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SchuWeb Gallery Component

SchuWeb Gallery is a simple Joomla! 3.0 image gallery extension. SchuWeb Gallery displays images of a folder and its subfolders. The folder structure is used to structure the display output.

Thumbnails will be generated automatically and saved to a subfolder to speed up the loading of your site. These can be rebuild by a button in the admin panel. For the thumbnail generation are several methods available.

Twitter Bootsrap is used to create the structual output of the the folders and images. It is recommended to use a Twitter Bootstrap based Joomla! Template.

The detailed view is made with ColorBox from Jack Moore.


- start folder
- thumbnail size
- resize method
- bootstrap folder size
- bootstrap image size
- exclude folders
- exclude images


- automatic thumbnail generation
- ColorBox
- exclude of folders/images
- Twitter Bootsrap

Features which will follow:

- XMAP-Plugin
- and more

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Reviews: 2
This extension is perfect: simple and fast to use. With it you can only set one instance for page because it's linked to a menu's voice. So you can show the content of only one dir foreach page and this is done in a perfect way.
Reviews: 1
This is a simple add-on which does exactly what I need! I'm working on a web site for a large sports team. I want my web site fully functional via cell phone with screen size responsiveness, and other Joomla extension tools don't seem to do that as well. Sizing set via bootstrap grid elements. Component easily attached to menu selection in the backend. Photos shrink as expected to work well on cell phone browser. Many thanks to the Schuweb folks.
Reviews: 7
For a pity, there are only few free galleris for Joomla 3 now; so I decided to use this extension. Well, it look very nise - simple in using, simple in customisable and, which is nothworthy for me, this gallery loads very fast even via slow Internet connection. For a pity, it has only one theme (but you can customise it via CSS scripts, of course). Now I recommend SchWeb for all, who want to have a gallery on Joomla site and doesn't want to waste a lot of time, triying to force it work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the good review.

I always like to here the story of the extension user. Your welcome on my support forum to tell me your story so I can see if there is a need for an additional layout.

The idea behind is that the gallery takes all css from the bootstrap template which is used for Joomla!. That way you can just install it and upload photos without thinking of anything else.