.

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Reviews: 1
Beautiful gallery display, like all of their others. My only problem is that you have to edit the XML file by hand every time you upload a new file. That, or use their site to reassign the images and captions. Either way, it's not useful for a CMS site, where, the point is to make sure the client doesn't ever have to see the code.

Maybe the paid version has that capability? It would certainly be nice.

But like I said, it's beautiful. And if you don't mind the slight tediousness, there's nothing wrong with it.