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*Categories/ Subcategories
*Full lightbox photo gallery with all of the options that the main gallery has
*Multiple image uploader with resizing before upload, and drag and drop
*Responsive Layout
*Frontend uploading and gallery creation
*Image tagging and search
*A download image button
*Facebook Comments and JComments integration
*Image Ratings
*Rounded corners
*Facebook share button for each image
*Google plus one button for each image
*Twitter Button for each image
*Top/bottom/left/right position for thumbs
*Top/bottom/left/right position for image descriptions
*Use the plugin to put one or many galleries into an article (with random/ latest/ most viewed options)
*Use the module to put a gallery into a module position (with random/ latest/ most viewed options)
*Search engine friendly urls
*Many more...

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Reviews: 2
I was so very impressed by the frontend and backend design and the final production. This is well worth the small fee. I had some questions and the support was instantaneous, clear, and extremely helpful and friendly. Buy this and you will not be disappointed, especially, if you want your users to be able to load up images as an option. Very nice interface. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I got this gallery with the view to customise it to save images to from a Flash application. The support I got from the guys at Ignite Gallery was second to none. This is a great easy to use gallery which looks attractive, has nothing in the way of branding and allows you to have multiple galleries of different designs easily controlled by one simple interface. The ability to place the galleries into article and module positions as well as the default component position is awesome.
Reviews: 1
Superb Gallery and Superb Support.
I asked questions in the forums, had instant answers and even had the developer log into my site to fix up a little bug, on the fly.
Reviews: 1
Love the new beta.. everyhing we need and Matt's support is very good!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best, most versatile, and easiest to implement extensions I've used. It can do so much for you plus it just plain looks great.

What makes it even better is the fantastic support Matt and his team provide. If all extensions provided this kind of support, I wouldn't mind paying for a commercial license every time. Worth every penny.

Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 27
This is extremely well written programming. The whole process is thought out very intuitively. Each step was logical which made it easier for me being a first time Joomla user. Some of the other extensions out there are very confusing.

The documentation is excellent as well. Very detailed, logical and with graphics too. The demo was one of best I've seen.

The support with a subscription is the bees knees. Matt goes above and beyond what I consider should be covered when you buy a product. He even helped me customize some parts to meet my specific needs. Not to mention the response time. Being on the other side of the planet from him, it was very timely.

If you want a very elegant and fully featured gallery, the $40 for this is a absolute give away.

Great work Matt,
Thanks for being a programmer, not everybody finds their calling.
Reviews: 1
I have used many gallery for joomla sites in the past. Ignite Gallery is just everything that has been missing in the others I have used. It's almost to simple to use and worth every dollar.
Reviews: 2
This is by far the best photo gallery component available for Joomla as far as I'm concerned. I have used all the free galleries available and they all have their own merits. obviously if you're on a budget than anything free is good, especially if it works. However, this gallery component is just fantastic. I love the ease of uploading photos, you can do 100 photos in less than a couple of minutes. using the plug-in all module enables you to put individual galleries into articles. Absolutely brilliant. And this component doesn't come with annoying back links that you can't get rid of.
Reviews: 3
I admit that this component is one of the best I have used. It's very user friendly and installed with no problems at all. A lot of great and useful features. I use this component for my photography website and its been a blessing. I have used other photo galleries that could never live up to the greatness that is Ignite Gallery.

I do wish there was an easier method for the ordering of specific photos within galleries. Being able to move photos around within a gallery without clicking an up arrow multiple times, or even the capability to have new photos showcased first, and not last in the slideshow would make this component simply the best.
Reviews: 2
This works very well. It has a lot of features and the rare instance I needed support, it was quick and excellent.
Reviews: 1
I created an account here now, just to write this review!

I'm very happy with this Gallery! Very nice software, easy to set up, but best of all: Great support!

I had a problem with output whan including a gallery inside an article and posted a quick question on their support forum with just the link to the article as the only info!

Just a few hours later I got the solution. There where some statements in my css file that f***ed it up. They told me what lines that where creating the problem and what to do to fix it!

Very well worth the 40 bucks...

Great job guys! Keep it up!
Reviews: 1
Version 2.1 installed first time, setup was simple, files and code both ordered/logical and well commented, easy to customize.. very sound support forum.. Ignite Gallery 2.5 - Bring it On..
Reviews: 1
Hands down the best photo gallery component for Joomla 1.5
I also figured out how to integrate it with JomSocial and it works perfectly!
Reviews: 14
This is one of my favourite slide show options of Joomla. I've done a lot of customizing to it and Matt was a great help when I needed it. Seems to work well on all browsers.
Reviews: 6
I had installed the gallery, but evidently, not the plugin. The gallery details were already entered, setup and i was puzzled why it wasn't working. I emailed Matt at support, and within minutes he had made me aware of what i forgot, and gave me links to instructions. The plugin got installed and Voila!; all worked great.

I am very pleased with the purchase, support and guidance. My day was saved.

Thank you!
Reviews: 39
Today I both Ignite Gallery. Not many time I am happy with component what I both. But with Ignite, very, very happy. Simple gallery, clever gallery, with many settings. And, what is for me very important, no html mistake. Its 100 % html valid. Excellent work to the finish.
Reviews: 1
The more I use this extension the more I find I can do with it. At first I found it fairly limited but as my understanding of the extension grew and with some really friendly and useful help from the support forum I have found this to be a proper powerhouse of a product an well worth the money!

Just be careful to read the documentation first tho as the most recent version does have some issues with certain PHP security systems =[ something I hope will be corrected soon tho=D
Reviews: 1
I love this viewer. It has so many options. It has galleries for your main content page and a popup Lightbox feature. It has thumbnails on the main or Lightbox viewer and the thumbnails are fully customizable. Linkable images and descriptions. Lots of choices with placement for all the options. You can add borders, resize images, slideshows, etc. It seems to load very fast as well. Totally worth the $40.

Install was very easy and I didn't have much trouble figuring out how to create new galleries and place them on my site. I'm also not a computer programmer so if I can load and operate it then anyone can. The developer is VERY responsive to support questions and the gallery also comes with a detailed guide for install and for navigating the galleries once it is running on your account.
Reviews: 2
I think it's the best image gallery that exists.
Now my customers can upload images and manage their own galleries without worrying about where to put files, what resolution to use, etc..
are by far the best $ 25 I spent.
Owner's reply

Please note, since the 5th of June 2009 the extension has been $40 (US), with 6 months of support included, and no limit on how many sites it can be used on.

Reviews: 1
After wasting days trying out many of the non-commercial image galleries, I purchased Ignite Gallery and am thrilled!

Experienced in HTML and CSS, but fairly new to Joomla and PHP, I needed to build a site for a photographer. My client wanted to edit her own photo captions without adjusting XML files and also required sleek slideshows that showed off the photos. I found Ignite Gallery really easy to use and the client is very happy with the aestetics and that the captions can be changed through Joomla.

Initially I had a problem that Ignite Gallery was conflicting with a menu I was trying out, but my support request was answered extremely quickly and I was informed of my different options to resolve the issue. Now everything is working fine!

Anyway, this is an amazing, attractive and easy-to-use extension. I have already made a space for it on my next site!
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