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Dolby Gallery Module

Today we will show you a nice effect for images with jQuery. The idea is to have a set of rotated thumbnails that, once clicked, animate to form the selected image. You can navigate through the images with previous and next buttons and when the big image gets clicked it will scatter into the little box shaped thumbnails again.

When the window gets resided, the positions of the thumbnails will automatically adapt to fit the screen. We are using the jQuery 2D Transform plug-in for the animated rotation.

★★ General Features List :
-> Nice Idea to present your Gallery / Products or different purpose.
-> Working with 2 Panel Thumb panel and Full image view with Next Previous buttons.
-> Nice thumb panel and Full view 2D view and movement over thumb to Full image view.
-> Dynamically able to set width / height for Thumb and full view images.
-> Dynamically set Number of colum and Number of rows for thumb panel.
-> Set Horizontal Space and Vertical space between Thumbs dynamically.
-> Jquery Enable- Diable option included in admin screen view.
-> Trying to give more from our side after suggestions from customers.

★★ UPdATE2.0:-
-> Now able to set your curve to Thumbnail Image.
-> Media Manager Option added.

★★ UPdATE2.2:-
-> Dolby Gallery Rewise from Ground.
-> Dynamically control number of column and rows from admin screen.
-> Dynamically Control over width and height for Module and images.
-> Jquery Enable-Disable Option added.

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.

★ Live Sample Link :


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Reviews: 1
I am a satisfied customer of this extension.
I do recommend it to all of you who would like to create a good looking slide show
Reviews: 1
Nice extension effect if great and everything is working fine.
Reviews: 1
When I install it on my website, everything was fine. I created about 20 galeries with over 600 images.
But with the new update everything crashed. And I lost all my galleries
Owner's reply

Sorry for it but why not you created support ticket then we will help you about your issue , Direct submit feedback that's not good things just check below feedback we providing our support to anyone , no worry thanks for your time with us.

Reviews: 2
Nice looking photo gallery.
I was unable to use it because:
1) It does not play well with AllWebMenus. It floats behind. Bummer. My menu is dead center in the page.
Even on the Demo page, it floats behind the Facebook module on left.
2) Requires 24 images - No less No More. I only had 18. This is not a negative, just a limitation.

I will use it, but on a different website in the future that I design with a full screen gallery in mind.
Owner's reply

Our Team Will look about your both point and try to solve as fast as possible , thanks for your time to catch our eye on issues.

Reviews: 3
This is the best gallery I have seen so far. It has wonderful graphics and is very modern looking. Far from the old style of photo gallery. Very innovative and a must have for joomla sites.
Reviews: 1
Wow, This is really superb extension. We used and our client is very happy after using it. Nilesh
Reviews: 2
a new gallery for my other site, with numerous opportunities for
better support, I'm glad I found this great team
Reviews: 2
I'm using this as part of my splash page. Very fresh and modern. A tad slow when loading in Firefox, but runs smoothly in IE/Saf/Chrome. Fair price. Thanks again for this!
Reviews: 3
This is one of the WORST extension that I ever purchased. It requires a tremendous time to DEBUG, should be in the BETA or ALPHA stage and be FREE! There so many bugs that I REGRET spending the $12 for it. I have asked for a REFUND but just like the support email, it went UNANSWERED!..GO FIGURE!

1st, It does not create the thumbnails
2nd, The display is set to 750xX500 px
3rd, It screws up your CSS somehow, still trying to figure that one out and in the last 10 hours I have yet to get a response back from the developer.
4th, It does really crazy things and the module settings do not pass through correctly if you call the module in a content page, could not get that to work, it was aligning all over the place no matter what the settings were.
5th, There are NO instructions and there are errors in the admin section Tab Descriptors, multiple TABS are named TOP Margin, trial and ERROR to see what does what.

BOTTOM LINE; DO NOT BUY, WASTE of your money. It might look COOL but it is NOT worth the HEEART ATTACK and HEADACHE trying to get it to work.
Owner's reply

This Guy need unbelievable customization that's not possible in our Some Extension because our Some Extensions are made after much thinking and we not able to give fully Dynamic function in it otherwise whole idea display worst and we have rules if anyone not like our Extension then we will give money back and here also we have refunded to this guy Anyway we try to give best from our Side see our another Extensions and feedback so you know our team we not need to Explain much more , thanks for your time with us.

Reviews: 5
Different gallery than any other I've seen yet.
Hope to integrate with the rest of my site ...
so far so good,,, just tweaking my template so it places well
Reviews: 5
This module let you to have a nice photo gallery and show your photos with different style and effect.
I use it for my Hotel website gallery (photo gallery is very important for a Hotel website and mostly people first would like to see the photo of Hotel and then they will book a room in the Hotel) and the result is perfect, it is very easy to download and set up.