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JoomGallery is a gallery component completely integrated into Joomla!, with support for Joomla! 3.x and Joomla! 2.5.

Features include, but are not limited to:

- Three image sizes: Thumbnails - Detail images - Original images (thumbnails and detail images are created automatically out of the original images)

- Fullscreen animated JavaScript boxes (Slimbox or Thickbox3), other possibilities of opening the detail or original images may be: A clear new window, JavaScript window, DHTML container or any other method added by additional plugins (there are already some available for Shadowbox, Highslide JS and RokBox)

- Manifold possibilities in the detail view: Voting, commenting, BBCode for external linking, "Send to a friend" feature, adding nametags ("That’s me!" and also adding nametags for other users), Slideshow with several transition effects, mini thumbnails of category in a motion gallery

- Configurable watermark

- Exif and IPTC image data support

- Access rights for categories according to Joomla's user groups

- Fully implemented ACL of Joomla! 2.5.x

- User-created uploads and categories

- Password-protected categories

- Time span for upload limit in frontend

- Favourites: Users may store and download their favourite images (in a zip archive)

- Option to download single images

- Counting image downloads

- Cooliris support

- Google Maps support (GeoTagging)

- Search function in gallery

- Configurable view of toplists (top rated, last added, last commented, most viewed)

- Possibility to exclude images from toplists and the search

- Several upload possibilities from backend and frontend: Single upload, Batch upload (Zip), Drag'n'Drop-Upload with progress bar, Java upload, FTP upload (last one only in backend)

- Image processing using GD, GD2 or ImageMagick

- Afterwards resizing of detail images and thumbnails

- Square thumbnails possible

- Possibility of using content plugins in image and category descriptions

- Possibility to explicitly reject images and to send message about rejection reason

- Expand Joomla-Breadcrumbs

- Unlimited nested categories possible

- CSS-based layout (table-free, wherever possible)

- MVC structured code, template overrides possible for every view

- Module positions inside the gallery

- Several plugin events triggered by JoomGallery on certain events in order to interact with third-party extensions

- An interface class (API) gives other extensions (Plugins, Modules, ...) the possibility to integrate JoomGallery content

- Huge third-party support: There are JoomGallery extensions available for many third-party extensions: Community Builder, Community Builder Enhanced, JomSocial, Kunena, AlphaUserPoints, JComments, JomComment, XMap, sh404SEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEFAdvanced, JoomFish, reCaptcha.

- Plugins for displaying or linking images in content articles or for automatically creating user categories

- Update-Checker and

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Reviews: 43
I have used JoomGallery on a few websites now and have come to realise how versatile it can be. For example, on one website, the home page features a Ken Burns style slideshow with photos randomly selected from the gallery. All this comes with it for free! Thanks JoomGallery!
Reviews: 4
Very nice gallery, im using it curently with my site and joomla 1.5. many costumatization options and wery stable. However im sead to see that there is new version for joomla 2.5 since im planing to migrate. It wil be pity if I have to use some other gallery!
Reviews: 1
I am currenlty replacing my coppermine gallery with Joom Gallery. This means I don't have to have a wrapper and lig in seperately. Also there's no space overhead.

Thanks for a great product.
Reviews: 6
I spent countless tried,upload and removed many PICS soft, trust me. this is the best one.
Dont waste time like I was, just download and use it,the only and best free choice.
Reviews: 1
I've run through many galleries and this is the perfect balance between simplicity and customization. Great Job!!
One thing though - can't figure out how to make the voting work in category view:( I wrote on JoomGallery Forum but haven't recieved an answer yet:(. Maby anyone could help me?? Please
Reviews: 4
Guess it is the ONLY gallery with separate text editor for each image - tested almost every gallery - few has well done text options. Make no mistake - it is REALLY huge ! You can play with settings for weeks :o) "Level of difficulty" = MAX. Want extensive options - expect a huge Admin. Wish I could throw a link to my "makeover" edition.....was a challenge to change it, but joomgallery is well programmed. Really waited for JoomGallery 1.7 edition ! OUTSTANDING work - and for free.....
Reviews: 19
i want to personally commend the joomgallery team for the best extension for a gallery on joomla. integrates seamlessly into templates. the component is extremely light and offers way too many options and views... for free. here is a quick step by step guide:

