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= RSGallery2 3.2.0 and 2.3.0 released =
The RSGallery2 team is pleased to announce the release of RSGallery2 3.2.0 for Joomla 2.5.x and RSGallery2 2.3.0 for Joomla 1.5.x. These are security releases, users are advised to upgrade immediately.

A special thank you goes to Stergios Kolios (ster [dot] kolios [at] gmail [dot] com) who reported the security issues and was so kind to offer his help and expertise.

= Description =
RSGallery2 is a full featured, easy to use, highly customisable, gallery component for Joomla!

Users can upload their images via frontend and backend, via single file upload, batch upload or ftp upload. Galleries containing images can have as many (nested) subgalleries as you want. Galleries and images can be moved around easily. Three graphics libraries, used to make display and thumbnail images, are supported: GD2, ImageMagick and Netpbm. Images can have a watermark. Images can be regenerated after the settings for display image size and thumbnail image size are changed. The site administrator can set permissions for usergroups to be allowed to upload images, create galleries, edit, delete, (un)publish both images and galleries, vote and comment on images, just like the permissions for Joomla core components are set. View access for galleries can be set by the site administrator just like view acces for Joomla Categories. The look and feel can be customised by creating your own RSGallery2 templates.

RSGallery2 has been around since the Mambo days and was originally developed by Ronald Smit. Since then, RSGallery2 has evolved into what it is nowadays.


RSGallery2 has always been a free extension and will always be a free extension! We're all volunteers!

= Upgrade instructions =
Create a full backup of your files and database, as always before making changes to your site.
Note: upgrade will automatically overwrite all RSGallery2 system files, but it will leave your images untouched. So if you made any changes to the templates that are shipped with RSGallery2 they will be overwritten! You either have to backup the template or redo any custom changes after upgrading. Also, the comments in the database will be converted from BBCode format to HTML format.

On Joomla 2.5
Go to the Backend > Extensions > Install/Uninstall > Browse… (find the downloaded file) > Click Upload File & Install

On Joomla 1.5
Go to Joomla's Backend > Extensions > Install/Uninstall > Browse to package file... > Upload File & Install

= Instructions for new installation of RSGallery2 =
Create a full backup of your files and database, as always before making changes to your site.

On Joomla 2.5:
Backend > Extensions > Extension Manager > Browse... > Upload File & Install

On Joomla 1.5:
Backend > Extensions > Install/Uninstall > Browse to package file... > Upload File & Install

= Changes 3.2.0 and 2.3.0 =
See the "Changes" on the JoomlaCode download pages.

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Reviews: 4
I tried them all, gallery2, coppermine, zoom...etc...etc...etc... But RSgallery2 had everything I needed and is well put together. If your looking for a gallery for joomla stop now because you've found one!
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a gallery for quite a while and after I got this installed, I lept for joy. Literally! It works with my custom joomla skin almost perfectly out of the box and it does everything I need. Plus it is super easy to use which will be perfect for my client.

One note, when I first installed, I was getting errors, but a quick trip to the forums told me I needed to upgrade my joomla version (was 1.0.10, needed to be 1.0.11 or higher). I upgraded to 1.0.12 and bam, it worked flawlessly. I am so pumped. THANK YOU!!!
Reviews: 1
This is just what I was looking for. Auto scaling, easy setup, auto thumbing, option to keep original image, easy folder structure (galleries in recursive structure)... AND NOT LEAST, BATCH UPLOAD!!!

Great job and credz to the programmers.
Reviews: 1
I needed a simple image gallery for my website and after trying the others RS2 has to be the easiest to use. It was very straight forward and I had a gallery 5mins after it was installed. Top Stuff. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
The main thing wrong with rsgallery2 is that every every single release is bug ridden, most of them trivial and fixable but everytime you ask a question on the forum you get told to upgrade to the latest SVN...

The same bugs then seem to reoccur in later releases or you get another irritating bug. I spent a month or so with no batch upload, then uploaded to the latest version and something equally critical just didn't work... its a huge shame because its so close.... it just never works and new features are added in front of stability.. my experience was I had to patch it and upgrade more than any Joomla component just to get help on the forum and then soon as you do its a new problem.. after loosing your data for the n'th time its just tiring.
Reviews: 1
I've tried many, many gallery compo's, but this is the only one that deserves max. rate.
Reviews: 1
Even though it is still marked as alpha, ATM it seems to be the best gallery for Joomla. Its development is also progessing nicely and the support is good. All in all a very promising project, that is already very usable for many applications.
Reviews: 1
This is a realy nice component, I am using this component for a while on my site now and I got great support from the developer. I have installed the newest version 1.12.2.

I like:
category index, even the third category is showing up in the main index by numbers and random images.

The zoom if you click on an image.

The discription, vote, EXIF info and comment by each image

mod_rsitems (showing random, latest, populair, latest comment etc.)

