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*Categories/ Subcategories
*Full lightbox photo gallery with all of the options that the main gallery has
*Multiple image uploader with resizing before upload, and drag and drop
*Responsive Layout
*Frontend uploading and gallery creation
*Image tagging and search
*A download image button
*Facebook Comments and JComments integration
*Image Ratings
*Rounded corners
*Facebook share button for each image
*Google plus one button for each image
*Twitter Button for each image
*Pinterest Button for each image
*Top/bottom/left/right position for thumbs
*Top/bottom/left/right position for image descriptions
*Use the plugin to put one or many galleries into an article (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Use the module to put a gallery into a module position (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Search engine friendly urls
*Many more...

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Reviews: 8
This does exactly what is says. I had it running in less than 2 minutes from purchase. Well worth the $10 to buy it. It has lots of great and easy to follow features. I have used other galleries over the years, but since I went to 1.5, this is the BEST I have found.

2 thumbs way up!
Reviews: 1
This component is awesome. If you are looking for a simplistic gallery this is for you. Very affordable 10 bucks for 3 month membership. Has tons of options and great support. Also has so much potential the developer is going to make categories and sub categories and a commenting system. Support the developer and sign up. You will not be dissapointed.
Owner's reply

Please note: the extension does not have a time limit on how long it works, and there is no time limit on support. The 3 month limit is a limit on how long updates/ new versions can be downloaded after the original purchase.

Reviews: 1
If you are a after a quick, easy no hassles image gallery than this is for you. Apart from being quick and easy, the support I have received off Matt has been of a 6 star rating. Matt is more than helpful with his answers, and I have never had to wait for a reply to my emails. I am a person that when I find a good thing I stick to it and shall be a customer for life. I am looking forward to his next version and watching this guy make a name for himself....well done Matt!
Reviews: 1
This is the BEST image gallery for Joomla.
I tried installing joomgallery and fumbled with it for more than an hour then gave up and found this one. It is elegant, it is easy to configure, it is easy for a non technical person to use, it is greatly customizable, it is perfect. joomgallery is free..yes. but wasting over an hour of my time and frustration was WELL worth the $10 it cost for this. Trust me. I am a long time Joomla user and I have never been as impressed with a component as I have been with this one. Customer support by the developer is INCREDIBLE. That almost beats functionality in my book and he delivers. He actually delivers more than he should.. Cheers to Matt. His support was helpful, prompt, and accurate. What more could you ask for??
Reviews: 1
I try a lot of other gallery components before. Some are to oversized, others are to small or still buggy. With Ignite Gallery I'm getting happy now. Easy to install and configure, good features for customize the gallery-style in the frontend. Thanks for it!
Reviews: 1
I had a bit of a problem installing the extension. I contacted Matt three times and was helped within 24 hours. Recommended.
Reviews: 4
I've been looking to replace Gallery2+Bridge to use a native gallery manager. I bought Ignite after reading reviews and becoming very frustrated with alternatives. What Ignite does, it does well. It seems very stable and promises to have a great future.

What it does is: display images with a JS navigator beneath. It doesn't really do anything else but if this meets your needs then I highly recommend this extension.

Here are some things it doesn't do: it is fairly difficult to manage large images. I've given up and now use it to display albums of small images. You must edit titles one by one. Yuck if you have lots of images. Also, you must re-order with Joomla's administrator back-end. There is no JS drag-and-drop re-ordering here, so you really have to work hard to upload images in approximately the order you want them to appear in your album. Most important for me, there is no support for ACL. If you allow public access to your menu page, then all albums and all photos are available for public display. I have asked and there is no plan to support ACL at all, let alone on a per-image basis.

At this moment, I plan to keep Ignite and install a 2nd album manager to handle albums with large images for members only. I wish that Ignite solved the full problem but not yet.
Reviews: 1
Set up was a breeze and the galleries are easy to manage. I like that you can upload a .zip file with multiple images. Although, there is a bug with Firefox that changes the .zip upload to "force-download". I use another browser and all is well. Thanks for all your work. Well worth the $10. I would suggest for future enhancement, that parameters for the plugin be developed so we don't have to mess with the css file. I love the ability to embed this into articles using the plugin. Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
This extension is easy to use, being, as it is, mostly pretty straightforward in what goes where and what does what.

There are a couple of places where additional functionalty could be implemented. For example, being able to include more than 1 gallery in a single article and, having the ability to propagate the same snippet of picture description across multiple pictures at a single go. But, I'm sure that the author is aware of the areas that would make this extension even better than it already is.

