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Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is an image gallery with slideshow.

See demo with different features: (click on links on left side to see different features of Phoca Gallery)

Demo with tree and image module:

Demo with description and no popup:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Simple Caddy integration:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 2.5 (1.6, 1.7):

Demo Phoca Gallery and YouTube Video (CSS3):

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3:

Customized Phoca Gallery on live sites:

Phoca Gallery 3.2.6 Requirements:
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5

Phoca Gallery 4 Requirements
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 3.x

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Reviews: 1
This is post by StaleY from
>>I was thinking, would it be too much of a hassle, if the random image module would work in an alternative way ->

Now, when the user clicks on the random image the modul is showing, currently he sees a blow-up of the picture (lightbox, highslide, whatever you choose). Since I want visitors to come and see the other galleries too, it would be very nice that when they click on the displayed random thumbnail, it would redirect them to the gallery, where the random thumb was taken from.

Could this be done?

Hope you understand what I was trying to say here :D
It's very good idea. Is this feature ready?
Reviews: 2
I thought that I should write a detailed review here as a Christmas and New Year presents to Jan, who has continued to develop and improve Phoca Gallery. When I first encountered the extension, I realised that it is significantly different from many other Joomla extensions. Not only is it easy to install, it is just as easy to upgrade without requiring deinstallation.

Apart from being able to code very well, it is evident that Jan has had a well-developed sense of design and colour, so much so that for quite some time I thought that the person is a female, until I saw Jan's avatar in his forum (assuming that it is an actual photo of himself). Great! Here is a person who is unafraid of showing facial hair, loving cute animals like wide-eyed seals, being highly creative and sometimes quite feminine in colour and design, and most of all, willing to help others with his expertise in his spare time, and also accept suggestions for improvements and requests for new features. For example, I asked in late September of 2008 for the inclusion of Ratings, Comments and Image Protection in Phoca Gallery gaving pertinent rationales for their necessity. A couple of months later, their preliminary implementations have already become quite concrete and commendable.

At the moment, it seems that ratings and comments can only be applied wholesale at the level of individual categories, not of individual images. I assume that the latter is forthcoming. In anticipation, comments for images would probably best be implemented via AJAX: the user simply clicks on the comment/rating icon of any thumbnail, and a dialogue box (modal or popup) appears to allow the user to insert a rating and to provide comments.

It would be very expedient when page loading is rendered unnecessary with AJAX, meaning that page navigation could be done with AJAX so that the user does not have to wait a long time for the entire webpage to be reloaded just to see the next, the previous or a particular set of images.

As notified, there are also a few very tricky bugs to iron out when the component is deployed. One of these involves jos_content for some unknown reason(s) as follows:

DB function failed with error number 1064
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ': LIMIT 0,30' at line 1 SQL=SELECT `title` , `introtext` , `fulltext` FROM jos_content WHERE state = 1 AND catid=29: LIMIT 0,30

We should be very grateful and feeling lucky that Jan has not been spending his spare time indulging himself at the pubs and/or playing computer games, that he has not been required to be content with too much domestic bliss or to many family responsibilities in his personal life, and that he is very palpably in loving, indefatigable devotions to his extensions, and wanting to do ever more and even better . . . . . Yes, Jan is indeed one of the finest specimens in the Joomla 1.5 pantheon!

Let us hope that this review will be published in time at by Christmas to honour Jan's flairs and dedications!

Reviews: 4
Phocagallery is a nice component and I've finally selected it for my galleries, though it has some limits which could determine whether this is the right tool for you.

On the positive side, it creates slideshows with beautiful effects. It supports access control. You can specify a group (Public, Registered, Special) for each gallery. This is a key feature, although I'd prefer to see additional support for per-image access control. There is good support for large images, which when downloaded, display in a separate scrollable window.

On the negative side, I have given up trying to use the built-in tools to create thumbnails. Not being a graphics programmer, I don't know what is wrong but the graphic buffers are simply not big enough to create thumbnails. It is rather easy to create all thumbnails by hand but it takes time. This is Phocagallery V2 Beta 2's biggest problem. I hope it gets fixed...

There are quirky design issues as well. 1) The icon to download an image is displayed in the gallery view, not in the detail view. That means that, while viewing a slideshow and coming across an image you'd like to download, you must exit the show and find the thumbnail of the image - not always easy to do. 2) Many settings are made for the entire component and cannot be overridden for a single gallery. For example, I believe that control for downloads (whether or not to allow them) is made at the component level rather than the gallery level). I would rather disallow this on certain galleries...) 3) A slideshow displays the current page of images from the gallery not the entire gallery. If you have a gallery with 25 images and the visitor is displaying 20 per page, then the visitor must view the show, end the show, change the page, start the next show, etc, to see all images.

I've also found some quirks in the display of public galleries containing private galleries and such. These were not difficult to work around and it is very excellent of this free component to have such problems because most of the gallery tools do not support private galleries.

I recommend this component, though must spend time with each gallery I create to work around the design and implementation restrictions. But the price is right, isn't it?
Owner's reply

Hi, thank your for this info.

