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Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is an image gallery with slideshow.

See demo with different features: (click on links on left side to see different features of Phoca Gallery)

Demo with tree and image module:

Demo with description and no popup:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Simple Caddy integration:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 2.5 (1.6, 1.7):

Demo Phoca Gallery and YouTube Video (CSS3):

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3:

Phoca Gallery 3.2.6 Requirements:
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5

Phoca Gallery 4 Requirements
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 3.x

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Reviews: 1
I love this extension. Simple to install and it works. Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
Here I am in the middle of a massive upload(Over 1.2 gigs of Photos from a recent event I attended) and am stuck at a very trivial issue. I am not able to center my gallery. :-P

So I switch on GTalk and perform a quick chat with Jan from Phoca. In less than 10 minutes all my issues are solved. :D

Can't thank this guy enough it seems sometimes. :-)
Reviews: 8
This is an excellent extension that is challenged by very HI-res graphics on many installations because of memory limitations in the server impelmentation of the GD library. This, otherwise excellent product, could benefit with some workarounds for that problem.
Reviews: 3
Uploading pictures very complicated. Plus java problems... Demo site it looks good... I will stick to joom gallery, it is simple and does the the job...
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, you can use the following methods to upload images in Phoca Gallery:

- standard upload (one image upload)
- java upload
- flash based upload
- ftp upload
- media manager upload
- other web file manager upload

You can select method which will be not so complicated for you. E.g. you will prepare the tree of folders and images on your PC. Then you will upload the whole tree to your server and in Multiple Add View, Phoca Gallery will automatically convert all folders to categories, all subfolders to subcategories and will create thumbnails from the images.

Reviews: 25
This is an amazingly useful extension. The backend and frontend functionality is superb.

The most impressive thing is that you can choose your thumbnail size for each of three modes.

Ease of use combined with configurability. There are backlinks front and back, but the front can be made quite discreet by choosing the text only option.

5stars all round. Magnificent.

There is also a gallery tree extension which goes with this which really adds to functionality.
Reviews: 5
One of my go to stand-by applications. Always works.
Reviews: 3
This extension is amazing. It's quite hard once downloaded but with a little taking time and customization you'd never go to another gallery extension... why?? Cause there would be absolutely no need.

Infact I had many difficulties once I had this downloaded and lots of trouble but with 3-4 days of working I finally got used to it...

Thanx for the amazing extension!
Reviews: 1
I liked this. I had it on two sites till we got so many pictures up and we found the space was being consumed at a fast rate. Looking closely we found that for every picture there is a copy of the original, a medium sized thumbnail and a smaller sized thumbnail. I can understand the small and medium thumbnails, I guess you have to have the duplicate full size file to add in the watermarks. I like having the watermarks but isn't there another way to do this without doubling the memory usage?
Another problem is that you have to create your own images/phocagallery folder that isn't off the default images/stories so other programs cant find your images to display. Why cant you go with the defaults?
Fix those niggles and you'd have me very happy.
Owner's reply


Phoca Gallery doesn't create copy of original images, there are three thumbnail types:

- small - displayed in Categories View, in administration
- medium - displayed in Category View, in administration
- large - displayed in Detail View, in Switch/Swap function, in Overlib

Large thumbnails are important, because e.g. users upload images with 3072x2304 or 2816x2112 and other similar sizes. Such size cannot be displayed in browser (on common displays) so e.g. size of large thumbnail, which is 640x480, is needful.

If you will add watermark, it is added on medium and large thumbnails, there is no duplication, no doubling the memory usage

Phoca Gallery images are stored in images folder, which you can access by other programs, just set the path in Global configuration in Joomla! - the parameter is called Path to Image Folder

Reviews: 1
I tested many photo gallery tools looking for a best tool that will suit our needs, from photo animation, slide show, article images creative portfolio display, just to name a few. I found Phoca Gallery, tested and there functionality are impressive. Installation is straight forward just like any other Joomla component. It took me a little more time to get acquainted. The Phoca Gallery demo site is very instructive and well organized, the explaination is simple and provide example for each of the plugin functions.

