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Ozio Gallery is a responsive photo gallery designed for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 or newer, written in javascript which shows images published ONLY on Google plus. All your images are cloud hosted and automatically scaled using hi-quality settings.

We want to present you the new Fuerte and Nano skin in the Ozio Gallery extension – the first FREE responsive and adaptive Joomla Image Gallery!

Ozio Gallery is made in Italy by

✔ Load image only from Google Plus album.
✔ Unlimited photo uploads.
✔ Automatically photo resized.
✔ Category and image title.
✔ Show also limited (private) albums from Google Plus.
✔ Support for adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles or modules.
✔ Album list index view.
✔ Links that go directly to a single image.(Deep Linking).
✔ Full screen template (responsive & adaptive!).
✔ Photo statistic.
✔ Exif data support, also map point from GPS coordinates for every image.
✔ Map all gallery photos, displaying beautiful maps with your photos by using EXIF Data or geocoding.
✔ Photowall thumbnails.

You can also share photos in your site directly from your Android phone or iPhone.
Adaptive, detects your visitor's browser windows size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of images.
Native Joomla extension, open source and GPL.

If you do not want to have visible menu items of every galleries that you have included in the content or modules or list you need to move these menu items to a new hidden menu. Create a new menu which we will call such 'hidden' here you can move or create your menu items of Ozio Gallery that you want to insert in content or module or list. This menu should remain published and also the menu items should remain published. The module of this menu may not be published so as not to appear on the site giving you the possibility to use also the galleries created in the hidden menu. Simple :)

Skin Fuerte is based on Supersized Design/Development by Build Internet project by Sam Dunn of One Mighty Roar (
Skin Nano is based on nanoGALLERY Design/Development by Christophe Brisbois (

Changelog Ozio Gallery
Ver. 4.3.2 : 29 Oct 2014 : Fix Skin Nano scroll page problem.
Ver. 4.3.1 : 28 Oct 2014 : Update Skin Nano to nanoGALLERY 5.2.1. IE7 & IE8 fix and allert message. All Skin Nano Thumbnail Hover Effect is ok now. Fix swipe in Skin Nano. Skin Nano social share button. Skin Nano RTL or LTR text support. Minor fixes.
Ver. 4.3.0 : 25 Sep 2014 : Update Skin Nano to nanoGALLERY 5.1.1 (more improvement). New parameter to write a text under each gallery. New parameters in the List view. Fixed IE11 problem in Skin Fuerte full screen image. Minor fixes.
Ver. 4.2.3 : 26 Aug 2014 : Fixed Skin Nano Picasa/Google+ data parsererror. Minor fixes.
Ver. 4.2.2 : 11 Aug 2014 : Fixed translation for NEXT and PREV labels for paging in Skin NANO. plugin s

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Reviews: 2
I was looking for a new gallery, since the one I had been using until then was sometimes showing difficulties loading the albums. I ran into this one and now I don't understand why I didn't choose it in the first place. Probably because it seemed to me to be a disadvantage having the pictures in "the cloud". I was so mistaken back then. It is so easy and convenient: I work on the fotos in Picasa, upload them to Google* and in no time they appear on my website. No more time-consuming preparing pictures, resizing them etc. It's such a great help.
Ozio gallery itself is easy to use, beautifully designed and has everything I need. Thank you for such a great extension!
Reviews: 1
Best gallery ever! Better, for me, than phone gallery. The idea to upload photos on a google+ account is ingenious! Perfect!
Reviews: 71
I was hesitant to try Ozio Gallery because the images are hosted separately from the website, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. It turns out that Google+ is a very easy way for clients to manage their photo galleries. Also, Ozio Gallery creates very professional looking galleries... I've decided to purchase the pro version since it's so inexpensive. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
form reading the reviews, i gave the component 4 stars out of 5 just to be fair! what is the point of showing photos not hosted on my own server. I am looking for better ranking and good traffic for my website not for G+... waiting for that feature!!
Owner's reply

Responsive and ADAPTIVE.
In G+ with Ozio you can have 2000 versions for each uploaded image. A version resized to a different size, pixel by pixel!!!. Automatically for each width request from any browser that displays the gallery, from any device. It is ADAPTIVE. This would be crazy to do for the images on the server, 2000 versions for each file.
I hope you can understand.

Reviews: 1
The flickr option was a big surprise for me! Thank you!
I hope, the flickr support will be as good as G+, once. I'm using it with flickr. Nano theme works fine for me! Sorry about my bad english.
Reviews: 1
Really a great component, with so many options and attractive graphics! Thanks to the excellent documentation, the use is intuitive. With extensive and favorable feedback, I use it on my amateur site. As a user of average level I feel fully satisfied!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use also for non professional webmaster! Tnks a lot for the free version!
Reviews: 1
excellent scaling of each image in real time, which automatically adapt to the space available on the site, in which adaptive mode is responsive.
Reviews: 1
I am a beginner with Joomla, but I immediately fell in love with this gallery, especially because it is very easy to use even for beginners. Thanks Ozio!
Reviews: 1
Gallery works really well and the free version is the same as that for a fee. For the symbolic price, it is right to buy.
Reviews: 1
Every week, OZIO Gallery is fixed.
Every month, OZIO Gallery gives a lot of CTA, for your website.
Every year, OZIO Gallery takes new features, a new design.
Every Joomla's website need a Great Gallery.
Ozio Gallery works with G+ like no one.
So, what do you waiting for? Take it and taste it!
You'll love it!
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 2
The Categorized listing on this component is perfect...more user friendly for users and some ergonomic...
At Last...Perfect!!!
Reviews: 2
Among all the image galleries it is the best I've tried. Furthermore, the fact that the images are hosted on Google+ makes it fast worldwide. Excellent support for mobile devices thanks to responsive images.
Reviews: 1
I am new to web site building and Joomla, I thought this would be a nightmare and reading the support didn't give me much confidence - but when I saw the video and followed that - wow so easy, I was up and running in minutes - Thanks !
Reviews: 1
Italiano?...Ok, it's really great!!
It is best component for Gallery!
Very simple to use and always up to date...
Reviews: 1
I use the Ozio for many years in multiple sites, both in the old version (with Joo 1.5) and in the new one (with Joom 2.5) and I find it extremely useful and functional as well as to simple activation. I feel compelled to give a good evaluation and recommend it to colleagues.
Reviews: 1
a fantastic gallery, easy to use, a photo display impressive, even responive. documentation is very comprehensive and detailed. wow
Reviews: 2
This component lacks what other gallery components have. The possibility to display photos hosted in our servers... you can only link a google+ album, which is not a +. not at all
It was much better in the past when there was not this limitation.
Owner's reply

blanblun, is too easy to destroy in this ANONYMOUS way the reputation for a free extension. Who are you? How can I contact you? Are you a troll? This is a fake review? Two years have passed since the Ozio uses only images of G+. This free extension has evolved, it has become responsive and ADAPTIVE.
In G+ with Ozio can have 2000 versions for each uploaded image. A version for resized to a different pixel, pixel by pixel!!!. Automatically for each width request from any browser that displays the gallery, from any device. It is ADAPTIVE. This would be crazy to do for the images on the server, 2000 versions for each file.
I hope you can understand. I hope you're not a troll, I hope you did not use a false email just to give to Ozio Gallery a bad grade.
Now Ozio dropped down the rankings thanks to your fake vote. I hope you have a minimum of ethics, it is not just to punish so much this free extension. Please, please report the removal as the author of the review. Please, put one hand on your heart.

Reviews: 1
Easy to set up, easy to use, well done and documented, at a very reasonable price.
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