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3D Carousel Menu FX ModulePlugin

You can integrate it in any website for free without even using Flash. Customizable width and height of the overall carousel, up to 1680 x 1050 pixels. You can have the carousel rotate in any angle. You can have a centered image or not. Customizable width and height for the images. All possible rotations behaviors and speeds are available. Optional image frames and reflection. Extensive roll over effects. The tooltip is HTML formatted.

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Reviews: 10
Both the plugin and module install without error, so ultimately the product does what it says.

Documentation skips over the process of renaming and saving your images, though the average user can probably figure it out.

Alternations to positioning is apparently a secret, as they request access to the site in order to adjust it.

Ultimately its a fair product but there are rotators out there that are more flexible and shine a little brighter in terms of functionality. Support exists, but its free, so meh...
Reviews: 4
This extension works fine. It´s easy to install and configure. I couldn´t get it work (through a stupid mistake by myself)But the support is really excellent. They found my mistake within shortest time. thanks for this brilliant extension.
Reviews: 33
I'm not sure why this extension is described as a 'menu' when it is much more than just that. Equally I cannot understand why it hasn't been reviewed previously!

Having used it for considerably more than a year, it has proved itself to be stable and reliable. It provides an excellent interactive showcase for products (or anything else you choose) and permits you to link them to whatever you wish. In a way I suppose it is a 'menu' but it could also be a showcase for a photo gallery or a collection - imagination seems to be the only constraint.

Use the module and tailor it to fit any position. The versatility of the settings and options makes it the perfect choice. I used the plugin to introduce it into a front page article.

If you're planning a gallery or even a business website where you want to direct customers to various options such as different products or departments whilst allowing them to glimpse the item of choice, this is well worth spending some time getting to know it.

Support? I've never required it because it works flawlessly and with some trial & error I managed to make it fit my needs perfectly. Highly recommended and full rating for this one.

To the developer, thank you for an excellent extension.