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Art Gallery is responsive image gallery component with nice zoom feature.

- Create gallery, indicate image folder and you are all set
- 2 layouts: random image positions (responsive) and rows/columns
- Rotates images within a defined angle
- Several settings
- Lightbox (zoom) feature when image is clicked
- Can go through the images in a lightbox
- Images can be dragged and dropped on the page
- Thumbnails are generated from full-size images
- Can be used to introduce products or show image gallery
- Ability to specify width and height of thumbnails

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Reviews: 1
This is a very aesthically pleasing module, that brings abit of interactivity to the usual run out of the mill, Joomla display format. So if you are looking for an extension that can bring abit of visual excitement to your design, you will definitely want this for your design arsenal.

Not only is it very reasonably priced but it comes with support from a very professional and pleasant team that goes far out of their way to help you with issues and wishlists.

Not only am i totally impressed, but their extensions are worth buying just for the five star support alone.

Worth every penny. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
Looks great, Simple to use, quick to install, brilliant component, support was very quick and helpful.
Reviews: 1
First and foremost the product is excellent, its easy to use & effect is exactly what I was looking for but equally as important the level of support I received was second to none which made the overall package well worth the money! I look forward to using some more of there extensions in the future.
Reviews: 1
Support was great following purchase.
Reviews: 1
I chose the extension for its uniqueness. It is really simple to use and is a great effect for your site. I used it for a client, who is a cloths and accessories designer I had some problems after installing it, but the support team was accurate and helpfull. Thank you for all.
Reviews: 1
We purchased Art Galley because our client wanted a different style image gallery. I must agree with other reviewers that it has a stylish design and great support.
We had some javascript comflicts and the support was first rate to get us up and running.I highly recommend this component and the company behind it.
Reviews: 1
I've purchased and used a number of Artetics extensions and they all have two things in common: Stylish design and great support.
This extension is no exception. Any minor issues were settled instantly and the non-flash component worked with excellent style and function.
Reviews: 2
If you want a polaroid effect easily managed and highly accomplished, no doubt this is the best choice.
In addition the service is excellent, I had a little problem with creating thumbnails and very quickly gave me a solution.
For future versions would be nice to choose between different types of popup, for example sexylightbox.
Reviews: 4
What a great module! I installed it on a client's site where I used it so that visitors can assemble a puzzle (just cut up some text into the images) and the puzzle then spells their company byline. The module was very easy to install and worked exactly as advertised. Unfortunately, there was no documentation and I was in a rush, so I couldn't get it to work right away. I shot the developers an email and not fifteen minutes later they'd gotten everything to work, even sized it for me (although I could have done that myself, so they were great). So I give it five stars, once for the module itself, which is wonderful, and once for the support, which was just as wonderful. Thanks, guys.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for making this great module for a fair price.
Works as expected and i can't wait to see more updates in the near future. I believe what ever app you purchase from them you won't be disappointed with the support offered.
Keep up the good work.
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