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Admiror Gallery Popular ComponentPlugin

Admiror Gallery is all in one, a simple and instant solution for rendering image gallery from folder with images, but very flexible and adaptable.

Some features:
- Auto thumbnails
- Modular and easy to setup
- Back-End tools for galleries management
- Front-End tools for galleries management
- Image sorting
- Multi-Language image captions
- Pagination
- Albums
- Community Support
- Unlimited number of images per galleries
- Unlimited number of galleries per article
- Unlimited number of templates and popups
... and much more

Try it, it's free...

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Reviews: 4
This extension is a positive review worth.

Easy to install and to configure. All you need is including (3 different light boxes.) In the support forum you find even more for free. Anyway, it's meant to show pictures in articles. So don't expect tons of fancy features.
The only reason why I didn't install it already earlier is the complicate looking demo site. Just a friendly hint. :)
Reviews: 8
Nicely done, thank you so much for giving back to the community. This could easily be a paid version from the start.

Thanks again...
Reviews: 4
Very easy to use and customizable. This plugin makes easier to create image gallery. Thanks for this nice plugin.
Reviews: 13
Yep i have binned a couple of paid for components in favour of this one, works a treat and totally free.
Many thanks
Reviews: 4
Incredibly friendly and functional extension. And it is free! Good luck and many thanks!
Reviews: 4
I have been using Admiror Gallery on multiple domains and been very pleased with its functionality and ease of use. Can't believe I wasted money on commercial products and ended up using this free gallery. In addition, you cannot find a better support than these developers. Sometimes, I would feel guilty to ask for help from a free product. Thank you so much guys.
Reviews: 3
In general it's not bad and you can create interesting result on the front end , but it's taken some time , as for me. I tried to work out configuration task for my website but was pretty hard. Configurations mixed up and not logical. Of course you can accomplish everything you see in demo section of the developer but for me it wasn't easiest solution.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
We are sorry to receive such a low grade. We will try harder to make future releases more intuitive and easier to setup.

Reviews: 2
Installed and worked like a champ, maybe looked at the directions once, otherwise extremely intuitive.
Reviews: 33
This was just what I was looking for... an image gallery with multiple photo albums! And it doesn't have all that unnecessary ratings/comments/etc. gobbly gook either.

Having the shortcode option was fantastic too. I struggle quite often with finding a way to put intro copy into components' pages, and this made my job super easy.

Works like a charm. Setting up photos and images works quickly and easily, intuitive to pick up and use. Thanks for creating, sharing, and especially, for making it FREE! :)
Reviews: 3
This is one of the easiest installations and data population I've done, the easiest thing ever, well presented, integrates brilliantly, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
Reviews: 8
Brilliant gallery and great support (I'm happy to be a mid on the forum! :)
Reviews: 4
Until recently I used a 'simple image' gallery. Then I found out that there was a conflict with the aiContactSafe forms I use. I switched to Admiror and in about 15 minutes had the galleries on one particular site up and running again. And without conflicts AND with more options! I'm happy and will add this extension to my 'bread and butter' list for Joomla websites!
Reviews: 9
It took me about 10 minutes to work things out and understand how ADMIROR GALLERY functions... and less than an hour, my gallery was ready, captioned,etc... not so many options to confuse you, yet you get what you need. and CSS file is understandable enough for self-modifying or at least i easily did so :-)
Reviews: 2
Great job, you've done a component that is good looking and so easy to use, easy to custom. I ve used many photo gallery components but this is my solution!I like it very much! I've to say that is really non Commercial, without watermarks.
Reviews: 1
The best image gallery for Joomla. Seriously, I have tried many. Will not list all the benefits - just try! See for yourself. Plus - great support (this despite the fact that the gallery is free of charge). Thank you to the developers.
Reviews: 6
I'm surprised that this isn't commercial extension.

I asked three questions and the answer that came back was clear and complementary.

I wish I had found this ages ago
Reviews: 2
It is simple powerfull extentions. I tried other popular galleries. This is native and perfect looks with any templates.
Reviews: 5
The best gallery to display images in the content, intuitive
Reviews: 1
This extension is, without question, one of the easiest extensions to use - and works flawlessly!
Reviews: 1
Hi, This is Suvankar.. This component is very very good and very easy to use.. In one word this is just "FABULOUS" "FANTASTIC".. This is exactly what i am looking for.. Thank you so much..
with regards..
Owner's reply

You make us blush. Thank You so much for great reviews, we appreciate it. We call all interested to help and support project through some of our fundraising campaigns. Currently we are going for next release of AG:

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