1. install component using joomla's extension manager.
2. configure endless options and the directories for images next in the component's configuration.
3. link the gallery
4. create a category
5. upload an image

and bam. there it is... bitte sehr dream team!
Reviews: 3
I've used this for a photographic club Joomla site that has a regular membership of 14-20 people but I imagine it could handle unlimited users.
Install is easy but the holy grail is the extensive configuration possibilities without it being too teccie. Tool tips are as clear as can be and the tab layout at the back end easy to get used to.
This is the fourth piece of gallery software I have tried over time and the only one I will use for the foreseeable future. I found it bug free and running as smooth as the rest of the site. I particularly like the way it lays over your template background, almost chameleon like which saves hacking the CSS.
So far I've had three site users email me with high appraisal at how easy JoomGallery is to navigate and how well it looks in a 3 column 4 tier category layout. The slimbox (shadowbox) which is built in works flawlessly from the go which when you consider configuring a shadowbox alone can be a nightmare is a welcome touch when packaged with JoomGallery.
I've only had to ask one support question which was answered very very quickly by Chraneco over at JoomGallery forums (does he ever sleep?) My support Q wasn't a buggy one but simply disabling something in front end view which I'd overlooked in the background, an easy one once you open your eyes a little more.

I'm now going to be using JoomGallery on my personal photography site I find it that manageable and configurable without the headache similar modules and components come with.

Well done to everyone involved in this project. Simply awesome.
Reviews: 3
This is THE gallery component for any website using Community Builder. It has everything! There are lots of settings (which is GOOD!) and they are explained in detail (which is GREAT!) Please keep up the good work, hope to see JoomGallery as soon as possible J1.7 compatible! Thank you for your work, I will try to support you in any way!!!
Reviews: 12
Exactly what a gallery component needs to meet the needs of an advanced web designer, in my opinion. Warm regards!
Reviews: 29
The best part of this gallery is pictures upload possibility. You can do this for many ways and choose the best one for you. It has also many other useful options. But it should contain JoomMultiSlimbox in installation package or there should be a warning in administration to install plugin if you are using Mootools 1.2 because you can get confused why SlimBox is not working.
Reviews: 19
Very clean look. I love the ability to upload from the frontend which works perfectly for my user Gallery. Very useful features.
Reviews: 2
I'm using Joomgallery for many years now. Since it was called PonnygalleryML so since the times of Joomla 1.0.X.
It perfectly meets my needs for a gallery. For me as a hobby coder the biggest plus is the so called interface that makes it very easy to communicate with the gallery from modules or other components.
It is very easy to create Joomgallery modules or joomgallery plugins for other components.
Another great thing about Joomgallery is the team itself. Not many components and even less of the compleatly free components have such a good/responsive support forum.
its allways a pleasure to work with Joomgallery and the Joomgallery team.
Reviews: 9

I must say that I do not share all the enthusiasm of most people about joomgallery.
But good things first: What I like about joomgallery is the way it handles image gallery from start to finish, with categories (nested if needed), thumbnails up to the enlarged view, with comment support and most of all it allows editors that don't understand much about computers to upload new albums easily. That's nice

