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Droppics is the easiest image and gallery manager for Joomla. Indeed, with Droppics you get a complete solution to manage gallery AND single image on your website.

No more need to go in the component and go back in the article to manage images, you need just to create a pictures gallery (1 click), drag and drop pictures (1 click) from the article editor, and finally insert an image or a gallery (1 click).

As Droppics is fully managed from your editor, it works both frontend and backend in the same way. This system is perfect to work quickly and is easy for a beginner to manage single picture and pictures galleries.

Check the video demo here:
Is Droppics doing what I need? Ask a question on our forum.

** Gallery manager main features **

- Insert single picture or image galleries
- Multiple gallery levels
- AJAX navigation through gallery levels
- Create a picture gallery with lightbox in 3 clicks
- Joomla native ACL to limit access to images/gallery on backend ie. right to edit/modify own images or all images...
- Frontend ACL are driven directly with Joomla ACL ie. ACL applied on Joomla menu, category, module or article
- 6 amazing images and gallery themes
- 1 advanced slideshow theme with custom text area, WYSIWYG editor, link on text, transparent text background, thumbnail navigation
- Each theme can be different in each image gallery
- Drag and drop pictures to reorder pictures in the gallery
- AJAX image multi-upload
- Infinite scrolling to load big galleries without slowing down your server
- No need to go in the component to create pictures gallery and go back in the article
- Automatic lightbox effect on images
- Limit the size of the uploaded pictures and automatically keep an original defined size
- Auto thumbnails with a predefined size
- Display customization without CSS (rounded corners, shadow effect, margin)
- Add caption on single image
- Auto cropping function for all image in one click
- Gallery is materialized in your editor
- Regenerate pictures from original photo
- Full AJAX powered
- iPhone, I pad, Android compatible: images can be uploaded from mobile devices folders

** Single image manager main features **

- Possibility to add automatic lightbox effect
- Add custom image size from original picture in one click
- Edit online your images: crop, mirror, rotate,...
- Apply up to 30 advanced effects and filter: contrast, saturation, sepia,...
- Add internal links with menu items or article selection
- Add custom external link
- Add a SEO file name, title, image alt on the custom image generated
- Apply border, border radius, box shadow
- Apply margin on image
- Photo alignment can be set to center/left/right position

** Integration **

- K2 dedicated plugin
- Flexicontent compatible
- Zoo compatible
- Works with all extension that allows content plugin

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Reviews: 1
This extension is one of the most fantastic and intelligent and that there is support at the same level. I was a fan and watch for new work from this team of great professionals.
This extension is for Joomla photo galleries as K2 is for the articles. Indispensable!
Saves a lot of work and it is much easier for our customers.
Now any client creates or accesses easily galleries, deletes or adds photos individually, creates new alignments, etc., in a drag-and-drop graphical environment extremely intuitive and enjoyable.
What was tiresome became easy, fun and fast.
It's all managed in one place and the system of sub-tree, and collapsible, it's fantastic.
The miniatures come in a size easy to identify the pictures.
The system of crop photos is amazing because it can be highly customized. In my case always cut into square thumbnails, preserving the lower right corner, which is where I put the watermarks. This feature is amazing!
However, the project is still young and I want to contribute some ideas:
1. Should have the option to create our preset layouts.
2. Should have the option to import / export, to migrate all content from one site to another.
3. Should have the option to delete the EXIF photos
These guys have another great extention, that in some cases can be a good addition: the DropFiles.
Reviews: 5
The extension is nice, it is simple to use, it still looks "young" in its development, but I have been in touch with the TS and they seem to be very willing to add features.
I am currently using it and it works nicely.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your message.

Droppics is not really "young" regarding the dev. but offer a solid javascript and Joomla system plugin for all type of image management. The current version is very stable, we have very little support request.

We provide new version each month usually and major version each 6 month. New features and theme will be added soon in a 3.0 version.


Reviews: 1
This caught my eye as I was looking for a versatile, easy to use and setup for good looking pic galleries / lightbox effect for individual pics within article pages. It certainly does all that out the box. Had a small niggle with the presentation of one of the galleries and how it looked over the weekend and by Monday afternoon it had all been quickly sorted with the able and enthusiastic support of JoomUnited creators.

I look forward to the continuing development and improvements that this handy gallery has in store, as well as demonstrating to my website clients how much fun they can have with galleries!
Owner's reply

Thanks for this kind review!

Yes Droppics is "also" a single image manager. You can manage all image from editor, create custom size, add lightbox, add menu article links on images.

For sure it can replace advantageously your image manager and also provide you a gallery management support.

Reviews: 1
No doubt! They are fast , precise and helpful. Droppics is really a professional component.
More then 30 galleries done in less than one hour. Support is really OK = my template had a problem they solved in minutes!!!
Owner's reply

Hi, yes Droppics image gallery has been built to offer a crazy ease of use for final user and flexibility for webdesigner.

Reviews: 1
It's really big thing, which allows low-profile users to be happy using and managing galleries. drag-and-drop functionality, that they're used to while posting smth on Facebook, easy rearranging, easy applyable styles (themes). suits perfectly for frontend editing.

On other side, for developers it's important that support is fast and responsive, because plugin uses a lots of advanced code, and you really need guidance if you decide to edit something there.

One minor disadvantage is that I didn't find the possibility to make captions visible on default thumbnails view, while image title is shown just fine when image opened. It seems to be the only lack of functionality, which hopefully will be added in future updates.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your complete review.

