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JSN ImageShow is one of the most popular photo gallery extensions for Joomla! It’s built for developers, webmasters, photographers and publishers to help them create very nice image galleries running well on Joomla websites. It’s powerful, easy to use, and feature-rich. It has had a lot of good reviews and is highly recommended by users. Let’s see why you should use it

* Multiple Image Sources
--- Select the desired images directly from popular sources like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook. Instagram, and ImageShack, and from Joomla! galleries such as Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery, RS Gallery.

* Multiple Presentation options
--- Show your image gallery via a menu item (component), in a module position (module) and inside an article (content plug-in). Also, you can show multiple galleries on single page.

* Drag-n-Drop Management
--- Save time by quickly dragging and dropping images.

* Mobile Ready
--- Optimized to be look good on the iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows mobiles.

* 6 Amazing Themes

You have 6 themes to choose from for your image show:

--- Theme Classic: as each photo is presented, a list of all images is shown at the top/bottom of the gallery.
--- Theme Slider: as each photo is presented, a slider allows you to move to the next one.
--- Theme Grid: a lot of photos are presented in one place. A photo will be zoomed into view when users click on it.
--- Theme Carousel: present all your images in one place with rounded animation.
--- Theme Strip: present images with a horizontal or vertical orientation
--- Theme Flow: present all your images with new 3D effects

Do you want to see right now how it creates beautiful image galleries visually in the back-end

***** Watch "Quick Tour Video" *****

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Reviews: 1
First I tested the free-accessible version JSN ImageShow, and when I realized that this is the extension for my website, which I need, do not hesitate, please upgrade to PRO UNLIMITED.
Thanks to the developers for such a great product - with it you can do wonders: convenient, easy, intuitive and fast - now I have no problems that arose earlier when inserting codes galleries - all done at the touch of button, built-in system "Insert JSN ImageShow".
Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Believe me I have possibly tried them all, and the intuitive nature of this product is phenominal. I have to put up a slideshow on many of my client sites, and almost no one could not pick up how to use this for their own site.
Reviews: 4
having troublems installing JSN image show.. a review of their support page with show many others with install problems.. including DEPENCY issues on install.. im sure its a good extension but suffers from lots of install issues.... call me frustrated.. my first extension purchase (commercial) and im can say im not impressed!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

JSN ImageShow is an easy, yet sophisticated product. It can take images from multiple sources and show them in multiple themes. To bypass 2mb upload limitation, we had to break down the product to core and plugins to make the installation flow possible and smooth.

On the other hand, Joomla is an open source system where you can install wide variety of extensions and there is no guarantee to avoid conflicts. However, we work hard to fix possible issues and release product updates twice a month. So the trouble you confronted might already have been resolved.

Reviews: 3
We used this extension together with several subdomains and had problems to show the slideshows in conjunction with this. The slideshows are not showing on a mobile device also (smartphones, tablet PC's).

But together with the amazing support of Joomlashine we solved all these issues now. Thanks again for the patience and the great work!
Reviews: 1
Just to say this is a great extension, it works perfect. Just had some issues with IE8 but the support team was quite fast in replying to issues and give the solution.
5 Star
Thank you guys.
Reviews: 2
Very good extension.
The support is very helpful, quick and friendly.
Even if you need a certain functionality, they are ready to add it and help you.
Reviews: 99
I've tested out many other slideshows in the JED. This one is hands down the best one. Plenty of options, works very well, looks great, and good forum support. Joomlashine is up there on my favorite Joomla sites. This extension is well thought out. Plus they update frequently and are working with the latest versions of Joomla.

Thank You for your hard work.
Cheers Josh Lewis
Reviews: 2
Like all the products of joomlashine JSN IMageShow is excellent! The support team reacts just in time. I really love this guys! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 5
Great product. JSN provide the best documentation for their products bar none!
Reviews: 4
Super gallery! I really like it right from first few minutes when i download it. Excellent documentation with great visualisation. Didn't get a chance to contact to support bec. everything clear and working smooth! Thank you guys!
Reviews: 4
I want to warn potential customers of this PRO version. I have not tested the free one. This is NOT a 5 star extension in my book. There are just too many issues with it.

Most importantly, you MUST turn off mod_security in Apache in order for this extension to work.

This is because jquery.cookie.js is blocked if you have mod_security on. Thus you need to make your hosting environment less secure in order to have this extension working. This could easily have been avoided if they named the file something more appropriate.

I posted in the forum about this matter but never got a response. I PMd a super administrator, but after 5 days have not received a reply. I had to hire a developer to find this issue for me.

Second, the themes shown on their site are not immediately available. You need to download them after installing. A minor thing, but still. Why not bundle, why make things complicated?

Third, I just CANNOT get this to autoplay. I have cleared the cache on both Joomla and my browsers, I have installed and uninstalled, and I have re-created the showcases etc, and I have tested various browsers. I just can't find out why.

I have now spent a week on this extension, and I still don't have the setup that I want. There are free slider modules out there that could do the work in an hour, and I deeply regret not going with one of them.

Maybe I'm an exception, and everyone else has a better experience. But for an extension that cost money, i certainly expect more.
Owner's reply

Thank you for you review. Let me explain in details.

1. Yes, there was an issue with “jquery.cookie.js” file name and we quickly fixed it in released version 4.4.1. Now mod_security of Apache can be turned on normally.

2. We didn’t include themes in single bundle because the overall file size of installation package would become over 2mb which will hit the upload file limitation of most servers. Besides, not everyone will want to use all themes. So we let user choose the theme and install it directly from the showcase panel, which is easy enough.

3. We tried to reproduce the Autoplay bug, but could find the issue. Please keep posting in our support forum and we will get you supported properly. Due to increasing product popularity recently, we admit that our support quality slightly went down, but we’ve hired more support staff to handle.

We want to say sorry that you are not fully satisfied with the product. Any products can have troubles in certain circumstances. But as long as we are cooperating, most of issues can be fixed. We hope for your further cooperation and appreciate your patience.

Reviews: 2
I originally bought ImageShow PRO back in 2008, and now having upgraded my site to Joomla 2.5 I needed the latest version. I had lost/mislaid my Login details over the years, so I sent a speculative email providing what info I could. The responnse was almost immediate, and userid/password was reset. Support is consistent with product quality - no need to consider anything else!
Reviews: 5
Super extention, very easy to use and very nice layout with many customisation.
I recommend well.
Reviews: 4
I recommend this excellent extension, very practical and beautiful. Customers love!
Reviews: 1
After installing I had a beautiful image gallery working flawlessly in less than 5 minutes. developer support is second to none.
Can't say enough about all the features and ease of use. Get it and look no further
Reviews: 5
An excellent extension with a lot of options and first class support.
Reviews: 6
used it in many website, gives a great visual bumpf to the site... worth using:)
Reviews: 4
great work, and also great support!
many thanks for that kind of J!extens :-)
Reviews: 1
I have been looking through the gallery extensions for days now trying to find the best one for my website.. Then after the 4 day of loading extensions after extensions and deleting them all I finally found this one!!

It works and looks brilliant, I went onto the website and was able to download the free copy which works a treat!

It has a step by step installation and is really easy to set up, I had my first gallery set-up within minutes!

Its a must have!!
Reviews: 5
Superb documentation, visuals. Brilliant piece of work. As far as I can tell it's flawless. Thank you, JSN!
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