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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Fastw3b offers a nicely designed, responsive joomla gallery with lots of handy features. Have a look at the list of its main features and be free to visit our DEMO to try everything yourself!

Here are the key features that FW Gallery possesses:

-Adaptive design
-Drag n drop function
-Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter integration
-Watermark option: downloaded file/text option
-Tag System
-Voting system: public/registered only
-Copyright: Yes/No option
-Lightbox option in a gallery view
-Lightbox effect with zoom in option
-Galleries/images sorting options
-Different colors for every gallery
-Gallery access limit option
-Option to hide galleries/images, names/authors
-Sub-galleries support with nested-level structure
-Menu items for: All Galleries, Several Galleries, Single Gallery and Single Image Views
-Configurable galleries/images sizes and frames
-Width/height options for images and thumbnails
-“New” icon indication: configurable number of days
-Configurable date format
-Download and print buttons
-Gallery/image description fields
-Capacity to read EXIF information
-Back-end image rotation
-HTML editor
-and many others

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Reviews: 4
I use this component with the video gallery plugin for one of my clients and works fine!

Easy to use, in frontend and backend and great support from these guys and girls.

The (free) batchupload plugin should be integrated in the frontend-manager. This would make it much better. For now 4 stars
Reviews: 1
I have tried quite a few free galleries for my site and a lot of them was so time consuming just upload a picture on my site,so when I stumbled to this one I wasn't sure what to expect,but i was pleasantly surprises it works great! no having to go into my ftp just upload one picture or having to upload pictures in joomla media section;WITH FASTWB'S gallery everything was simple from creating the album to uploading pictures and when I had a problem they had no problem to fix it for me. This extension is awesome and you should give it a try
Reviews: 7
All I want is a gallery that downloads and installs with mouse clicks. I dont want to have to set up databases or extract and FTP files all over the place.

This program is almost there. I downloaded it and installed and created one album for my gallery in under 2 minutes.


Except the resize coding doesnt work, and because of this it displays oversized photos very cheasy looking. I thought after days of searching I finally found a winner. This minor thing could be fixed I am sure by admin/support, but then I started searching a little farther into into.

Its free which you cant complain too much then, but the watermarking doesnt work, and everything else is alacart. $14 for facebook pluging, $24 for batch upload because who wants to upload one photo at a time, $24 for this, $16 for that. So really its not free.

Its ok, but if a little more time would have been spent on the coding part I would have settled for it. Thats how frustrated I am in trying to find a photo gallery that

A)downloads and installs on its own
B)Allows me to create multiple albums in gallery
C) batch upload from front end or back end
D) Displays photos respectively

that i am finally willing to settle for one that kind of works. Am I really asking for too much in a gallery???

Seriously install easy, create multiple albums, upload multiple photos at once & display decent pictures? Isnt that a prerequesit in developing a photo gallery component????
Owner's reply

Dear whispers8021,

Thank you for your feedback. It makes us think over FW Gallery and its add-ons from a customer point of view. We will revise our policy and hope you and all our other customers will support it. Today we've made FW Gallery Batch Upload free for everyone, so the batch uploading won't be an inconvenience for you any more.
As for the resizing and watermark malfunctioning, it is the first time we hear that it doesn't work.
We'd appreciate it if you could contact us and report in detail about the problem. So we could check and fix it for you and other customers.
Thank you again for your review.

Reviews: 6
This is "non-commercial" plugin but useless without FW Gallery Batch Uppload Plugin.

Without that plugin you need to spend lot of time importihg one by one image.
Owner's reply

Dear dacho,

FW Gallery is a free and complete solution for Joomla photo gallery. It includes all features that are necessary for creation and further managing your gallery.

FW Gallery Batch Upload is an extra plugin that extends its functionality and is available for a small fee. We do not include it in the component allowing our customers to choose themselves what FW Gallery configuration will be the most suitable for them.

Reviews: 9
I have been looking for a good image gallery extension for Joomla for quite a while and didn't find yet one that does exactly what I need and I actually don't need much! But most display images in a way I don't like much.

