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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JSN ImageShow is one of the most popular photo gallery extensions for Joomla! It’s built for developers, webmasters, photographers and publishers to help them create very nice image galleries running well on Joomla websites. It’s powerful, easy to use, and feature-rich. It has had a lot of good reviews and is highly recommended by users. Let’s see why you should use it

* Multiple Image Sources
--- Select the desired images directly from popular sources like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook. Instagram, and ImageShack, and from Joomla! galleries such as Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery, RS Gallery.

* Multiple Presentation options
--- Show your image gallery via a menu item (component), in a module position (module) and inside an article (content plug-in). Also, you can show multiple galleries on single page.

* Drag-n-Drop Management
--- Save time by quickly dragging and dropping images.

* Mobile Ready
--- Optimized to be look good on the iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows mobiles.

* 6 Amazing Themes

You have 6 themes to choose from for your image show:

--- Theme Classic: as each photo is presented, a list of all images is shown at the top/bottom of the gallery.
--- Theme Slider: as each photo is presented, a slider allows you to move to the next one.
--- Theme Grid: a lot of photos are presented in one place. A photo will be zoomed into view when users click on it.
--- Theme Carousel: present all your images in one place with rounded animation.
--- Theme Strip: present images with a horizontal or vertical orientation
--- Theme Flow: present all your images with new 3D effects

Do you want to see right now how it creates beautiful image galleries visually in the back-end

***** Watch "Quick Tour Video" *****

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Reviews: 1
After installing I had a beautiful image gallery working flawlessly in less than 5 minutes. developer support is second to none.
Can't say enough about all the features and ease of use. Get it and look no further
Reviews: 5
An excellent extension with a lot of options and first class support.
Reviews: 6
used it in many website, gives a great visual bumpf to the site... worth using:)
Reviews: 5
great work, and also great support!
many thanks for that kind of J!extens :-)
Reviews: 1
I have been looking through the gallery extensions for days now trying to find the best one for my website.. Then after the 4 day of loading extensions after extensions and deleting them all I finally found this one!!

It works and looks brilliant, I went onto the website and was able to download the free copy which works a treat!

It has a step by step installation and is really easy to set up, I had my first gallery set-up within minutes!

Its a must have!!
Reviews: 5
Superb documentation, visuals. Brilliant piece of work. As far as I can tell it's flawless. Thank you, JSN!
Reviews: 2
Well, this is the one.. I was looking around for a while and found jsn. First i tried the free version with limited slideshows. It's really good, with lots of options and on the site i, in content or in modules, just looks great. So after trying i bought ht pro version. It's absolutely worth the money.
Great Job.
Reviews: 2
After wasting two days trying out so many gallery and slide show extensions (free and commercial!) I finally gave this extension a go! I was frustrated with wasting time with programs not working correctly in IE 8 or taking too long to work out how to get it all "happening". I want slick extensions I can install and have on my website in "minutes". This extension is amazing. Wish it had the option to edit the photos (crop, enhance etc) but for a smooth operation, ease of configuration and awesome viewing, I love this extension. Thanks so much! So versatile - put the slideshows in a gallery, module or inset in your articles - very sophisicated.

Will find time later to explore deeper, but when you need something to work first time and no headaches, messing around.... this extension comes up top! Well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
I used to use this extension for my sites. It's work perfectly!. Thanks Joomlashine for great extension.
Reviews: 2
if you are looking for a good image show this is it I have never been happier after trying so many I will never change this one it is awesome!!!!!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best Image extension I've ever seen here at It looks very professional, everything is smooth, easy to work and very rich on functionality. You can use it as a slideshow, rotator or a gallery everywhere on the website. It's fantastic, that's why I also purchased the Pro version of this extension. Keep it up guys! ^^
Reviews: 2
This is the best image slideshow extension so far!!They have an excellent support team.The Documentation is excellent and very self explanatory for any novice!!
Thank you guys i am very grateful.And hey guys i definitely recommend this extension!!
Reviews: 3
Easy to install and use. Support is very good and professional.

It has a good and step by step manual. I discovered some interesting possibilities of JSN Imageshow PRO after read it! i.e. backup your JSN Imageshow.

Reviews: 2
As always support is very good. These guys go out of their way to help. I use their templates on many of my sites, and this little gem didn't fail to meet my expectations. What's better is that I can run it in multiple positions each with unique images, something I couldn't do with FPSS. Cheers and thanks for the great work. JSN rocks!
Reviews: 2
module instalition and usage very easy.JUST ONE WORD: MAGNIFICENT!
Reviews: 1
I love this extension. It was very easy to use the first time, and as I go back and add in more images, it is even easier. Any time I have emailed the developers with a question, I get an immediate and appropriate response. I use this extension for my portfolio on my website and it looks great! Thanks!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We will release more themes soon, so you can have even more choices on how to present your portfolio.

Thanks again for the review.

Reviews: 2
I"ve used ImageShow Pro for about 2 years and seen with each version feature after feature get added or improved.

I tried the trail lversion for a few weeks and went pro (developers license) right away and use it for my client sites. The support you get is fantastic. I also purchased the pro developers licesnes of their jsn Epic and Dome templates. Image show with those templates... AWESOME combo.

With much flexibility and many features comes documentation. Guess what. The documentation is awesome too. And if you are too lazy to read it (as we all are from time to time) did I mention awesome support :). I've used Joomlashine products for al my professional web projects and its paid off. Image Show Pro... Get this!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. As you can see, we don’t have many extensions. We focus our efforts of product quality and customer support.

Thanks again for the review.

Reviews: 6
I have been using this extension now for around 2 years on various websites I have built and can't fault it. It is extremely versatile, I use it as a header, image slideshow, advertisement slideshow and basically to display any new information, pictures I add to the sites.

It looks professional and is so easy to use. I have tried other image slideshows and struggled with the configuration, but this is so simple and has so many options you can do just about anything with it. I also use it with the JSN Epic Pro Template I purchased and just love how professinal and user friendly it is.
Reviews: 6
- Easy to use
- A lot of configuration

- Slow. The display of a page containing this plugin is really slow, even with few images
- Breaks with facebook Share plugins in the way that the only images visible by the plugins are the navigation images and not gallery images (workaround: add manually an invisible image in the page).
- With these two limitations: too expensive (and no access to forum in free mode thus it is not possible to verify it is just a configuration problem)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your honest review.

1. Yes, flash gallery is little slower than normal image presentation, but that’s the little price you pay for stunning presentation. Besides, it’s slow only for the first loading time. After that, flash file will be loaded from browser’s cache and run smoothly.

2. All issue of Free edition can be reported in free section of our forum. The forum is not entirely closed for free users. Anyway, in this JED listing we are talking about PRO edition.

Thanks again for the review.

Reviews: 26
I've used JSN products for many years and they just keep getting better. I've had a developers license for this product for quite a while now, and I use it a lot.

Once you have a read of the extensive documentation or watch the well-made tutorials you'll appreciate just how configurable the extension is. I've used it for image galleries, rotating headers, static headers .. it's just great.

It's also quite easy to explain to my clients how to add new images as well, which is a bonus! Integrating with other gallery systems is a huge bonus also, which shows the developers are forward thinking and listening to their users.

I've had to use the ticket system a few times and always had a prompt response with fixes provided or assistance to identify what the problem was.

I'd definitely recommend this, it's not hugely expensive but it's definitely a worthwhile investment.
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