- Thumbnails Creation - Thumbnails are created by GD library which is a part of server so it depends on server settings how sucessfull the creation of thumbnails will be... on most servers there is GD 2 so it should not be a problem.

- Slideshow - it depends on you which images will be shown by slideshow. If you use the: standard popup window, modal box, highslide then all images are included in slideshow ... if you use modal box (image only), shadowbox, highslide (image only) then only images which are displayed on the site as thumbnails will be displayed (because these javascript methods work this way)

If you don't want to waste your time with design the gallery just use some Phoca Gallery Theme (it is very easy to create own too - you only change the images and icons):

Thank you for ideas about new features, the problem is that I have prepared many new features but cannot find time for implement them, because I am not able to do all the things by myself (I do them in my freetime :-( next to my work ): developing, bug fixing, writing documentation, answering all the post in emails, answering all the post in forums, all languages coordination, ... so every help for this project will be appreciated:
Answering post in forum:
Creating language packages:
Creating themes:
Creating new modules, plugins, ... and documentation:

Every help will be very appreciated, thank you, Jan

Reviews: 2
Wow is all I can say. This gallery is feature rich, flexible, and looks great.

I've tried over a dozen Joomla gallery extensions and this one kicks butt! No glitches so far, and no serious limitations.

Could use a multiple upload button though - the average site user can't figure out ftp and is too impatient to load files one at a time.
Reviews: 1
It's excellent component. In case you have an installation problems (mysql), like I was, it's detailed documented in installation instruction.
Great job!
Reviews: 1
Very good and useful component. The support too.
Reviews: 15
This is by far the best gallery component yet!

Easy to install
Easy to configure
Easy to add photos and albums.

Just still trying to figure out why my sub categories dont have thumbnail images generate but all done after 10 minutes so spending time to figure it out absolute pleasure.

THANK YOU for a SUPERB component!

Installation: Joomla 1.5.8, Legacy Mode
Reviews: 1
I normally never writes reviews, but after trying this gallery out I simply have to. I have searched and searched for a proper gallery that could do all that I needed it to do. I have installed around 15 different galleries - just to be disappointed every time. Then I tried this gallery !!!!
It is everything I have been looking for. Its really easy to install and its VERY customizable. When you then add the different plugins and module - the gallery is complete.

I can highly recommend this gallery.
Reviews: 3
Simply the best joomla gallery out there... and I have been trying quite alot ;)
Reviews: 5
I just installed phocagellery 2.1 beta - the newest version - and I think this is an amazing component and an amazing well done job. Concratulations!

I did not have to read any instructions, its just very well buildt and can be configured intuitively although the author provides a good help site.

I would also like to mention the very well done and superb clean layout. I personally think this to be a masterpiece.
Reviews: 7
I am fairly new to Joomla but am very interested in its capabilities. I downloaded this module jsut to check it out. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
It does an excellent job and there are many options ot configure it to a particular site.
Definitely recommended.
Reviews: 3
This is one of the best galleries I had seen for Joomla, even you get nice support on the website forum. Congratulations to Jan and please continue the development!
Reviews: 3
Just what my site needed. A simple to use, professional looking gallery. I just activated the geotagging - which is simple to set up with the coordinates button. Support is excellent! Good job Jan!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension - uploaded easily and fairly intuitive for newbies like me!

Any chance of including video playback in your next update?

Much appreciated
Reviews: 1
Absolutely amazing gallery, easy to install and configure, lots of interesting features.

Still having some problems to run shadowbox-images are opened in modal window (template change did not help, maybe a conflict with some plugin)

Uploading files in ZIP from frontend would be much appreciated ;-)

Keep up the good work! :-)
Reviews: 3
Been using Phoca Gallery for a few versions now and have absolutely no complaints. It's by far the best gallery solution for joomla that we have found so far.
Reviews: 3
I've been using Phoca since May or June of this year, and I must say that it is a very nice, simple yet well featured gallery extension.

It is highly customizable, simple to use, and clean looking. Phoca met my needs when I first installed it, and they continue to improve on the extension on a regular basis.

The website keeps you posted on requested features and what is coming out in the next release. Upgrading from an older version to the latest release is a breeze. Thus far I have not encountered any bugs, problems, or issues from upgrading.

Thanks to Phoca and keep up the awesome work. I would recommend this extension to anyone.
Reviews: 1
I've been using this component for a while now and I'm very pleased with it.

The gallery layout is simple there are a lot of nice features.
Uploading images and thumbnail generation has been made very easy.

What I also like very much is the upgrade option. As soon as a new version is available just install the new component and press the upgrade button and tadaaa, you're done.

I really recommend this gallery, for both experienced and none-experienced joomla users.
Reviews: 1
i ve search a lot of them, but this is so far one that worth using, cause it compines all features that every other has. gr8 work!
Reviews: 3
Excellent, relatively simple, seasy to use gallery. Support is great. I can only recommend.
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