Now "giving away" a component like this one and selling the batch upload as an option is a really nasty trick if you ask me...
I need to upload hundreds of photos and of course I won't do it one by one, even for a trial (because I had to upload, erase and upload again so many times with different extensions I tried).

If at least I could try the component with batch upload before buying maybe it would seduce me, since the price is not really the issue here. It's more about pretending to offer something for free but make it unusable (for me at least) and most of all to not be able to test the full fledged app before buying. I would rather have people limit the number of images, say 50 images in the free version WITH batch upload and force me to pay shoud I need to upload more images (and I need many more!) rather than buying without knowing exactly if what I'll get is what I need...

And having to buy every other option for the gallery as a separate buy is a real turn off for me too. Please think twice about your pricing policy if you want more customers..
Owner's reply

Dear guiju,

Thank you for your review.
FW Gallery is a free component and there is no pro or commercial version of it. Moreover we do not charge our customers for support that is provided for a free extension.
We do not claim anywhere the batch upload feature as the feature that is included in the component or goes free with it.
Besides, we offer our customers the opportunity to choose any of commercial FW Gallery add-ons and get it for free. We are sorry that you haven't noticed this offer.

Reviews: 2
Install was flawless. Setting up galleries and inserting images was a breeze. Only fault is you have to manually edit the CSS file to have it integrate with your site. Maybe something the developers can work on for a future release?
Overall, excellent component.
Reviews: 1
Installed in minutes, import from Phoca gallery works fine and the support on the forum is great.
Reviews: 1
Great Component! Fantastic and FAST support!

Keep up the Good Work!

Daniele (Italy | Rome)
Reviews: 2
Had a problem with Gallery when turing on SEF URLS so got in touch with Svetlana and had it sorted in no time at all!
Turned out that the alias on the menu items needed to be different to the titles.
Reviews: 2
Easy to set up and configure, this is a great Joomla component that does exactly what it should, without being over-complicated. Fast and helpful support if needed.
Reviews: 1
We needed a very powerful and flexible gallery for my wife's scrapbooking graphic design website. We wanted to allow users to upload their own images, commenting, voting, etc. There are several commercial galleries in use on similar sites, but either they don't work well with Joomla, are too expensive, or not feature-rich enough for our needs. FWGallery is an excellent gallery, but with the Front End user upload, commenting sadd-on and latest pic module FastW3b has created a gallery system that will do what we need for a very reasonable price (FWGallery is free, small fee for some add ons).
Fast response for support and they seem to listen to our requests for features (like the Front End Manager). Setup was quick and easy, literally a few minutes and we had a gallery up and running. Gallery is very configurable, with the only problems being when used on a dark template - some text (black) dos not show well. Other than the few cosmetic issues, it works and I am comfortable building our graphic intensive site with FWGallery.
Reviews: 27
You did a great job. I wanted a component with voting system and this does the job excellent. I had a few problems with the configuration, trying to figure out how the resolutions settings appear but now its all set. I did not give 5 stars to this componenct because it has a flaw. Although it supports the voting system, you cannot interfere with it - neither you can delete, reset or change the votes of each picture (it would be nice to see which user has voted)
Reviews: 1
Very nice layout and quick support.
Reviews: 1
Basic installation is fast and effortless, unpack it and use it ;) What I like very much is the possibility to install additional plug-ins that makes many complicated tasks so simple - check out the facebook plug in :)
Reviews: 5
This product is presented very well on a professional website AND it does what it says with ease. Will replace all other photo components on all my client websites! Thanks for a wonderful product!
Reviews: 1
Many thanks developers of Fastweb. Good work! But ... I missing support for full localization.
Owner's reply

Hi BoVe159!

Thank you for your review!
We'll consider your wish in the next releases!

Reviews: 2
Many thanks developers of Fastweb, very simple, none-commercial. Good!
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and web design, so am learning and struggling along and needed a quick working gallery for my website. FW gallery is quick and easy to use with excellent support. Very helpful and excellent for a gallery website
Reviews: 2
It seems to be a nice extension
I hope that soon will be able the plugin to use this with Community Builder.

Thank's for your work
Reviews: 7
a good gallery extensions,but still have some pproblem
1 don't support chinese in gallery description
2 when click thunbnail,it should link to the image detail page
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