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*Categories/ Subcategories
*Full lightbox photo gallery with all of the options that the main gallery has
*Multiple image uploader with resizing before upload, and drag and drop
*Responsive Layout
*Frontend uploading and gallery creation
*Image tagging and search
*A download image button
*Facebook Comments and JComments integration
*Image Ratings
*Rounded corners
*Facebook share button for each image
*Google plus one button for each image
*Twitter Button for each image
*Pinterest Button for each image
*Top/bottom/left/right position for thumbs
*Top/bottom/left/right position for image descriptions
*Use the plugin to put one or many galleries into an article (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Use the module to put a gallery into a module position (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Search engine friendly urls
*Many more...

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Reviews: 6
I tried many galleries and this one is one of the best. It's not free as phoca, but it has many features and it's extra flexible. Works like a charm out of the box and with fine tuning of parameters can be transformed in many forms.
Adding and categorisation of pictures is extra user friendly witch is hard to archive in gallery component.

Also I needed some support regarding some specific issues that I had and I received help very quickly.

To sum up, well worth the money, it will save you time uploading pictures and it's beautiful right out of box.
Reviews: 1
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Ignite Gallery is wonderful. Full of features and easy to use. On top of that if you have a question the support is instant, trustworthy and personal. I recommend this to everyone who wants a gallery that is constantly updated with the same speed as the major social sites. The developers of this gallery love it like they do there own children, and they want to see it succeed. You are Awesome!
Reviews: 1
Ignite is powerful, intuitive and flexible. It's helped me create some very professional-looking galleries on my club's website, despite my relative lack of Joomla knowledge.

Request - tooltips help for the backend so that it's really clear what every parameter does.

I'd thoroughly recommend this module (I experimented with Phoca before but this is SO much easier to get your head around.)

Reviews: 1
Just want to say level of support is very high for this component much appreciated. Great communication and gallery is everything i needed front and backend...Would definitely recommend :)
Reviews: 2
I do not regret this investment with this quality component and effective support. Really, really good component, highly configurable. Keep up the works !
Reviews: 2
I needed a gallery that would do front end uploading and image management, and that would look good and be really customisable. I had almost given up finding all these features in one component, and then I found Ignite Gallery.

It is simply superb, and almost unbelievably cheap to boot - I would have paid triple and considered it money well spent.

Thank you Matt for an exemplary Joomla extension. If only more developers would emulate your quality, style and sheer functionality. Hats off to you, and thank you.
Reviews: 7
I have used many galleries over the years and this time around we gave Ignite Gallery a shot.

I had a problems which turned out to be a simple setting in the Ignite Gallery Parameters. I sent an email to support and they got back to me promptly.

I was well taken care of was left feeling appreciated for being a paying customer and was treated as such.

I will definitely use this gallery again on future projects.


Reviews: 5
I will have to give this five thumbs up! Looks magnificent, works like a charm and is very easy to install and configure. Also support was fast as lightning when I needed them.
Reviews: 114
I have installed and paid for a lot of slideshows since the early days of Mambo through to Joomla 1.7 and I can put my hand on my heart and say... THANK YOU for making a component that has the end user in mind. It is difficult to find a Component that works straight off without any issues whatsoever.

I am impressed... well worth the £26.71.
Reviews: 29
Having tried many others that have front end edit-ability (Phoca was, despite the massive amount of reviews, hard and cumbersome to deal with and I never managed to upload from the front end), I bit the bullet and paid for Ignite. Why hadn't I done so sooner???? A breeze to install, learn and use.

It's a powerful extension, but easy to learn and understand. Phoca was a nightmare trying to get into the dev's head and figure out what he was thinking. Ignite was logical and well thought out. The online dox were a little thin given the amount of options, but they were all pretty self-explanatory. If anything, for me, tool tips in the back end would be all I would change.

First gallery took longer to upload than Ignite did to set up. Brilliant!
Reviews: 6
I am very new to joomla. I have a BA-degree in Graphic design and currently studying Multimedia Design and I am making my first Joomla website. I looked and looked for a component like this one and jei.... this one is just perfect.

Of course there are always a few things that can be fixed but the support is great and I imagine that the developer is open improvement suggestions.

A great component/module/plugin for large image galleries.

Best money spent ever!!!

Reviews: 13
So many variables that are easy to apply and if you get stuck then Matt will help you out (for me twice within 24hrs each time).
Really brilliant component and makes my site look great
thanks Matt
Reviews: 51
With the support for J1.7, frontend upload, subcategories, and excellent responsive support, I think it's pretty close to what we need. Stable, nice features and easy to adminstrate.
Reviews: 8
This is a good gallery because you can view the thumbs and main image inline, the page doesn't reload, so it is very smooth.
You can also add your own logo, which saves a lot of time. If you don't like your first logo.
It is also very fast to upload many photos on the backend, so you can easily have 100's of photos display fairly quickly.
Missing features i'd like to see:
-Zoom, magnifying glass
-Amazon bucket support
-Other image borders designs options
-Clear resize cache (be careful about this one or you'll have a server full of duplicate images.)
-Choose resize folder location, no buried in the images folder.
- Captions over images.
- include videos
- thumbs inline option
Reviews: 2
We are a development team, migrating several websites that used joomla, wordpress with image galleries -or dedicated software. At first sight iGallery seemed to be one of the good choices if not the best. After using it for a month and after migrating/creating five websites, here is our verdict that we had to share:

- easy to use, almost everything is included (read the documentation and the forum! ... we found features we needed, even after one month while we were about to code it)
- stable, fast and looks amazing on every design
- frequent upgrades and fast/friendly/professional support
- the software is extremely flexible if you learn how to set up and use Profiles (important!)

