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Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is an image gallery with slideshow.

See demo with different features: (click on links on left side to see different features of Phoca Gallery)

Demo with tree and image module:

Demo with description and no popup:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Simple Caddy integration:

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 2.5 (1.6, 1.7):

Demo Phoca Gallery and YouTube Video (CSS3):

Demo Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3:

Customized Phoca Gallery on live sites:

Phoca Gallery 3.2.6 Requirements:
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5

Phoca Gallery 4 Requirements
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 3.x

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Reviews: 2
This component provides a great photo gallery; so far I have "only" used it as a normal photo gallery, for this it works great under Joomla 1.5 as well as under 1.6. I haven't yet tried all features (it provides picasa integration from what I saw!), but the ones I used worked well AND looked well.
The only minor drawback it has in my eyes (but that probably comes with the sheer amount of functionality it provides) is that configuring it is rather complicated (you'll have to take some time to get it right); especially when frontend user upload is concerned. But once everything is configured right, it runs smoothly and can be tailored to your every needs.
Reviews: 11
I have used this extension on many of my sites and I really love it. Lately, I'm using it in Joomla 1.6 sites and it's still great. I've received support which has been clear and helpful. Nice job!
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for this great photo gallery. I had a minor issue with the newest version for 1.6. I sent a query to the forum and got a quick reply that there was a new version with a fix on-line. I grabbed it and updated mine and it now works great! Thanks again!
Reviews: 3
Awesome photo gallery. It's very beautiful and has ALOT of options. I really LOVE it!!

There's one thing I'm missing though. On a page, I only want to show (at the moment) 1 category. But I can't show only 1 category. I can either do all category's (not wanted), or show the photo's in a map (which I also don't want..) I want (at the moment it's 1 category map) to be shown as map.. Do you have any idea of how to fix this?

Furthermore this is just awesome!
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, please try to describe this in Phoca Forum, so it can be discussed there.

You can do e.g. one parent category and then subcategories in this category, then you will see only one category in "categories view" (if set in parameters), etc. but as I wrote, maybe I don't understand it correctly so will be better to discuss it in forum.

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 10
I was looking for a good non-commercial gallery for a non-profit organisation. Phoca Gallery is really fantastic, easy to use and provided with a comprehensive documentation.
It is well featured including plugin to include photos, diaporama in contents without any coding required.
I like the possibility to control access, even if a bit complicated with Joomla 1.5.
Inclusion of Picasa album and youtube videois nice and appreciated feature.
Many thanks for this great extension.
Reviews: 1
The gallery in and of it's self is average and what you would expect. However the Native1.6 version is not exactly native. It has no support for the new Group access restrictions which are in great demand o a Photo Gallery yet I am still on a quest to find a good non-comercial gallery that supports these features. With this you have to go in and individually assign rights to each user. It's painful, slow and not effective when you have several hundred users. Once the administration and security is cleaned up and it's fully 1.6 then it may be a contender.
Owner's reply


sorry, I don't understand your review? Did you use Phoca Gallery or other extension?

Phoca Gallery 3 is written for Joomla! 1.6 and it is a native Joomla! 1.6 component (Phoca Gallery 2 is 1.5 component) Both are different extensions because of different systems they are written for.

Phoca Gallery 3 supports:

- ACL for the backend - you can set rights for the backend (administration) actions - fully native, completely rewritten for 1.6, the same behaviour like all other native core extensions in 1.6 - just see options to manage permissions.

- ACL for frontend, there is access right for Joomla! groups and such rights system is extended for individual users. This is a feature. Mostly, a category belongs to one user, so you can set rights for individual users (like deleting, publishing, uploading).

Please visit Phoca Forum and write some detailed information about "Once the administration and security is cleaned up and it's fully 1.6" ... in other case it seems like your review is a fake review - no concrete issue, wrong and confusing information. :-(

Thank you for understanding. Will be great to get more ideas and tips for improving this extension.


Reviews: 3
Thank for your work! Very useful component.
Reviews: 7
Had to write a review for this. I think this is one of the best gallery extension I have come across, I am a designer and illustrator and the work that's gone into this is amazing, look and feel. These are the kind of developers Joomla needs to keep it fresh and alive. Well done.
Reviews: 5
Thanks for Phoca Gallery - its an awesome extension.

For the first time, I am having one issue that has been causing me much headache... No matter what I do, I cant upload from the frontend using a registered user, I always get the message "Image has too large resolution", even when I upload a very small image (small both in size and resolution).

What could be wrong?
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, if you have a question regarding Phoca Gallery, please paste it into Phoca forum - and please let me know which version your are running.

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 4
Very professional solution for image gallery with active development! Thanks for the developer! 5*
Reviews: 4
Highly recommended! Very easy to manage and great customer support.
Reviews: 1
Having tried several gallery modules we stopped when after trying Phoca Gallery. This excellent module is very customisable; straight forward to install and use; and looks excellent when published on our page.

We cannot recommend the module enough, and plan to support the further development of this module as soon as our site has taken off.
Reviews: 1
Many thanks developers of Phoca, very simple, none-commercial. Excellent ! Vote 5 starts !
Reviews: 1
I must say that this component was really helpful. I have tried lots of gallery components, but none delivered close to this one. I advice any one who is interested in something cool, to go for this component.
Reviews: 1
Super, super, super.... excellent. Very, very thanks for the component.
Reviews: 5
We have been using this Component for a while, having already donated to ensure it's survival. After having a small problem I emailed Jan at 8.00pm on a Saturday night about it. He replied within an hour with a solution.
Not only is this a great Component, the support is second to none
Reviews: 16
This is the most functional gallery component i've found. It has a lot of options and it integrates well with the rest of your site.
My only concern is, for galleries with a very high level of graphic impact i prefer to use some other plugin, because in my experience Phoca is somewhat "rigid" in its display.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, but I really don't have any idea what you mean with "rigid", maybe this should be not written in review but in the forum or feature request site with fully explanation.

Will be great to get more info.

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a gallery component for Joomla that has absolutely everything... you have arrived to the right component, thanks a lot to all developers; viva el software libre!!!
Reviews: 16
I tried a few other gallery components before trying this. Phoca is the way to go for my site. I downloaded the Black theme and it complements my site beautifully. Totally configurable and looks very very sharp. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I tried many components for a image gallery but this one is the best. It's easy to install and it has many components that allows to display images and videos.I recommend this for all the Joomla users who want an awsome gallery and I'm going to make a donation for this great developers team.
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