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JSN ImageShow is one of the most popular photo gallery extensions for Joomla! It’s built for developers, webmasters, photographers and publishers to help them create very nice image galleries running well on Joomla websites. It’s powerful, easy to use, and feature-rich. It has had a lot of good reviews and is highly recommended by users. Let’s see why you should use it

* Multiple Image Sources
--- Select the desired images directly from popular sources like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook. Instagram, and ImageShack, and from Joomla! galleries such as Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery, RS Gallery.

* Multiple Presentation options
--- Show your image gallery via a menu item (component), in a module position (module) and inside an article (content plug-in). Also, you can show multiple galleries on single page.

* Drag-n-Drop Management
--- Save time by quickly dragging and dropping images.

* Mobile Ready
--- Optimized to be look good on the iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows mobiles.

* 6 Amazing Themes

You have 6 themes to choose from for your image show:

--- Theme Classic: as each photo is presented, a list of all images is shown at the top/bottom of the gallery.
--- Theme Slider: as each photo is presented, a slider allows you to move to the next one.
--- Theme Grid: a lot of photos are presented in one place. A photo will be zoomed into view when users click on it.
--- Theme Carousel: present all your images in one place with rounded animation.
--- Theme Strip: present images with a horizontal or vertical orientation
--- Theme Flow: present all your images with new 3D effects

Do you want to see right now how it creates beautiful image galleries visually in the back-end

***** Watch "Quick Tour Video" *****

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Reviews: 2
It's the 4th product i'm using from this company.. all of them worth every penny! and the best of is when you can keep the limit and have it for free!
Reviews: 1
Works great. Considering upgrading so I can get past the 10 image limit.
Reviews: 3
Easy to set up and offers great display options. One of the best I have ever used. If you do run into even a small issue the support is speedy. This perfroms as promised. Kudos to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Excellent module with high grade of configuration. Great idea to include images from Google Photo, so that images can be changed on the flight without touching the server.
Highly recommended.
Really good job JSN group!
Reviews: 1
i have tried many extension. atlast i find this one. very good working and simple functions. very good.
Reviews: 1
maybe the best thing for all I needed... it was easy to use, scaleable and very performant. The only thing I don´t like is, that this is so dependend from Flash (Adobe)... some German letters are not useable in domain-names, if this should work...
Reviews: 2
A very good extension, easy to use and fitting perfect to my site. Thanks a lot.
Worth to buy to have all possibilities.
Reviews: 5
very pleasant and easy extension. No problem with it
Reviews: 4
This ImageShow is really the easiest and best tool for a few possibilities of presentation.

good job :o)
Reviews: 2
Great component and plugin, I'm thrilled with it I have installed on several websites and I always get spectacular results. With JSN ImageShow.
Reviews: 1
A brilliant product that does almost everything you want, backed up by even better customer service. Well done guys!
Reviews: 3
I've been using this extension for a long time with no problems. Many good features here.
Reviews: 1
Component requires pre-processing of images. Instead fix my problem simply advised to use a different Presentation Mode.
too bad to be so expensive
Owner's reply

First of all, we are sorry for your frustration using our products. We do our best to bring smooth and convenient UX in our products, which is praised by many other user’s review. However, in some cases like yours, the image pre-processing by human (yourself) is required, because there is no way software can understand which part of the image you can to show on the slideshow. It’s even more tricky, when it comes to the case when you want to show vertical oriented image in horizontal oriented gallery.

Reviews: 4
I like that module. It is one of my favorite Imageshow. I use it on several websites.
Great job guys.
Reviews: 6
Sometimes you can tell when you are using well written code. This is one such time, the workflow is sound, even the installation is comprehensive, no installing components, then plugins, then modules. It does it all in one go.
The only thing better than the code is the support, their support is brilliant, only bettered by their support on their templates.
Thoroughly recommended
Reviews: 14
An excellent solution for image slideshow. I recommend.
Reviews: 3
I use the Dome Template and ImageShow Pro. It is amazing what you get for this price. I'am very happy with the outcome of the new design on my homepage. Register and Support absolutly easy and professional.
Reviews: 3
I bought JSN Gruve Template plus JSN Imageshow PRO and downloaded the free JSN PowerAdmin.
The products as such are very good and easy to use. The documentation is very well written and easy to understand.
PowerAdmin makes dealing with the Joomla Backend so much easier.
In making my content responsive and show nice on smartphones, I needed some help. Without any discussion the people of JoomlaShine helped free of charge, although the help subject (my content) was not at all part of their product.
Answers to questions and help/support were each time given within 24 hours.
Great people, thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
Love this extension! So easy to use and very flexible.
Reviews: 1
JSN ImageShow is a fantastic extension. There is some promblems thoug. Some of the thumbnails are so pretty in theme grid. But I am sure that problem will be solved soon.
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