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*Categories/ Subcategories
*Full lightbox photo gallery with all of the options that the main gallery has
*Multiple image uploader with resizing before upload, and drag and drop
*Responsive Layout
*Frontend uploading and gallery creation
*Image tagging and search
*A download image button
*Facebook Comments and JComments integration
*Image Ratings
*Rounded corners
*Facebook share button for each image
*Google plus one button for each image
*Twitter Button for each image
*Pinterest Button for each image
*Top/bottom/left/right position for thumbs
*Top/bottom/left/right position for image descriptions
*Use the plugin to put one or many galleries into an article (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Use the module to put a gallery into a module position (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Search engine friendly urls
*Many more...

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Reviews: 2
After using many other gallery extensions, the Ignite Gallery has been the absolute best for my site. The gallery features flexible parameters, straightforward component customization, and an optional download for Joomfish files so I can put all text and descriptions in multilingual format.

Idea: I am would love to see a slideshow/ gallery that will allow different images by lanugage, so I can have text directly in my image designs.
FlexBanner does this for banners, but obviously this does not have a gallery menu. Maybe the talented Ignite Developers want to tackle this for a future version?

Thanks again!
Reviews: 2
It's very easy to use.
The only thing that bothered me is that you have to change css styles sometimes for adjusting.
Other than that, great.
Reviews: 4
The component is easy to understand and to use, a lot of functions, plugins work fine.
I use it in several types of galleries, slideshow, and to display different pictures of my creations in different module without difficulties. I've create different profiles which allowed to display the same gallery with differents settings in different place in my site.
The developper is really serious and give a good support in case of trouble.
The component backend is displayed in my langage so it's easy to understand the settings. I've tried many and many and many free galleries and I don't regret to have bought this one ! We can customize it too.
A great job, I hope it will be developped and developped...
Reviews: 7
an excellent component without unnecessary complications. essential tools to manage your photo galleries. Surely succeed in Evere in your site a valuable tool for making stylish, clean the wrappers of your site.

lack of styles for the popup, limited only to Lightbox version currently lacking some interesting options as you can see the thumbs in the photo title, description, under the thumbs.

The better the chance to insert a personal picture / icon to represent the category of the album, as well as the automatic features that take the last picture inserted. Unlike PhocaGallery important detail, which does not allow this!
Reviews: 2
This is a fantastic extension and I would be well lost without it. I have tried countless galleries/slideshow modules and this is the only one you need folks :-)
Reviews: 3
I spent almost a month looking for a specific gallery which would skip the stupid thumbnail of joomgallery and virtually all other gallery component. Categories - subcategories and then going directly to the detail page (without that useless thumbnails page) was a huge challenge.

I finally asked Matt, at Ignite Gallery some pre-sales questions - he replied in an hour - I bugged him with that step I did not want and other questions - and VERY important: he offers a TRIAL on his website - so instead of spending the money and have it wrong again, I downloaded the trial - tested it and it was exactly what I needed so I purchase the one year subscription - So worth it.

But even better, I needed a special layout - Matt, for about a week, kept on helping with the code and advices and never seemed upset or tired of me keeping on asking for help. PHENOMENAL support. Keep that in mind. That's so important a good support.

So here you go. The component is more than easy in the backend - like 1 2 3. A lot of options to set up - different detail page layout and all. Extremely easy upload system.

What can I say - I wish we would have that support and such a simple and effective backend component with all the functions you need. PERFECT! Well worth the subscription.

Thank you Matt for your patience and knowledge.
Reviews: 2
Just bought this gallery and it was sure worth every cent!
And what a support, fast and usefull!
Just want this to be told...
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for a gallery component that allows individual users to see only their allocated galleries for photographer websites I produce.

After trying a lot of other options I stumbled upon Ignite Gallery and found it does just what I want.

It was fairly easy to setup however I got caught on the permissions for gallery visibility. After some trial and error I worked it out and looks great.

My only complaint ( and hence no 5 star yet ) is the documentation ( or setup guide ) which could look a lot neater, with clearer descriptions and easier to read. The forum though is full of very helpful threads and once purchased the developer also provides code customisation for those tricky little things that need to be fixed.

