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Fastw3b offers a nicely designed, responsive joomla gallery with lots of handy features. Have a look at the list of its main features and be free to visit our DEMO to try everything yourself!

Here are the key features that FW Gallery possesses:

-Adaptive design
-Drag n drop function
-Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter integration
-Watermark option: downloaded file/text option
-Tag System
-Voting system: public/registered only
-Copyright: Yes/No option
-Lightbox option in a gallery view
-Lightbox effect with zoom in option
-Galleries/images sorting options
-Different colors for every gallery
-Gallery access limit option
-Option to hide galleries/images, names/authors
-Sub-galleries support with nested-level structure
-Menu items for: All Galleries, Several Galleries, Single Gallery and Single Image Views
-Configurable galleries/images sizes and frames
-Width/height options for images and thumbnails
-“New” icon indication: configurable number of days
-Configurable date format
-Download and print buttons
-Gallery/image description fields
-Capacity to read EXIF information
-Back-end image rotation
-HTML editor
-and many others

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Reviews: 3
Easy to set up and configure, this is a great Joomla component that does exactly what it should, without being over-complicated. Fast and helpful support if needed.
Reviews: 1
We needed a very powerful and flexible gallery for my wife's scrapbooking graphic design website. We wanted to allow users to upload their own images, commenting, voting, etc. There are several commercial galleries in use on similar sites, but either they don't work well with Joomla, are too expensive, or not feature-rich enough for our needs. FWGallery is an excellent gallery, but with the Front End user upload, commenting sadd-on and latest pic module FastW3b has created a gallery system that will do what we need for a very reasonable price (FWGallery is free, small fee for some add ons).
Fast response for support and they seem to listen to our requests for features (like the Front End Manager). Setup was quick and easy, literally a few minutes and we had a gallery up and running. Gallery is very configurable, with the only problems being when used on a dark template - some text (black) dos not show well. Other than the few cosmetic issues, it works and I am comfortable building our graphic intensive site with FWGallery.
Reviews: 28
You did a great job. I wanted a component with voting system and this does the job excellent. I had a few problems with the configuration, trying to figure out how the resolutions settings appear but now its all set. I did not give 5 stars to this componenct because it has a flaw. Although it supports the voting system, you cannot interfere with it - neither you can delete, reset or change the votes of each picture (it would be nice to see which user has voted)
Reviews: 1
Very nice layout and quick support.
Reviews: 1
Basic installation is fast and effortless, unpack it and use it ;) What I like very much is the possibility to install additional plug-ins that makes many complicated tasks so simple - check out the facebook plug in :)
Reviews: 5
This product is presented very well on a professional website AND it does what it says with ease. Will replace all other photo components on all my client websites! Thanks for a wonderful product!
Reviews: 1
Many thanks developers of Fastweb. Good work! But ... I missing support for full localization.
Owner's reply

Hi BoVe159!

Thank you for your review!
We'll consider your wish in the next releases!

Reviews: 2
Many thanks developers of Fastweb, very simple, none-commercial. Good!
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and web design, so am learning and struggling along and needed a quick working gallery for my website. FW gallery is quick and easy to use with excellent support. Very helpful and excellent for a gallery website
Reviews: 2
It seems to be a nice extension
I hope that soon will be able the plugin to use this with Community Builder.

Thank's for your work
Reviews: 7
a good gallery extensions,but still have some pproblem
1 don't support chinese in gallery description
2 when click thunbnail,it should link to the image detail page
Reviews: 2
This does exactly what I wanted it to do. Excellent app. I had a problem with pictures being removed if i renamed it, but support was good, and we resolved it by not using spaces in the filename.
Very grateful - recommended.
Reviews: 2
This component creates a sleek design. But be advised that it does not currently have a way to order the galleries. So if you want to display all your galleries and want them ordered in a certain way. It does not currently have this capability. Would have given "excellent" rating for this feature.
Reviews: 8
The product worked exactly as shown on their demo. I would have like some better documentation so I can figure out how to configure some of the options on the back end, however I figured it out. This extension is very simple to use and adds some style to your website.
If you have 10's of pictures to upload at one time, it will take a while to do unless you pay for their batch uploading module.
Reviews: 3
Is does what is says.
My clients love it.
It is customable trough the CSS file/FTP

If you have any question to the makers, there is a very fast response.
Reviews: 4
This was great experience to install and have up and running in minutes. Excellent job!
Owner's reply

Hello to everyone!

Thank you for your review! Now it is possible to extend the functionality of your gallery with the help of FW Gallery Comment Plugin (that allows usage of JComments, JomComment components and Disqus system).

Reviews: 1
This is very simple, lightweight but still much power full image gallery component i ever seen. Best features i liked are thumbnail, watermark, image comment to explain about image and THE MOST IMPORTANT is images can have different dimensions. So u need not break your head to make all images of same dimensions to view them properly. A small remark i would like to make is "During image slideshow, image name (not image file name) is added with description at the bottom of the image. I think only description should be displayed ". But this is not problem at all. Many thanks to for developers for such nice J15 component making available absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. I can not rate this component more than EXCELLENT. My apology
With Regards,
Nilesh Kulkarni
Reviews: 12
I think it may be a perfect extensions with some additions, like jcomments integration and jomsocial integrations. jomcomment its old system and comercial
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and suggestion. We`ll add Jcomment in future release!
You are very welcome to offer your ideas in our poll as well >> ;)

Reviews: 11
I was looking for a simple and easy to use gallery that my client could manage. This is a very good quality extension. Basic to use and looks professional on the site.

Two thumbs up for a great easy to use gallery and the fact that it was free was a great bonus.
Reviews: 1
I have tried a number of Joomla photo galleries and have found all of them to be lacking in features or are very complex to configure. FW Gallery strikes a perfect balance. It provides the features that my clients need, without being overly difficult to use, which is important since most of my clients chose to maintain their own sites.

The only thing I'd like to see is the ability to resize thumbnails after they have been created. Other than that, I think it is perfect for my needs.

Keep up the great work!
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