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Admiror Gallery Popular ComponentPlugin

Admiror Gallery is all in one, a simple and instant solution for rendering image gallery from folder with images, but very flexible and adaptable.

Some features:
- Auto thumbnails
- Modular and easy to setup
- Back-End tools for galleries management
- Front-End tools for galleries management
- Image sorting
- Multi-Language image captions
- Pagination
- Albums
- Community Support
- Unlimited number of images per galleries
- Unlimited number of galleries per article
- Unlimited number of templates and popups
... and much more

Try it, it's free...

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Reviews: 3
I've used this extension in many websites. It works great, was easy to install. It's very simple looking without unnecessary decoration and doesn't display any additional information (copyrights etc.) but i feet if it has a module it will be great for me and many others

Thankyou so much.
Reviews: 4
I am very happy and satisfy with this plugin, works great! :) Thank you.
Reviews: 4
I've used this extension for an online art gallery. It works great, was easy to install and adjust. It's very simple looking without unnecessary decoration and doesn't display any additional information (copyrights etc.)

Thanks a lot to the developers!
Reviews: 3
Admiror Gallery is simply a must in your website! whatever other module/component/plugin you already have, you also need this to make your work quicker. I work with images and gallery with the most disparate conditions and output devices and is just perfect, even if you anage images by other components or modify later on with other tools you can use Admiror to manage the files itself, or you can just display them, or you can add tag and text after they have been uploaded with other components, so it's perfect companion in every image use occasion.
To tell if few words: If you have pics on your site and you don't use Admiror you still have so much to learn about web mate.
Reviews: 8
Thanks for a good Extension. Its not eyt perfect because it needs image resize on upload, so a 5 mb can gets resized down to only few kilobytes instead. The other way keeps up alot of space on the server.

Hope it Will be added in further development.
Reviews: 1
I tried almost every gallery there is out there. This is defenetly the best one. And it's free !
I likes it so much I translated it into Dutch.
You can find the language files here :
Reviews: 6
Better than a lot of commercial galleries.

This gallery have exactly everything what you need. For beginners and advanced users even for commercial usage.

Fast, easy for use, translated to lot of languages... No credit block...

Thanks developers for this fantastic NON-COMMERCIAL plugin!!!
Reviews: 2
I can not believe this is a free component!

Not only is the component flexible, well designed and thought out, extremely easy to use, the support is better than many commercial components offer.

I have used almost every gallery component out there and if you are looking for a gallery component I would highly recommend the Admiror Gallery component. You will not be let down.

Only one request for the designers, add a donation button to your site! You deserve it.
Reviews: 2
Finally an extension that has all I want in an extension. It works without hassle. And the creator knows how many mods, plugins and components I already tried. This one is THE ONE. Best part also, it's free. There are a lot of extensions in this range that you have to pay for and all of them do not even come close to the ease of use of this one.

I don't need tons of options in an extension, it just has to do its job. Why implement a lot of features when the main feature doesn't work properly.

These guys, the coders, understood this very well, IMHO.

Keep on doing what you do guys, you're doing a great job! Thanxx and R.E.P.S.E.C.T. ;)
Reviews: 8
It's an excellent gallery. One of the things that I love about it is that albums and photos can be added by the frontend user. They have an image manager that enables them to upload images and create albums. The only little problem that I've found is that they sometimes tick a little box next to the gallery button and when applied loose their gallery button. I'd prefer it if the little tick box was not available to the front end user. It's easy enough to restore the button from the backend when you realize that it's been removed. Apart from that, it's the coolest image manager that I've come across and I've installed it on a number of websites. Thanks so much.
Owner's reply

We are so please that You found this gallery perfect... well, we still consider AG for WIP, but this reviews are always encouraging.

We are invite You to join AG Community to talk about this issue and to solve it for some of the future releases. To be honest, I still don't understand what is "tick to little box".

Reviews: 1
Congratulations! This extension made my web page perfect! Although I have a question: is there a way to upload more than one picture at the same time? Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Yes, pack all images You needs in ZIP archive. Upload ZIP file instead of image. AG will unpack ZIP in active folder.

Reviews: 4
By far the best Image Gallery I've seen - and I've just tried them all - save yourself alot of time & INSTALL this gallery !
Reviews: 7
I have never seen anything that is as simple, easy, and powerful as this before. nothing comes close!
Owner's reply

Thank You so much on these nice reviews. This show us that we are on the right track with development of this extension.

Reviews: 6
I wanted a gallery component that would show thumbnails of albums before showing the albums. I wanted something easy to use and that works straight out of the box - and I found it and more in AG!
Thanks for taking the time to ensure excellence in quality! Kudos to you!
Reviews: 1
I make a point of leaving my humble thanks to the developers of this extension, simply an impeccable job, works perfectly, I wish you much success in this life. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 8
I don't often review extensions but after working my way down the list of extensions for Photo Gallery's I ended up on this one. The others were either buggy or were too complicated. I wanted a SIMPLE gallery that displayed my folders images nicely without having to go into extensive details to get it looking right. This gallery is AWESOME!! The "New" tag is cool but I'm really impressed by the fact that it JUST WORKS!! Perfectly!!

**One thing I found as a problem was displaying with Pirobox or Slimbox. They displayed the full size image at "full size", instead of scaling it down for the screen. Fancybox does this nicely and was what I ended up using. This is minor...but would be a nice fix so I don't have to resize all my images.

Thanks for your hard work on this.

One note: So many developers over-think or over-develop extensions. I, personally would be grateful if you worked out the display bugs with over sized images...and left it alone (Or at least leave a copy of this version available).
Owner's reply

We are on the same wavelength ;-) Our ambition with this extension is to have simple and reliable instant solution for web gallery. We don't want to support all possible options, just the most used ones.

Basically, AG is just an Gallery Engine with API. We don't maintain or develop libraries as Slimbox, we just made a platform for libraries implementation.

Slimbox by default shows images in original size, so we leave it that way. But, there are some other libraries (such as FancyBox), which does a great job with resizing images, which can be implemented in AG very easy. You can find various Templates and Popups at Admiror Gallery Community website.

Reviews: 1

Thank you for this plugin it's excellent, but I have juste a question.

I want to sort my thumbs by name I explain: I have a folder under the folder i have 5 other folders named h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and i want them to be appeared in that order 1,2,3,4,5 but when i see my frontpage i find h3, h2, h5, h5 ????

NB: in admin panel i have put Arrange Images by nom

Owner's reply

Two days ago we start working on Albums detail support. New version, which will be ready in week or two will have Album Captions and Album Arrange supported.

We welcome You two join Admiror Gallery Community. There You will find support for any problems with this extension, and there you can ask for new features which You would like to see in AG.

Reviews: 19
are you kidding? 10 stars! extremely simple and works magic on your photos in seconds! you are the reason joomla is so great! thank you sincerely for this extension.
Reviews: 11
This has got to be the best gallery component I have found to date in regards to the layout, the different programming options, etc. And their website has tutorial videos on how to use their code inside an article in order to make it look exactly how you want. Totally Love That! Also, I had a challenge with a compatibility issue, posted it to their forum and they got back to so quickly with a resolution. BRAVO! Thanks for making such a great program :)
Reviews: 8
I like this extension a lot. You are great, and all for free. It will be great if you can add a geo-tagging for a gallery (or images). Just try to go into 'google-maps-way'.
Owner's reply

For all ideas and feature requests please submit at Admiror Gallery Community Brainstorming forum, as a topic.
This is very interesting feature, we will reconsider to implement it.

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