What I see as a improvent in the future is:
Joomla has the future that you can change the name of the author in an article. On my site I place a lot photo's of members on my site, it would be nice if I can change my name in their name, so that you can see the foto/category is made by the one who made the photo.

cbplugin is not what it has to be. It shows only you own categories and no random pictures. It would be also nice that the public can see what the latest photo is a user uploaded.
Reviews: 1
Since my freelance business is picking up I needed an easy gallery solution for my Joomla installs. The last iterations of this component were buggy and full of errors. The recent few wouldn't even install. I decided to give this one more shot. I'm glad I did. More polished and VERY easy to use.
Reviews: 2
This component is really good however, it does have a few bugs that need to be worked out.

Such as the waterdrop. It works in ONLY one gallery, but if you have more than one, you receive an error. It could be my fault, the servers, or the script, it's hard to tell; but overall, I am very impressed.

I enjoy using this very much, so please keep up the good work.

Reviews: 1
The idea is good, and the component shows promise, but it is limited by some bugs and user controls. I found that registered users can upload files to any gallery even if the permissions are turned off. There isn't a global feature set yet implemented for permission settings on all galleries. There are some good hacks being done to give it the functionality it needs in some areas, like scrolling galleries, but none of these are yet implemented in the base. On the plus side, it requires no bridge. Just can't use it yet for a production site. I am trying the alpha, which is supposed to have bug fixes over the current stable release. I can't imagine they removed functionality, so, take the review for what it is worth.
Reviews: 1
I have been a Zoom user for about a year and was quite happy, I'd tried other gallery components but they either didn't work or were too basic. I had even tried RSgallery but with little or no luck.

I regularly check for install updates and recently updated Zoom it was a disaster it looks good but users have found it awkward and incredibly slow and the modules caused all sorts of validation errors, I didn't know what to do but get on joomla and investigate the possibility of a new gallery, I tried Gallery2 but too much faffing about, that's ok if you just have one site but when your handling 20 plus it's far too time consuming. I noticed RSgallery and sighed if only it would work, I downloaded the zip then uploaded the file to my site, BINGO! it worked straight away and at first look is absolutely perfect!

A gallery should be practicle and present your pictures clearly after all they are what you want people to look at as opposed to a graphically complex gallery that takes forever to load.

Thanks RSgallery simple, clean, fast and very praticle with enough features to keep me happy
Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a gallery to plug into your site, this is the one - look no further. When I set up my joomla site, the gallery selection was daunting. After trying several galleries, RSGallery2 was the easiest to install and configure. Sure it has a couple of small bugs, but nothing that will impact your site. The developers are working hard to make this the best gallery for joomla. If nothing else, since this gallery is so easy to install, its worth a look.
Reviews: 1
I've checked out easy gallery, zoom, gallery 2 bridge, and RSgallery2. RS2 was my favorite of the lot. I liked zoom but alot of the functions had buggs and didn't work. Gallery 2 bridge was nice but it was hard for me to customize. Easy gallery was as advertised but with limited functionality. I would reccomend RS2.
Reviews: 3
Very nice gallery component. Installed the latest 1.11.11 version and integrated in my site without problems. One of the modules comes up with an error, but I am sure that will be ironed out in the very near future.
Looking forward to the next release !! Good stuff.
Reviews: 2
Installed without any hassle.

Configuration was easy and error-free. Nice javacript effects.

I've had problems with gallery2 and coppermine but this one installed without any problem and works great.

Of course like any other extension, more can be done to make it even better. A lot more features can be added to it.

5 out of 5 from me
Reviews: 1
I was quite pleased with this component, till I upgraded it to version 1.0.10. There were some problems with the layout on my website, thats wy I upgraded.

Now, some improvements to the components are made. But my browser (IE6) hangs when opening a picture. It says: fatal error bla bla...

I've seen no solution to this problem, so wait for it to come and then install this component, it has some great potential.
Reviews: 1
1.1.10-alpha looks quite promising, but it wouldn't work at all for me. Couldn't upload a single picture, couldn't get it to import pictures already on the server.

I think this all comes down to script execution time-outs, but since I have no control over the php configuration on my site there is nothing I can do about it.

If you have access to your php.ini or can override it, things will probably work fine for you.

My only gripe about the way it works is the single folder for all galleries. You can move this so that it appears under /images/stories but with a single folder reusing the images in content articles will quickly become unmanageable.
Reviews: 2
I tried to install the 1.11.10 but got some rather strange backend commands, some of the menu items were showing as variables. The 1.11.9 hasn't got that problem, it installs well and is very easy to configure. Initial setup and managing categories & media is very straight forward. I very much like the pop-up zoom shot, so much easier than opening and closing windows. Excellent extension.
Reviews: 1
There is a strange error with this component(1.11.10 english version). On IE (6 and 7) when you click on thumbnail images the browser crashes and gives a fatal error. I tried to install version 1.11.9 and 1.11.10, but the IE crashes anyway. On Opera and Mozilla it works properly however. On official forum, the RSGallery developers seem to have no solution for this bug.

There is another language error. I have a russian Joomla and when I install RSGallery it automatically tries to recognize the language of a joomla. And it is not Russian what it chooses but some Gibberish language with characters that I could'nt read and change. I had to switch to english to able to see properly the RSgallery menu.

Overall, this component is promising, but needs to fix the above problem with IE.
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