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Admiror Gallery is all in one, a simple and instant solution for rendering image gallery from folder with images, but very flexible and adaptable.

Some features:
- Auto thumbnails
- Modular and easy to setup
- Back-End tools for galleries management
- Front-End tools for galleries management
- Image sorting
- Multi-Language image captions
- Pagination
- Albums
- Community Support
- Unlimited number of images per galleries
- Unlimited number of galleries per article
- Unlimited number of templates and popups
... and much more

Try it, it's free...

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Reviews: 27
I would have given five stars to this component but there are some major flaws. Hope the authors to fix this.

First of all, there should be an option where you could change the "Album" default text and not by editing the code. Also there is no way you can arrange the order of the albums (!) (you can arrange the photos only). You cannot even choose a custom dimension for the thumbnail generated picture and you get different sizes on the thumbnails. Another flaw is that if the image has very large resolution and you click on it the lightbox mode messes everything up (there should be a limit or a customized dimention for the appearance of the lightbox). Last but not least, this is not totally free - it is Adware - you cannot remove the logo of the authors from the component (There is no option for removing it).
Owner's reply

We just implement Albums support, as Admiror Gallery Community requested. We planning to implement these features for Albums, just didn't found a time to implement it. Some of next releases will have all this supported.

AG is only an engine for rendering images as gallery. Any library like Slimbox, Fancybox, Lightbox can be easely implemented. We don't provide support nor maintain libraries which are not ours.

Brand "AdmirorGallery" is copyrighted, but scripts and extensions are free and open source. If someone doesn't want our signature to be shown on a page, there is a parametar for disable it.

Reviews: 4
I want to thank the developer for creating such an easy to use, gorgeous gallery. I love the different style options it provides and it took only minutes to set up. Thanks again and I will be using this gallery on many sites to come.
Reviews: 2
Really impressive. The best image gallery for joomla.
Easy to use (though needs some minutes to master)
Wide range of parameters
Excellent image manager with descriptions editor
Possibility to add more templates and popups
Cons : Still need to add {AdmirorGallery}imagefolder{/AdmirorGallery} to the article, a button with a dropdown list would helped greatly.
Owner's reply

This is really interesting idea! I'll talk with Vasiljevski about it, but I like this idea very much. Thanks...

Reviews: 1
Hi, my team and I are developing a very big travel auction & travel guide community portal and in fact, since we are using so many complex components & modules such as listbingo, agora forum etc. among others, we have being looking all around for a simple and quick plugin to create beautiful photo gallery in our destination guide pages (about 232 countries & destinations) and after trying so many other components, plugins & modules, we finally take a look at Admiror Gallery, the result is a real 'PERFECT'.

It is exactly what we were looking for, you just install the plugin, do some small config, less than 2 minutes and move to your articles to place the folder codes & roots, so easy and so simple, a special thanks to the developers of this plugin to deliver it to us and 'FOR FREE'.

A small remark though, not a big issue but if this could be sort out, it will be even like heaven on earth, since our folders contain photos of different size, we setup the maximum width to 175 and maximum height to 100.

As a result, the images display perfectly but they are not align (centered) vertically

Once again thank you very much guys for this perfect tool, really recommended.
Owner's reply

Thank You for great review. This kind of gestures encourage us to continue with development.

I invite You to join us on AG Community Forum to see what we can done with vertical alignment of images, but I'm convinced that we can do something about it ;-)

Reviews: 7
Installing and using of this component make me to Admiror Gallery life time follower. Excellent video tutorial and free. Do you need more?
Reviews: 3
I found this easy to use and it does what it says it will.
Reviews: 1
I was searching for a simple, fast and powerful gallery.
AG is all of that and more...Highly customisable and if you encounter an issue the devteam is quite fast to try & solve it.
Reviews: 1
The best Plug in easy to use and when show real size.
Reviews: 7
This is a very nice plugin for creating galleries. I was looking for a component that could be used for a portfolio but was having trouble finding a good extension. I decided to look in the gallery section and came across this handy little but powerful pugin. Thanks go out to the developer for a great FREE plugin that works well.
Reviews: 54
Great gallery. Easy to install and setup. I needed to add about 20 images on each page ( on about 30 pages ). This plugin made the job so easy and simple!

Love the themes! Decided to use the 'Artistic' version!

Could not get images to load in light box though, don't know why, probably some issue on my end.

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
very good extension! super
Reviews: 1
It seems like it took forever to find a gallery that worked for me and that was attractive and easy to use too. I love this gallery extension and definitely recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This plugin implements a photo gallery using a "Lightbox"and is similar to other plugins that also use this method. It was easy to install and implement, especially if you have experience with other photo gallery plugins. It has a few features which deserve a second look:

* "Full Gallery" theme, which presents the picture with a panel beneath with numbered buttons for each picture in the gallery
* "New" pictures: If a picture has been recently (as defined by the user) added to the directory a little banner with the word "New" is displayed in the upper left corner
* There are some other themes which some users might find useful

There are, however, some problems with the plugin. Some of these are not unique to this plugin:

* There is no way to dynamicaly resize the full image to fit a normal screen. Images needed to be resized ahead of time or they might not be completely visible (if they are too big for the screen).
* The "New" banners do not move with the pictures when the scrolling up and down through the thumbnails.
* Pictures must be in a subdirectory of /images/stories, this is not a preference that can be changed. The gallery can be several levels down, although this is not mentioned in the documentation.

With a few fixes and additional features this could be a very useful plugin.
Reviews: 2
I would like to thank the developers of this excellent plugin.

It is very easy to set up and I don't think creating an image gallery can get any easier than with this plugin.

I am using SEF URLs in my website, and there were no issues of any kind. The image gallery worked out of the box.

Thanks a lot for contributing to Joomla community.

~ arslan
Reviews: 24
I like this Plugin because it is very simple to understand and to install!

It only has one limit which is that I have to mandatory place every gallery to the images/stories/ folder. I will use this plugin for creating galleries and to show single pictures as well. This mess up the way I organize my galleries folders but not a big deal! THIS PLUGIN REMAIN VERY SIMPLE TO USE AND IT WORKS AND THAT'S GREAT!
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