You're right, the first model we took to manage joomla image and galleries is social networks like Facebook. Final user know how to create album in Facebook not in Joomla classic component.

Regarding support, we have a 2 level support, second level done by the developer. Droppics image gallery themes are built on plugin system, one plugin per theme, so you can create your own if you need it.

We will add the caption feature o single image in the future version for sure and also on a dedicated masonry portfolio theme.

Reviews: 1
This component is very easy to use. It works very well and is quite fast also.

Support is good: there were some problems after the installation but this was fixed in a few days.

The only downside I found was the lack of control over the images. It would be better to have control over Single Images and Gallery seperately.
It would also be nice to control the style of the images and gallery trough simple CSS so you can adjust the style thoughout your whole site.

Because of the fact that this is a paid plugin which lacks features I rate it "Average", just shy of "Good".
Adding more features and better control and this could go to Excellent very fast!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback Lakota.
Indeed we have a 2 level support and the developer can fix any problem in very short time whatever the problem is CSS, javascript,...
Droppics is the only extension to provide full support for single image AND image gallery.
Droppics single image feature is really complete and you can easily administrate a website image using Droppics. Just a word about single image feature.
- All the single images can be managed from editor
- You can generate custom sized image in one click and insert it in your editor and it’s a complete different image from the gallery image (size, file name, meta)
- The original image stay untouched on your server and keep size you've defined
- You can apply effects on an image and save it as a new image
- Links, alignment, border, border-radius is only applied and save on this image not on the gallery image
All this is about single image, any gallery using the same original image won’t be affected.
The main goal of Droppics is to stay easy to use and be a complete image AND gallery manager. Droppics will remain fully manageable from editor for image and gallery image.

Reviews: 2
Droppics makes adding a gallery to your Joomla site a simple and pleasurable experience.

The bonus is it's also soooo easy for clients to use too.

Oh and the support? Just first class!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback!

Droppics has been developed since the first version for the final user. It's the only joomla image gallery and image manager available fully from editor.

Adding image in gallery can be done with drag'n drop, a lot of elements are auto saved too.


Reviews: 2
It's easy to use and you have a lot of options. Very good and fast support. Recommend!
Reviews: 1
I'm using droppics in my site.
I think it's a cool and very flexible tool with good back-end integration capabilities.
The support of the extension it's very professional and quicky, helping to solve problems in record time.
Reviews: 1
This extension is really the best image manager for Joomla, I use it since 1.0 version. The latest version 2.0.2 is really amazing, you can define custom parameters on images.

Support is really really responsive.
Reviews: 6
I tried a lot of galleries in the past. All galleries have their advantages and disadvantages. But about 6 months ago I tried droppics the first time and now it's my favorite gallery. If you are looking for an easy to handle gallery you don't need looking further, you've found the best gallery for Joomla.

Since the last update (1.4.2014) it's perfect. You have now also subcategories which makes it a lot clearer if you have many galleries.

Many thanks for this great product!!

Droppics would deserve at least 7 stars and is worth every penny and the support is also awesome.
Reviews: 1
The Droppics extension has quite nice themes and is reaaaaally easy to use. It really helps me to add some images on my website, in articles and in modules too!

An when I asked for a support to help me complete the configuration (I'm not specialist) the support reply 2 hours after my ticket was posted and has done the trick!
Reviews: 3
After a long search, i finally found this extension and it works great. I was looking for a gallery in masonry-style, which behaves responsive. And this extension was the only one i found, which works as expected: great.
And the support reacts fast, friendly and competent.
Reviews: 3
Droppics is a complete and useful gallery image manager.
Its quite simple to use and the component extends really the Joomla image manager. Support is immediate.
Reviews: 1
Droopics has a very nice themes. The pictures on the website are displayed quickly. At the admin panel is the ability to change the resolution of the presented on the website pictures.
Very easy to use. Support is exelent. Great extension!
Reviews: 2
Unfortunately it is not gallery in full meaning of this word. Admin interface is pleasant, but i do not find too much configuration settings there. Interface looks stylish, but when i decide to customize look and style it is really not so easy to do. For now droppics is nice extension but require bunch of updates to make it more effective.
Owner's reply

Hi and thank for your review. I'm sorry you've had a poor experience. Our main idea is not to do everything with our image gallery but do beautiful photo gallery with few clicks and not to use css at all and other stuff. We will always keep this way: easy to use! We try to improve our component every month following the good ideas from our customers.
Best regards.

Reviews: 1
I use commercial version. Very beautiful and useful Droppics themes. Very easy to use. The support is exelent!
Great extension!!
Reviews: 1
Not only is the product great, but the support is just the same. Had a slight problem installing, and within 24 hours, support had it resolved. Photos looking great on the site, easy to use and would highly recommend.
Reviews: 3
Extension looks fresh, but admin section working pretty slow. Configuration features are really basic, so if you looking for flexibility find another component.
Owner's reply

Our goal is to be simple and easy to use. This is a misunderstanding to think our extension should do everything. Basic and simple is not the same thing. If you use droppics you will be able to make a beautiful and simple gallery or insert some pictures in 3 clicks. Admin section is fast because it's done in ajax, in this point of view we don't understand what are you saying ?
Best regards

Reviews: 71
I think Droppics sets a new standard for Joomla extensions. It's very easy to use (my clients are going to love it!) yet looks and feels very professional. I ran into a small problem embedding galleries in EasyBlog posts and the developers had a fix ready within 24 hours. Highly recommended.
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