One of the websites took several hours to create, sort and publish a gallery structure with subcategories, now it took about five minutes. This is what made me write this review.
iGallery saves us at least two hours per day. Thank you!
Reviews: 6
Excellent product, excellent documentation, excellent support. Usable out of the box, but easy to customize too. Very very well thought out backend. Thanks to the trial version you can find out, if this gallery suits your needs in every aspect and detail.

I asked for help on a little hack (iframes within image descriptions). My e-mail request was answered quickly, i received precise instructions and some good advice. --- Thank you - and keep it going please.
Reviews: 9
Hi! I have been looking all over the place to find a good Image gallery extension in Joomla that allows to me displays many different albums in a nice and friendly way.

Nothing fancy really, I just need the Gallery or album list view with a thumbnail to represent that album/category together with a short description of the image category and maybe the number of pictures in each category, a Category or Album view where there would be thumbnails of all the pictures in a given category/album and finally a detailed view, which hopefully should be customizable so as to offer different options.

The type of display I'm most interested in for the detailed view is a popup window displayed inside the current window, showing my image clear and large, fitted to my browser window dimensions so as to take advantage of all the screen real estate and with a few buttons to move forward and backward between the images and hopefully the possibility to have a slideshow feature within the popup.
Another feature which is somewhat optional but very well appreciated too is the ability to post comments about the categories and/or the images, directly from within the popup view or within the category/album view, using Jcomments or Facebook comments for instance.

Well… I must say that Ignite Gallery does pretty much all of that and in a pretty nice way… but not nice enough for me!
The part I don't like much is the popup view. The main problem comes from the size of images: it is fixed for most views, which means it could appear nice or not depending on what the final user screen resolution and browser window space he is using and that means that I need to struggle and test lots of different options to find something I more or less like. That's not very good to me! I would rather want to know how it will look beforehand than putting a fixed size which would look different from one screen to the next and never be sure of how the final users see the images.

WORSE than that with some image size settings and under some screen resolutions I can't even see the buttons to move from one image to the next! Indeed with some viewer the buttons are below the images and when I scroll my mouse it scrolls what's underneath the image (meaning the page with the thumbnails) but not the image itself, which means I CAN'T ACCESS THE CONTROL BUTTONS!!
It seems much better to me to have part of the image active so that If I click to the right of the image it goes to the next image and if I click to the left it goes to the previous one. This is typically what Slimbox does. But the problem with slimbox is that there is no slideshow support, nor embedded comments in Slimbox popup view and that image size is fixed!

In the end the look and feel I would like to see is the one used by the Sigplus extension, which in terms of popup displays exactly the images as I like to see them, meaning fitted to the window, with all controls nice and clear and always accessible, independent of what resolution my images were in. The problem with that extension is that there is no comment support and above all no category management, which is something I need.

All that to say that in the end I preferred to use Phoca Gallery, which has its limitations too and in particular with regards to the popup view too, but it's also quite close to what I want and it's free…

I'd be ready to pay a (small) fee for the perfect (for me) image gallery but although pretty close, I feel that Ignite is not there yet (again, for me). But anyway I believe it's a quite good extension so keep it up and hopefully one day I'll see that perfect extension I'm dreaming of! ;-)

Don't hesitate to write back, should you want more details on something I said, I'd be more than happy to assist.
Reviews: 2
I've used nearly every gallery component for Joomla out there... Ignite has trumped them all. Besides being hugely customizable, without having too many setting like some components I've used before - as a developer, the flow of this component is a pleasure to work with. It just... works! I've been able to customize it to suit my site's requirements 100%, with minimal effort.

Thanks Matt, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this component since 2009 and love it!
- Great for sites that I build and then pass on to clients, because they are able to maintain and update galleries with ease
- Easy to customize the CSS (which I tend to do a lot of)
- Support is fantastic - Matt almost always responds within a couple days, and is very helpful!
Reviews: 46
What a fantastic gallery, it even has a trial version.
Played with the trial version before buying full.
Was highly impressed, Developer Matt answered pre-sales questions very quickly.
This is a highly flexible system, user friendly.
Great that you can assign categories to a profile
giving you even more possibilities.
The search plugin even works with Rok Ajax search and looks fantastic displaying the images thumbs in the search.
Being able to select which uploader to use is a brilliant feature, allowing me to upload hassle free even with admin folder protected.
Most importantly its easy for clients to use :)
Big thumbs up to developer.
Amazing photo gallery !!!
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