However, what really impressed me was that I had a problem with a program error and the author got back to me promptly with the solution. This shows where the small outfit can really beat the billion dollar multinationals hands down.
Reviews: 1
This was so easy to install & add pictures to. I got my gallery up & running within minutes & it looks great!

Awesome tool, would recommend to any who is looking for a great looking, easy to use gallery ;)
Reviews: 13
Installation was a breeze, but I couldn't actually upload the images themselves. I went to the developer's forum and saw that someone else had the same problem with the same error messages having to do with not finding the right directory for uploads. The only solutions offered required the user to make changes to the code (which apparently didn't work either). Sorry, if this doesn't work out of the box, what's the point? If I have to monkey with code, I should just build my own Flash presentation.
Reviews: 4

Firstly i would like to say that your work on this component is amazing. Simply to use, nice and quick.

But i have just 1 suggestion. In my case i will not use this component because of this problem for me. I think it would be great if you add the possibility to choose more than 1 photo to upload. I know it would be hard because there is a description for every photo, but we would be able to write this one after uploading a lot of photo.

Really nice work by the way
Reviews: 1
This is a professional, good looking and easy to install extension. Upload and you have it in your plugins-components ready to go. It works exactly like adding and composing Articles, management therefore is quite intuitive.
I can see this gallery will improve many joomla websites quick and easy. Looks like Bulk upload will work in the future, not sure if upload directly from site pictures is possible just yet.
Reviews: 1
It was super easy to install with the nice easy tutorial on the site, and does just exactly what I want it to do in a gallery. Resizes the images for you, taking the border with it, simple thumbnails and arrows to navigate. Lovely. Thanks for this one! Will donate as soon as I get paid!
Reviews: 1
The Ignite Gallery extension was simple to install and easy to use. I followed the instructions and had ZERO problems with the install. This extension works (for me anyway) exactly as described.

By the way... it took me about as long to register here so I could post this review as it took for me to load and test the extension.

About support...

After I installed I found one glitch where if I used the plugin on the front page and had a main menu pick to my set of galleries (a total of 4) I would get a funky fatal error when clicking on the menu.

I checked the support forums for Ignite and didn't see this error so I posted my problem. In less than 4 hours I had a response from Matt. His response was clear and direct. I knew exactly what to do. I followed his instructions and the problem is resolved.

I don't recall ever getting that kind of support response anywhere.

I can highly recommend this extension for anyone needing a quick, easy, functional, good looking gallery.
Reviews: 4
I have searched high a low for gallery extension that looks great and is easy to fit into my site. This extension ticks all the boxes and I couldn't as for more!

You can change the colours of the background, border and nav buttons to make sure it integrates perfectly into your site.

I've played around with lots of more sophisticated gallery extensions, most of which rely on mootools. Depending on the template your using and the browser you view the gallery through, many of these fall short when it comes to stability. This is not the case with Ignite Gallery! It is as stable as you could possibly wish for, and the description adding function allows you to further customise your picture display.

I am also really impressed with the fact that you can create multiple galleries and then use the very simple plugin function to place your chosen gallery into any section, category or article.

If you're looking for style and function without compromise, then Ignite Gallery is the gallery component for you!
Reviews: 1
This program is perfect for my needs. It displays the images/albums exactly how I was wanting them to be.

Request: Would be good if the ablums/pictures could be managed from the front end. So that users can edit/upload/remove pictures and albums while having a registered status. Sorta like expose does with its manager application.

Other than that... Excellent product.
Reviews: 1
Ignite Gallery is a GREAT component and was exactly what I was looking for. From easy installation to easy configuration, this gallery is just plain simplistic to use, expecially for the novice Joomla user. I was able to install and create several galleries in just a few minutes. Also, one of the perks is the well-written and very helpful documentation that comes along with it. This was a GREAT find - - thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Great if you are using a template with only one or two columns. Wouldn't fit in mine and you can't re-size the gallery in the current version.

Easy to install and use otherwise! : )
Owner's reply

You can resize the gallery, I am working on a more intuitive way to do it. It seems this user has not looked at the tips or forum or contacted me, before drawing such final conclusions about the component.

Reviews: 3
Simple upload, easy to use and worked exactly per the instructions. I didn't need a lot of fancy bells and whistles so this gallery was just perfect.

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