Overall I'm very happy and I'll be sure to use this for many of the sites I have in development currently.
Reviews: 5
I purchased this gallery and have used it for nearly two years now. It is a fantastic gallery and presents with so many features. It is easy to configure and makes a very nice front end presentation. I have tried others but this one is the best. Mark
Reviews: 8
This gallery is great. It's simple to use, powerful, and looks good right out of the box. It also allows you to make modifications to the views very easily unlike other galleries I've tried. I wanted to put a tweet button and some other stuff on the lightbox layout and it was very easy to do. Great job on this extension.
Reviews: 3
A full evaluation of the extension:
First of lets start by giving a hats off to the developer for working on a gallery that has front end management! If you want your front end users (at the lowest level - registered or public) to upload images, this component will do it. Here is the better trick; If you want to control levels of management on the front end, you can do so with ACL management in the back-end! Sweet. So not only do you have front-end up-loaders, but also front end managers with abilities to publish gallery items. Very important if you don't want your client to see or have to explain the maze-wonder of the back-end.(I know its easy for us pro's.. but lets make easy for others huh?)

Courtesy and Honesty:
As with any growing and developing component, you will incur a slight learning curve. Organization here is the key.
#1) Understand how your "Categories" work first, then understand how then
#2) Understand how the "Profiles" work .. thats it. with these down packed you can create a vast combination of gallery styles, looks and functions!

Post images to Facebook status! from site!
Full range of gallery controls and options hidden or unhidden
Auto image resizing (for good servers.. shared hosting may suffer on this feature)
Auto-play image slideshows with or without fading etc... much more

Cons of the extension and its performance are limited to development which we know.. Rome wasn't built in a day. So be patient and support the developer. Some minor bugs here and there depending on your implementation style and use.

Level of support received:
Excellent - responsive, straight to the point, diligent and fast enough for someone in a different timezone. Matt is excellent.. (please let him have his holidays). There is a comprehensive common issues list on site; if that fails there is a members forum with tons of resolved situations.

I used this component as a solution for a client gallery that needed to be managed with watermarking in two different styles. Other than limitations of her shared hosting account which caused loading errors...Its great!

For the future, maybe added lightbox option, perhaps with integrated e-commerce to buy images if needed? I cant wait. Thanks for this great component and support!
Reviews: 1
I looked at a few galleries before downloading the trial version of Ignite. After download, it quickly became clear that Ignite would be able to do what I wanted and when I needed advice I got replies in double-quick time ... so now that trial version has been replaced by the full version and I have not regretted doing that for one minute.
The software is intuitive and easily customised to suit many different needs, the support is not only prompt but to the point and, apparently, unfailing in its patience to beginners like me. I think this is a fantastic product and well worth every penny.
Reviews: 5
Great extension. Easy to customize. Wonderful be able to work with profiles.
Reviews: 11
Fantastic extension, best gallery I've tried so far. And it is getting better, v2.7 added some great features...
Reviews: 6
I have tried many photo galleries but Ignite is the best. Easy to use yet very powerful. You can also view the galleries on your iPhone.
I have used this on many sites with no problems at all.
Small price to pay for an amazing component.
Support is great too.
Reviews: 1
The product and support are incredible!!!

However it didn't work on one of my sites because of script errors. Too many to fix. I will use this product on other sites.

I recommend this extension:
1. Great product
2. Incredible support
3. Easy to use both front and backend

Great Job Matt!
Reviews: 3
The best I've used, from far.
I've tested a lot of galleries and I can say that this one is really excellent from the coding to the ease of use.
Support is very fast and high level !
Really great extension, I love it.
Reviews: 7
This is THE BEST PHOTO GALLERY COMPONENT available! It's exactly what I think PhocaGallery WANTS to be. Just goes to show ya, you get what you pay for. It's tough to make a FREE extension be great so that said, when it comes to photo galleries, this is one the best and so worth the money - and I've used pretty much all of them.
Reviews: 8
Used this on two sites now, and it's easy to customise from the Joomla back-end, but also pretty straightforward to work out how to create HTML overrides, and tweak the CSS for finer control, which I need to do as a developer.
Reviews: 2
Well worth the purchase, looks great easy to upload photos. I had an issue with the plugin not working correctly and the developer was very helpful in getting this resolved. Turned out it didnt work well with simple gallery, which is fine as I will replace all my article pictures with Ignite.
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