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Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is an image gallery with slideshow.

See demo with different features: (click on links on left side to see different features of Phoca Gallery)

Demo with tree and image module:

Demo with description and no popup:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Simple Caddy integration:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 2.5 (1.6, 1.7):

Demo Phoca Gallery and YouTube Video (CSS3):

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3:

Phoca Gallery 3.2.6 Requirements:
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5

Phoca Gallery 4 Requirements
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 3.x

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Reviews: 2
I`ve had Phoca on a few sites (j1,5) and now I was trying to Upload it to J2.5
But what I did , which way I try.... it failed. I have followed Jans lessons , but sorry

when it works it works fine
Owner's reply

Hi, as wrote many times, if this:

a) is fake review - no comments from my side

b) review was meant seriously - then please, reviewed should be features, not that something is not working (if it evidently is working - on demo sites, users sites, etc.). If you get some problem on your server with extensions, please, just visit Phoca Forum - to solve the problems.

Usually, if my old car gets broken, I am going to visit service (include, I will take the car and describe all problems I have) - mostly the problem is solved quickly. I think, that making review on some website about my old car will not help me and see no logic in such behaviour ... so I am really sorry and I really apologize a lot, but I don't understand this review and logic of this review and cannot answer it normally or help somehow :-( :-(

Thank you for understanding.


Reviews: 1
I don't understand anyone griping. I've used this gallery on multiple sites and it is a wonderful addition.
Reviews: 3
If I need a photo gallery there is not another choice. Thanks for your excellent component.
Reviews: 5
I have already used this component in two websites. It is very flexible with lots of configuration settings. It might be very confusing on the first look, but take your time to understand the settings and you will know how flexible it is.

It is not suitable for uploading Videos yet but you can add Youtube videos. Only problem I have found is that the YouTube upload form shows in all pages even if I am not logged in and I don't have any control over it. May be I am missing something or it will be fixed in the next version.
Either way it is a fantastic component and I recommend this component.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, yes, the problem was solved in version 3.1.5 (with displaying YouTube form in frontend)


Reviews: 3
I use Joomla 2.5 and can run the cooliris 3D wall perfectly when I browse the output on a Linux pc by firefox. Detail instruction can easily be found on internet to do that. However, no picture is shown when browse on a Windows pc (XP or 7) by IE or firefox.
I have also tried to install the plugin version and view on an article. Success and fail in the same way.
Phoca's demo site can do that (yes, even by IE where cooliris's website states that they don't support it) but I never success to create an a/c on their forum to post a question asking how.
Owner's reply

Hi, solved in Phoca Forum, problem was not related to Phoca Gallery, see more in Phoca Forum:

Reviews: 1
Phoca Gallery is a wonderful component! It allows many different options for configuration and display, and Jan is prompt in responding to questions. This is the best free Joomla component I've used!
Reviews: 8
This extensions Does NOT work with Joomla 1.6, first it has a install issue (which thanks god has a fix - but still you have to Search for this fix..), second is the "500 - An error has occurred.
JHtml: :batch not supported. File not found." error in back-end... you can't do nothing from back-end of this component.. developer suggest in forum to upgrade to J1.7.. which I think is not correct... many have customized extensions, templates etc... so Upgrading is not a "fix" ... I think you should take off the badge of Joomla 1.6 from your extension here on JED because this Does Not work.
Owner's reply

Hi, it is like you will use gasoline in your diesel car and your car producer will tell you, you should fill your diesel car with diesel. Does this make a sense? Yes ...

So if you are running Joomla! 1.6, you cannot use component which is made for Joomla! 1.7. So if I as developer will help you in forum and say: You need to use extension ready for 1.6 (some older version of Phoca Gallery) or you need to upgrade to Joomla! 1.7 to use Phoca Gallery designed for Joomla! 1.7 ... I think, this make sense.

So really don't understand this review.

If this is not a fake review, then please read this:

a) if you are running Joomla! 1.6 and you don't want to upgrade - just download older Phoca Gallery which is designed for 1.6 (the icon on JED is OK, because there are different Phoca Gallery versions and you will find version for every Joomla! version since Joomla! 1.5 and there is a version for Joomla! 1.6 too, of course).

b) if you want to upgrade (to Joomla! 1.7 or 2.5) - then just use the Phoca Gallery version designed for Joomla! 1.7 with batch feature which is Joomla! 1.7 feature.

I am really sorry, but I still don't understand what is the problem and why this review was made, really don't understand. :-(

You have got from

- working free extension (developed 5 years) - so you have saved 5 years of your life
- free advice in forum

and because you want not to understand the logic of the system and advices in forum (I still think, it makes sense - you just use the component which is designed for the system, if Joomla! 1.6 does not have included batch support, because it was developed for Joomla! 1.7, you just cannot use extensions which are designed for this feautre and you need to use older one), you just write some review which does not make any sense and seems to be a fake review. :-(

So what is really your problem? You are not able to use right version for right system (Phoca Gallery designed for Joomla! 1.6 in Joomla! 1.6, I think not) or your problem is that Phoca Gallery has Joomla! 1.6 icon listed here on JED?

Reviews: 2
This extension is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ! it has so much work invested in it, and it shows! Thank you ! a huge thumbs up!
Reviews: 2
This component, along with all of the modules and plugins that go with it (at least the ones I've tried so far) is way too good to be free. I'm hoping that Jan will put my donation towards beefing up his forum as I quite often get "Sorry but the board is temporarily unavailable, please try again in a few minutes." Thanks for all of your hard work, Jan. I hope that you can figure out a way to make a living doing this, because you're very good.
Reviews: 1
It's definitely a very refined plugin but it's let down by the automatic creation of generically branded folders used to store files with no clear way of setting custom folders for specific media types. I may simply have not found that option yet but I've spent 10 minutes looking through them to no avail.