Strongly recommend to give good try. I will impresse you... A+++ to the Phoca team.
Reviews: 4
I switched to this component when I recently switched to Joomla 1.5 from Joomla 1.0 This has to be one of the best components out there if you need a photo gallery for your site. There support is good too I posted a question on the forums and within 24 hours I had answer. I am also using other Phoca Components on my site.

Good job and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 6
after trying several other gallery components I finally found this one and I'm very happy. smooth install,nice plugin and a lot of settings to match your sate.
Reviews: 1
This is the best gallery. Period.
It has everything you need in a gallery, is very actively developed and maintained while you get very quick and friendly support in the forums.
flat our ROCKS
Reviews: 2
Kudos to the Phoca Gallery component/modules/plugins. The themes and design are so great, and it provides just the functionality I need. It is free (GPL)... moreover, it is very scalable. Thank you Phoca Gallery developers!
Reviews: 1
i use any comp, mod phoca and i am very happy
very nice and work very well
if i post in the forum of the administrator of this website
i have already an answer
Reviews: 3
Thank you - configurable, simple and very good looking - exactly what I needed. And believe me or not I have tried every single one photo gallery on Joomla! Extensions apart from commercial ones.
Reviews: 4
As with all complex modifications, there is a learning curve with this. You have to take the time to figure things out on your own and maybe read some documentation. However, Phoca gallery is professionally done top to bottom and is not beyond the abilities of any entry level or average Joomla user to install and set up. Meaning I'm glad this isn't commercial, because it could easily be. I can't imagine needing any other features from a photo gallery that would still allow it to remain user friendly. Excellent work and thank you very much for keeping this free, it is much appreciated.
Reviews: 1
The short and the sweet version is that this is a great extension that works well without having to devote your life to reading documentation. Install it and it just works. That's high praise!
Reviews: 2
It's great component, but it has some discomforting issues.
When You want to create new category - you can't create new folder for this category so easy. So, You must do:
1 Go back to "add pictures" section
2 Here You can create new folder
3 Go back to category section - and create new category
4 Go back to picture category - now U can upload picture to new category.

So creating new folder for category should be in category section- not in picture section.

Other thing is : when You want to "upload picture" - You must choose folder to upload. After uploading - the folder change to default name. So You must choose him once again - and now U can add the picture.

And other thing : Many templates has problem when there is "clear:both" taggs in css and php files like in phoca. On 10 templates 2 looks horrible.

But it's only few things, all other are great, so i won't write it here (to much writing like for my english ;) )
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your comment.

See where I describe why there is an advantage of having two independent layers: File layer (image files on your server) and Database layer (image names in your database). If you are creating category, you don't need to create folder on your server.

I don't understand this:
"You must choose folder to upload. After uploading - the folder change to default name. So You must choose him once again - and now U can add the picture" ... please create new topic in Phoca Forum, so we can solve it

"Many templates has problem when there is "clear:both" taggs in css and php files like in phoca"

Phoca Gallery uses valid CSS and HTML code (there are some exceptions because of supporting all possible browsers) but this should not be problem for template which keeps standards. There is no other way how to end float boxes where images are displayed (clear:both).

But of course I can take a look at it, maybe we can find some solution (if the template is correctly made) to solve such problem. So the same as before. Some topic with link to site where this problem occurs in the forum would help.

Reviews: 2
Of course, there are always individual needs for any piece of software. As a developer of other component I know what I'm talking about. Therefore I can only say one word: Respect! This component meets all my needs. Many thanks!
Reviews: 3
Extremely well done...with one major limitation. Users a limited to submitting photos to only one category of their choice or to pre-existing categories they've been given access to. This is not a sustainable model if you have a very collaborative community or large numbers of photos belonging to multiple people. It will become too difficult to keep organized. Otherwise amazing!
Owner's reply

Hi, I am working on new user - frontend - behaviour.

Please check forum for up to date information

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