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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Fastw3b offers a nicely designed, responsive joomla gallery with lots of handy features. Have a look at the list of its main features and be free to visit our DEMO to try everything yourself!

Here are the key features that FW Gallery possesses:

-Adaptive design
-Drag n drop function
-Watermark option: downloaded file/text option
-Tag System
-Voting system: public/registered only
-Copyright: Yes/No option
-Lightbox option in a gallery view
-Lightbox effect with zoom in option
-Galleries/images sorting options
-Different colors for every gallery
-Gallery access limit option
-Option to hide galleries/images, names/authors
-Sub-galleries support with nested-level structure
-Menu items for: All Galleries, Several Galleries, Single Gallery and Single Image Views
-Configurable galleries/images sizes and frames
-Width/height options for images and thumbnails
-“New” icon indication: configurable number of days
-Configurable date format
-Download and print buttons
-Gallery/image description fields
-Capacity to read EXIF information
-Back-end image rotation
-HTML editor
-and many others

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Reviews: 1
For the over 4 years that i have been suing the JE directory, i have never reviewed any extension. But After using F.W Gallery for the first time, i should say its the best extension i have used in all 4years. Its just perfect for my needs. Im always gonna use this for all my sites
Reviews: 1
The base level plugin is easy to install and configure with great results.

I had some compatibility issues with the extension and my template, but the FW support team responded to my support request within 12-24hrs (time difference delay) and then researched and fixed the issue within my site so that the website and gallery would work.

I recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, very easy to install and configure and exactly what I was looking for.

And, I have found something extremely rare - 5 star support!

I had a small issue with a couple of pictures and when I asked for help the friendly support staff came to the party quickly and fixed it.

And this for a FREE extension! Just marvelous. Congratulations and many thanks to the team for this.
Reviews: 4
Easy to install and use and of course great support from Fastweb when I hit a small problem.
Reviews: 1
Big thanks to Fastw3b team . Amazing product & great support .
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and feature rich extension.
Even more impressive the responsive, helpful and comptent support. Sometime you even don't get this quality with paid support.
Reviews: 3
The best image gallery extension having all the required and extra features... thanks developers
Reviews: 30
A component of a very good and staff extremely helpful and professional.
Congratulations and Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for an extension for image gallery and it is the best. With Batch Upload plug in, it is an amazing gallery tool. Documentation support was also very good. It is described step by step how to instal and use.
Reviews: 1
Fantastic component, fairly easy to use and really complete! Thank you team:)
Reviews: 1
Perfect component with a great support team! Easy to install and publish.
Thanks guys!
Reviews: 5
Thank you to the team at FW Gallery for a great component. After adding the Content, Comment and JomSocial plugin it solved all my image display problems.

And thank you Svetlana for the free FW Gallery addon. Will keep following FWG on Facebook.
Reviews: 3
Excellent component & support! thanks for doing a great job, guys!
Very good and easy to use.
Reviews: 3
really a good extension..but i've some questions..
1)why not community builder integration?
2)does it work with ajax?
about the "Mechanism for integration with external services such as Facebook & Picasa", that's a good idea, are you going to integrate also with twitter(twitpix)? and is possible to import just one image ore some selected images?
Owner's reply

Hi Yonkie,

Thank you for posting the review!
Regarding your questions we haven't planned to develop Community Builder integration but we are always glad to customize the component & add any features for individual needs of our customers, by the way we made the integration with JomSocial. Yes, FW Gallery works with ajax, its voting system is built on ajax.
We already have FW Gallery Facebook Plugin and Picasa Plugin will be released soon. There is an option to select and import/export one gallery, not images. As per Twitter/Twitpix integration this is a great idea and we will consider it for further development.
Many thanks for your kind review once again.

Reviews: 1
The support team are A+++ good products, the frontend gallery is great for allowing my clients to upload their photos & create a gallery! I Look forward to multiple upload capabilities for this section & nice if it would work with a nice slideshow gallery. Very happy with this purchase & with the support the team provided!
Reviews: 1
I used this extension and i was impressed by its functionality. Hope Team FW Gallery to make as soon as posible the subcategory pagination.
It was very easy to use, in frontend and backend too, and quickly and a great support from the Team FW Gallery.
Good luck and many other extensions !
Reviews: 3
I didn't need slideshows, lightboxes or fancy transitions. I did need a photo gallery that can be divided into categories and is easy to use. This extensions meets my needs. I had no trouble installing - the "welcome page" following the install tells you what to do next, including how to create the menu to point to the gallery, so it's suitable for beginners as well as more experienced users.

No need to create special folders on your server, or thumbnails on your PC. The config tab can't be changed without clicking the edit button, so you can't easily muck up your config by mistake.

Just what I've been looking for.
Reviews: 3
Thank god this is free, the images will not resize no matter what you do or how small you resize your pics. This is not fully functional. I am just lucky I dodn't purchase any plugins for it.
Owner's reply

Hi Ubique1964.

It's a pity that you didn't look through FW Gallery documentation or at least contact us before you left such a negative feedback.
There are two ways how you can change images size:
1. You need to put a size you need in Configuration, save it and then upload images again. To upload all the images again, please use FW Gallery Batch Upload that is absolutely free.
2. If you want to do it even easier, than you can purchase FW Gallery Manual Resize and one click on Resize button will resize all the images you have.

Hope you will check these ways once more and will be satisfied with FW Gallery as this is the only thing you don't like in it.

Contact us in case of need!

Best regards,
Fastw3b team.

Reviews: 16
This FW gallery is a really good solution to connect the galeries photo you have on your profil with your Joomla Website. More it looks like a backup of your profil...

Now more than this : FW Gallery answer you each time you have a problem or a bug. By mail or o the forum in 24h, this is really appreciate. I had recieved update of the FB plugin by mail in 2 days after reporting a limit problem of categories list. Thanks you very much Svetlana !!! :-)
Reviews: 9
I was trying to find a gallery to fit my needs and thank God I found this gallery. It is simple and fast. You can make a gallery with subgalleries and sub-subgalleries! The settings are easy to learn and to use. You can add some plugins, too which makes this gallery even better.
The support is nice!
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