That said tho it's still a very good extension!
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, will be great if you can explain it little more in e.g. Phoca Forum.

"... folders used to store files with no clear way of setting custom folders for specific media types"

At this time I don't understand what you mean with specific media types? In image gallery, there is only one media type - Image. ???


Reviews: 6
This is the best Gallery-Extension for Joomla known. I just can't describe all of it's great features.
But it's just as easy as "a b c". Install it, upload your pics, multi-add them and you are done!
Looks great, easy customizable.
Everybody should donate for this! Thanks from me for this great work!
Reviews: 2
I dont htink the rating has much value here, and only care about what people write. having said that, working with Joomla as platform for my business there are 2 things which to me are monumentally more important than anything else - whether an extension is commercial and documentation/support.

I have just wasted an entire week trying to adapt properly a variety of galleries, the only real condition being upload from front-end. Apart from that, I was open to anything, from accepting stuff missing to having to completely style it myself.

Still this flexible, I havent found anything proper, from Oziogallery who has only support in Italian to HWDphotosahe which I even after having paid for can find no documentation about and which as a component is so bad that it seems clear that they spend all their efforts on their video component.

This time I will do the unusual of posting my review BEFORE installing the extension, and I do so with a purpose - I KNOW that this one is the best alternative for me. Why? Because having studied it I know that this Jan, on the contrary to all his "rivals" here works on this component day and night like I do, is always available and most importantly - has provided endeless amounts of documentation.

That to me is Joomla spirit, these people who develop complex components with neither documentation or support should be banned from offering them, they have cost me and other more time and money than people can imagine.
Reviews: 6
Phoca Gallery has so many options it's a it overwhelming, but once you get it's rewarding. Many sites my partner and I develop make use of this handy extension.

And upgrading Phoca Gallery from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7 was a treat, although it took a while for us to figure it out (as there isn't a migration script for it yet). All you need to do is follow this video, which does the trick:

I hope that it helps anyone who had the same doubt as me :)
Reviews: 7
Another Phoca extension that simply rocks and sets the standard for what an on-line gallery should be... not just for Joomla but in general. If you only need to slap couple images on your site, don't bother... but if you want something that's going to give you an enormous flexibility and a solid list of features, then look no further, download Phoca Gallery and buckle up for a wild ride through the long list of parameters. This means it's a bit daunting at first but gives you a fantastic freedom once you get it.
There's also a ton of add-ons that make this a really robust piece of technology.
Thank you, Jan - can't wait what's coming next from your "workshop" :)
Reviews: 2
I have used Phoca Gallery extensively now and consider it to be the best in class gallery extension. It is being actively developed and has many additional plug-ins.

This is very much a fully featured Gallery extension. As a result there are many options and some of the terminology used to describe the options and the concepts was, for me at least, difficult to get to grips with initially. I would have liked to have seen slightly more extensive documentation to help new users. However, I persevered and found that the level of support which is provided by the extension developer is nothing short of phenomenal and this made up for any other shortcomings. Thank you Jan for an excellent extension.
Reviews: 22
PROS: The image gallery works fantastic and is really nice and easy to set up and use.

CONS: Image descriptions don't show up fully below images and when images are clicked on, you still can't see the full description because there is no image descriptions when the picture is brought into full view.

All in all this extension is fantastic, but only lacks one feature - description controls and placement.
Owner's reply

Hi, displaying of description depends on used detail window method (standard popup, modal box, modal box image only, highslide js, highslide js image only, shadowbox, jak lightbox, slimbox, boxplus, boxplus image only, etc.)

By image methods - this can be customized in the specific javascript library
By iframe methods - it can be easily set in template of detail window:
components/com_phocagallery/views/detail/tmpl/default.php or can be overwritten with help of MVC in template. Or can be set in parameters (description can be displayed below image or over the image in opacity box)

See: (8) - difference between image and iframe method - setting parameters to display/hide or set specific position of description


Reviews: 1
I have tried tons of galleries for Joomla, some simple, some with fancy flash (which I dumped as soon as I got my iPad and could not see my gallery), some commercial and some for free. Simply put, this is the best gallery out there, it is simple yet powerful, simply works as stated and it is free, amazing, easy to use, well supported and well documented. Fantastic work, congratulations to the developers and all my gratitude for this amazing gift!!! 6 stars!!!
Reviews: 9
After years of using other Joomla photo galleries I am now a Phoca Gallery fanatic. For a free component it has so much to offer for the advanced or new user and look great as well.

I read other reviews here for Phoca Gallery and see that they say there are issues with translations. This may be the case (or not) but for something that is free I cannot fault it. Installed seamlessly and had it up and running within a few hours (the first time). Now I understand the options it will be a breeze in the future.

Thank you to the developers of this component. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile, well designed, attractive gallery with administrator and frontend upload features.
Reviews: 2
I use Joomla! extensively and use a whole lot of extensions from this place every now and then! But today I explored Phoca Gallery to the fullest and I got blown away by the features. Its perfect, awesome and every other great word out there. Sure, there are so many features that you ought to get confused but then, that is what we need!
I haven't had a chance to communicate with the developer directly but he needs to be congratulated without any reservations. And by making such an awesome product available for free, the person has some serious contribution to the Open-source community.
I will be sure to send across whatever financial help I can send when possible.
Kudos to the developers again!
Reviews: 1
We loved using the phoca gallery component for our web site Unfortunately, when trying to add images, it started giving us an error message about "memory limit reached". when i researched this, it said we needed to increase the memory limit on our server. We use a retail server, host gator, so we can't increase the memory limit. We liked the phoca component, but the memory limit problem is making us consider to use a new component.
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