But for me it has several serious drawbacks that made me decide not to use it, although I'm sure they're a quick fix for the developers:
- It's overly complicated: there are probably more than a 100 parameters we can change to customize it. Don't get me wrong, I like customization and it's nice to be able to change the look and feel, but for me that's way too many parameters and it gets very confusing. But well, this is not why I wouldn't use it.
- I don't understand why there are so many views to see the photos: for each category there are 3: Thumbnails, detail (too small to my taste) and then another one which can be the original or use different display modes like popups. It means that by default to see each photo the way I want to see them (meaning full screen or almost) I have to click twice and go through these 3 steps... not a good user interface to me. I much prefer something like current facebook presentation: Thumbnails / click / enlarged view. That's enough and works well. I know the detail view can be eliminated but I don't see the point of it, except to add comments.... which leads me to my next point
- comments are great but they only work with the detailed view of images, which I prefer not to use… It would be great to be able to comment in the same way it is done on facebook, meaning while seeing the enlarged image in a popup fashion (however you want to call that view). I'm not a facebook fan and I don't think their interface is great, but it is simple, it works and most people know it, that's why I use it as an example here.
- Detailed / popup view images appear too small!! I would like to see images bigger!! like in facebook for instance or like with many other joomla plugins (much simpler ones too) like Simple Image Gallery or Sigplus: images take up the whole browser real estate and this is what I (and most people I asked) like!
- no slideshow mode within the popup… again it is possible with Sigplu for instance and I love it!! The problem of this type of plugins is that they do not allow easily to build gallerys with different categories, but rather just allow to build on the spot display of a bunch of images, otherwise I would definitely use those much simpler plugins, that give me exactly the type of display I like!
- the popup view via default options only allows to display the number of images according to the quantity of thumbnails displayed on my page and not all images in a category: not what I want!!
- I was hoping for the additional plugins to get the display I wanted but then again the popup images appear too small to me and there is absolutely no customization possible for those plugins!! The only good thing is that the interface is a bit better and that they can display all images of a category instead of just the ones that appear on the current category page like described above (say 12 out of 30)

so to sum up, joomgallery could be a great plugin if:
- popup view could be tweaked into something that looks like Simple Image Gallery of even better Sigplus that can do popup slideshows on all images in a "category", with Bigger images and redimensioning images on the fly.

that's how simple this is but unfortunately without that I prefer to use those other simpler plugins to display my images on my website

I sincerely hope that the development team can work on offering these options I mentionned (bigger images, popup slideshow and if possible comments on popup view) because I feel it could really make joomgallery a top notch component for joomla while now I feel it's good but has too many restrictions for me to be really happy with

If any developper reads this message, I'd be glad to discuss more with them should they want to understand better what I meant.
Reviews: 1
I totally recommend this extension, its simple to use, have all features you need, and also is very flexible for changes!

Wish project will be developed more and more!

Congratulations for gr8 job.
Reviews: 1
As a new Joomla! user, I was excited to see an extension that would do exactly what I needed AND free. The configuration only took a few minutes and I didn't have to set up any additional folders or archives. I really like the feature of allowing the members to create their own categories while uploading images.

Easy to set up!
Easy to configure!
Lots of important features (i.e. disable image downloads, disable right clicks on images, etc.)

The "watermark" - Only because I like the ability to adjust size, color, opacity, etc. without having to create a new watermark to replace it.
Reviews: 3
By far the most versatile and exceptional gallery plugin available for Joomla, in our professional opinion.

Not only is it capable of integrating with all the best tools of the trade but it is easy to manage galleries in modules and content.

It is ideal for the beginner and complex enough for fine tuned manipulation. It comes complete with everything you need and the fine developers that created JoomGallery have also gone above and beyond and created plugins, modules and languages in abundance.

Thank you so much. I Love it and will continue to use it for a very long time to come. After using Phoca Gallery for so long, WISHING for better, this was great to find. You have completed my Gallery Wishlist!!!
Reviews: 54
This Gallery is awesome! Lot's of great features and it's really easy to install and start using.

It also comes with many great Modules and Plugins to further enhance the experience on your Joomla site!

It pretty much has everything we needed and worked perfectly right out the box! We love it!!

Thank you
Reviews: 5
I needed a simple photo gallery that displayed thumbnails as well as a large version in a lightbox (in this case, a slimbox) for our local, non-profit pony club. This component gave me that plus so much more. The well-thought-out and well-written documentation made it very easy to set up and use quickly.
The batch upload feature is worth its weight in gold and allows you to assign your photos to a category quickly and easily.
I had a slight issue with the sort order of categories and sub-categories but after a post in the developers forum, I had a very quick solution: the JoomGallery Treeview Module.
I tried several other photo gallery extensions before I found this one. The others were either too complicated or had non user-friendly documentation and/or interfaces. If other developers followed the example set by this developer, Joomla extensions would be so much easier.
THANK YOU JoomGallery!
Reviews: 9
This is by far the best gallery extension for Joomla.

I just moved all my sites from Phocagallery to Joomgallery. My administrators find the backend way more intuitive and the like the frontend better.

The upload options are fantastic!

I totally adopted this extension.
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